The new strategy of hepatitis B, cirrhosis prevention

Date of publication:2010-8   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Zhang Lingxia, Wang Yongyi, Duan 学章 editor   Pages:256  

(3) the blind pursuit of "expensive" medicine is good medicine: individual patient and modern ideas, some doctors just according to the economic situation in the so-called best medicine. For example, a patient H_BVDNA load is higher, but the levels of ALT never anomaly, a clinical diagnosis of HBV carrier state, and the history of the dissemination of the family, the vertical transmission cannot be excluded, for family members or patients with urgent "negative", doctors use a variety of antiviral drugs to him (1997 with lamivudine, 2001 we use the Pegasys, 2004 is on adefovir, entecavir) in 2005 to Cave, also stopped using Zadaxin to improve immunity, in order to break the immune tolerance. After antiviral treatment for nearly 9 years, the amount of virus in the patients was inhibited, but the "big 3 this world" remains unchanged, HBVDNA never negative, which is a special case. If all the high load carriers to use interferon a week at present 1000 yuan 1 pin, or $39 a day 1 pieces well for Cave, "I do not know how many Chinese families can afford the high prices?! Do not abuse "antivirus" theory, have no effective antiviral drugs for patients. (4) the antiviral drug, safe non-toxic, suitable for all kinds of people: the mechanism of action of nucleoside analogues is replaced or embedded gene sequence, which interfere with the replication of}IBV. So whether the drugs may interfere with some normal human genome in the body? Whether the normal synthesis of mitochondrial gene? Infants and children are in a growth stage, gene duplication is in active period. Nucleoside drugs currently on infant growth and development are hindering effect? Whether the teratogenic or carcinogenic potential of intrauterine fetal, needs further observation. In the absence of definitive scientific evidence in the case of pregnancy women and infants, should not blindly use.......

Zhang Lingxia, the famous expert on liver disease prevention and control. The people's Liberation Army 302nd hospital chief physician, Professor, tutor of doctoral students, 40 years has been engaged in the clinical work of infectious disease, has the rich clinical experience and professional attainments. In the blocking prevention treatment, viral hepatitis and liver failure in pregnancy and maternal infant vertical transmission of hepatitis, and chronic hepatitis pathogenesis and therapy have made important contributions. At home and abroad, and hundreds of papers have been published; editor of "infectious disease clinical case analysis" and other 4 works: supervised the "practical clinical epidemiology of acute liver failure." "" 15 monographs. Assume the state and army "seven five" "eight five" "Nine Five" "fifteen" project. Won the two prize of military scientific and technological progress 4. Three prize 8. The four award number. Enjoy special government allowances. As the Chinese liver disease association, vice chairman of the Beijing branch of the chairman of the committee, the people's Liberation Army Association of infectious and parasitic diseases. The chairman of the committee, "the people's Liberation Army Medical Journal" deputy editor in chief, and a plurality of national deputy editor of the journal, member of the Standing Committee or advisory board. Postdoctoral, doctor, research has been teaching graduated more than 10 students. Wang Yongyi, the people's Liberation Army 302nd hospital infection department of internal medicine and department chief physician, Professor, infectious disease control experts. Engaged in professional education, medicine, infectious disease research work for 47 years. In 1992 for "China contemporary medical dictionary"; the national magazine "infectious disease information" magazine editor in chief. Participated in the preparation of the prevention and control of infectious diseases 16 monographs; editor of liver disease and infectious disease prevention and health and other popular science books 18 kinds: editor in chief of "infectious disease information" magazine 1 ~ 20 volumes, "AIDS wadding talk (talk)" 1 ~ 80 period. The Army Science and technology progress award 9 items, domestic, military, other award, some deeds went "China Medical Biography contemporary volume", and for "new century China defense experts biography". Duan Xuezhang, doctor of medicine, 302nd Hospital of PLA, deputy chief physician. Graduated from the medical department of The Fourth Military Medical University, 2001 ~ 2004 in guiding China's famous liver expert academician Zhuang Hui engaged in viral hepatitis research. In 2006 ~ 2007 America Louis Weill Medical University postdoctoral research. Familiar with the basic and clinical research on various types of viral hepatitis. More than 30 papers published in medical journals at home and abroad, the three prize of the progress of science and technology 2. Major in military and national level scientific research projects 3 items, the national "eleven five" special science and technology 1.
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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a serious global public health problem. According to WHO: 6700000000 people in the world, about 2300000000 have been infected with HBV, of which 350000000 are chronic carriers and the incidence of HBV infection; there are about about 1000000 people died of HBV infection caused by liver failure, cirrhosis and liver cancer each year. Chinese is HBV high incidence area, with each of the 10 ethnic Chinese in 1 is chronic infection and onset of HBV. In 1992 to implement the work related to immunization and hepatitis B prevention and treatment of neonatal, showed that the general population sampling survey in 2006, domestic HBsAg chronic carrier rate has dropped to 7.18%, and calculate the China mainland thisChronic HBV infection of about 93000000 people, including chronic hepatitis B from the patients about 3000000 cases every year, new cases of HBV infection was 500000 ~ 1000000 cases, old and new, hepatitis B patients die each year in patients of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, at least more than 30 cases. For a long time, HBV infection is an important factor in people's health hazards, hinder the development of the society, economic distress and affect the stability of family life, has become a major obstacle to the establishment of a harmonious society in China; can also say hepatitis B prevention has become a major health problem in the country should give priority to. In recent years, attract people's attention progress has been made on the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B in home and abroad. The structure of HBV virus, and its biological properties have been more in-depth understanding, basic control means and antiviral medicine and clinical application and research progress each day. In the prevention and treatment of chronic hepatitis B, hepatic fibrosis (cirrhosis), prevention and treatment of primary liver cancer in the process, liver transplantation, artificial liver, stem cell technology, emerging therapeutic vaccines, gene therapy and other new ideas, new programs, new experience, diagnosis and treatment of chronic hepatitis B, protection plan, strategy and expert consensus continuously updated, to in 2009, the total trend at home and abroad, on the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B's main goal, general strategy has been consistent.
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The first chapter HBV pathogenesis and epidemiological characteristics of hepatitis B in the pathogenesis of the first section of second section B the epidemiological features of hepatitis B in the second chapter the pathological changes, clinical manifestation and prognosis of section B the main pathological and clinical manifestations of second section B outcomes and prognosis of the third chapter of hepatitis B diagnosis, differential diagnosis and related index meanings section B diagnosis and differential diagnosis of second hepatitis B related indexes meaning of the fourth chapter of the first section B routine treatment of hepatitis B treatment overview section second interferon treatment for chronic hepatitis B treatment strategy of section third of lamivudine for hepatitis B experience a fourth day adefovir dipivoxil in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B experience assemble fifth telbivudine anti HBV clinical experience a sixth day entecavir entecavir treatment for chronic hepatitis B experience assemble seventh tenofovir in treatment of chronic hepatitis B eighth section on the combination of anti HBV strategies and experiences of ninth new nucleoside (acid) analogue research and application status of the fifth chapter of nucleoside (acid) the sixth chapter resistance and prevention strategy of the analogues of special patients infected with HBV. The seventh chapter anti-inflammatory treatment strategies for protecting Kangxian jaundice is immune to the eighth chapter tactical links inseparable regulation and gene therapy strategy of hepatitis B is positive strategy mobilization body "causes" of the first day of thymosin a, (Zadaxin) and other effective immunomodulator second therapeutic vaccine gene therapy ninth chapter third section liver cirrhosis treatment strategies section B cirrhosis pathogenesis second hepatitis cirrhosis clinical manifestations of third section B cirrhosis treatment strategies in Chapter tenth hepatitis B liver failure and liver failure prevention strategies in section second section of liver failure of liver failure in clinical classification and features third sections of liver failure condition assessment and treatment strategy eleventh chapter B comprehensive prevention strategy of traditional Chinese medicine in the twelfth chapter, hepatitis B, hepatitis C prevention and treatment in Section 1 of Chinese medicine treatment of viral hepatitis philosophy section second application of Chinese medicine treatment of viral hepatitis @##@ experience introduction The editor uses the form of interlocution, introduces the latest progress of hepatitis B, cirrhosis and Countermeasures of prevention and control. The main contents include hepatitis, cirrhosis pathogenesis, indexes, methods of treatment, especially the hepatitis B treatment in recent years, including the treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, clinical drug use experience. This book explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand the content, both the advanced, science popularization and practicability, and hepatitis B positive prevention, treatment, stressed all carriers of hepatitis B virus hepatitis B patients, to love and help. General practitioner book for basic level hospital or gate, emergency, nursing home physician, provide special disease cures special anti guide all levels of epidemic prevention staff, can also provide the latest, most practical, has a guiding value of Yanggan Hugan conditioning treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis B, knowledge and their families.
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