The disaster area food safety manual

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Chinese Agriculture Press   Author:Shi Xianming   Pages´╝Ü123  

"The disaster area food safety manual": National Health Science and technology action of public health knowledge popularization series
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Aid process often make responsible for food production, transportation enterprises task is aggravating, transportation urgent deployment, warehouse problems need to set up temporary storage sites. Because the production task is urgent, the inspection task increase, beyond the normal operating capacity; transport due to mobilization of wide, use complex, the long-distance transportation of multiple transfer risk food accident pollution or mildew increases; temporary food storage places inappropriate siting or simplistic and food distribution personnel lack the necessary health knowledge increases the chance contamination of food. Transportation and distribution of relief of the cooked food is often not carrying food vehicle special vehicle, the lack of cold chain system and food health protection facilities; relief food packaging and containers of dirty or damaged; disaster temporary relief food storage places without health protection facilities, food susceptible to pollution; distribution of food aid personnel provisional call disaster relief personnel lack of knowledge, health, personal hygiene, distribution of do not wash disinfection, increase the probability of food pollution.
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