Nutrition and health

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Nutrition is a strong physique, creating a strong material base of national. With the improvement of living standard, improvement of nutritional status, people's health level in continuous improvement. Notable is, excess nutrients in some areas, leading to the modern civilization diseases increased, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other serious impact on people's health, but also more and more younger trend. The more people pay attention to health care and education, scientific way of life has become a social consensus. At present, the public nutrition management in our country is still relatively backward, health education is not perfect, the young students lack of nutrition knowledge, diet may cause some misunderstanding, mainly displays in: the "nutritious food" is equivalent to "expensive" or "good taste" high protein, high fat food; breakfast "small rough", don't even eat breakfast; common partial eclipse, picky eaters, monotonous diet; dietary health consciousness, favored by some street fried, grilled foods, instant noodles, biscuits; often with ham sausage, beverage and other convenience foods instead of dinner. Must be soberly aware that, these bad habits will bring health to bury next hidden trouble, so it is urgent to scientific guidance of meals to regulate eating habits. Some people only have a superficial knowledge of health care knowledge from Internet, books and periodicals, the lack of theoretical guidance system of nutrition science. Some dealers in order to cater to the health needs of people, sensationalism and economic interests, to introduce some "new, strange, special" point of view, taking care of the nominal new in order to be different, repeat word for word what others say, there is no scientific basis for information dissemination. Such as "milk is for cows drink not to drink", "old people should not eat calcium, cartilage plate", "carrot radish grams of", "eat Salted Duck Egg anti motion sickness", causing people to not know what course to take to a healthy diet. Therefore, people need to understand some nutritional and health aspects of scientific knowledge, and constantly improve the health and cultural quality of oneself, have the ability to distinguish and rational, to some health care products prevailing in our society and related information to abandon the outdated customs and bad habits, to the scientific way of life and health care, truly realize the healthy life.

The diet is to maintain life and ensure the material basis of health. This book from the point of view of nutrition and health point of view, the nutrition theory and concept of health and health care knowledge organically, expounds the effect of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, water and cellulose seven kinds of nutrients in the human body function, source of food and health, discusses how to achieve the purpose of health through a balanced diet. The book also describes the relationship between diet, some common sense in different physiological periods of nutritional needs, methods of scientific diet and diet and beauty, diet and obesity, diet and related diseases. The book includes science, knowledge, interest integration, integration of theory with practice, user-friendly, powerful application. By reading this book, readers can understand the relationship between nutrition and health more thoroughly, the scientific diet into conscious action. This book can be used as a nutrition and health aspects of the popular science books, but also can be used as a common elective course teaching of College students.
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The first chapter the concept of health and health standards the first day the concept of health concept and health standards in section second section third sub health and related test second chapters to maintain life process nutrients carbohydrates -- the first day of life second quarter -- fuel cell membrane lipid composition and energy reserves third protein -- the material basis of life fourth vitamin -- life spark fifth minerals -- life angel sixth section water -- a hotbed of life the third chapter food energy and nutrition value of the first section energy -- life activities of the power section of the second chapter fourth reasonable nutritional value of food nutrition and diet first balanced diet second day diet, dietary guidelines and recipes for preparing third reasonable cooking fourth day diet the fifth chapter different people sense the nutritional characteristics of pregnant and lactating women first day nutrition section second infant nutrition section third school-age children and adolescents aged fourth day nutrition diet and nutrition in the sixth chapter the diet and health first day diet and beauty of the second day third festival diet and diet and obesity Fatty liver and fourth day diet and fifth of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes sixth day festival diet diet and osteoporosis in seventh day diet and cancer eighth day nutrition and immunity of the seventh chapter of food hygiene and health is the first section of second knowledge of food safety festival food poisoning and prevention of Appendix 1 appendix 2 nutrition and health related web sites Chinese dietary reference intake (Chinese DRIs) Appendix 3 common energy consumption rate appendix general nutrition composition of 4 common foods (100g content) Appendix 5 WHO recommend nutrients intake main references
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Illustration: health is the basic element of life, family and career is a healthy source, one is the road to success. Some people have health, often ignore health as the center, in order to life utilitarian goals at the expense of health, in the end have one's wish first disease, unable to realize the value of life. A typical examples around us also, some young people have the knowledge, talented, trapped in poor health, had to give up his ideal and career, regrettable. From ancient to modern times how many men and women with high ideals in career is at its peak, would be more brilliant achievements, but because the loss of health and eternal regret. Zhu Geliang: the period of the Three Kingdoms resourceful politician, militarist, to unify the world, the end of the war, to help after the Lord Liu Chan, rack one's brains, six Qishan, eventually because of break down from constant overwork, died in the army. Sun Zhongshan: the pioneer of the democratic revolution in Chinese, revolutionary situation is excellent on the eve of the unfortunate died, resulting in Chinese revolutionary situation is complex, foreign invasion, civil war and a series of national tragedy. Many people work very hard in order to cause, a poor quality of life, physical strength overdraws badly, when successful, but lost health. When the "die young" frequently appears in the media of the time, we need to think ofToo many things. Whether the political and business elite, the backbone of academic, or a movie star, behind the unlimited scenery, their burden of social responsibility is far more than ordinary people, bear the psychological pressure is much more. They can make life extraordinary, but cannot let the life out of the ordinary. The society of art, often because of lack of health knowledge, hard work, not the law of life and disease, and even death, the so-called "death from overwork". Medicine thinks, the main factor to induce "death from overwork" includes the labor intensity, the overload of the fragile life security, poor nutrition and health status etc.. If often has the following situation need to be aware that you may have "overwork": easy fatigue, eye fatigue, dizziness, neck stiffness, the morning is not pleasure, sleep bad, constipation, palpitation and shortness of breath, be confused in mind. "Death from overwork" prone to: only know consumer know maintenance man; "workaholic"; genetic died early lineage but think that healthy people; almost no leisure activities and hobbies; self expectations high, and nervous; long time lack of sleep. Civil servants, journalists, teachers, scientific and technological personnel as "death from overwork" retransmission population.
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