"Series standard vectors density method" understanding, application and Implementation

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Inset: commonly known as the cockroach cockroach, belong to Insecta Blattodea, is an important disease vectors, which can spread many diseases. To monitor the density of cockroach is forecast cockroaches harm degree, take timely and effective control measures based on the. The relevant documents for many years on the cockroach density monitoring method in our country has been in use in 1993 the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee issued, but not the corresponding method of standardization. The enactment of this standard, the standard of our existing different cockroach density monitoring method for comprehensive, timely.The cockroach control measures, has important significance to objectively evaluate the control effect. This standard specifies the investigation method of indoor cockroach density, suitable for monitoring and investigation on indoor cockroach density. The density of cockroaches to monitor the investigation method of China's Ministry of health, the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee in 1993 according to the city of cockroach density monitoring work to release is mainly based on the cockroach density monitoring in China, but the density monitoring survey method is released in the form of a document, is not high degree of standardization. The standard on the basis of this, further standardize our existing comprehensive cockroach density monitoring method, which can meet the need of cockroach control work.

Vector and public life are closely related, it would not only affect the quality of life of people, causing economic losses, but also by the media as the biological vector borne diseases threatening human health. The control vector is the prevention and control of vector borne disease outbreaks and effective means of vector density reduced, need the corresponding technical standards to guide and standardize. Vectors density is an important content of the prediction and control of vector borne diseases, and is also an important step for evaluation of disease vector control effect. The scientific development vectors density, can not only understand the vector density, species, distribution within a specific area, and can provide a basis for the vector control scheme is developed, thus the scientific guidance vector control. Monitoring method of unified standard, is the scientific reflection density of vector based, therefore, the Ministry of health disease vector control standards of professional committee started to organize experts to develop vectors density standard in 2006. Standard drafting experts on the basis of long-term practice, combining all kinds of vector surveillance methods at home and abroad, formulated the "vector density monitoring method of cockroach", "vectors density method flies", "vectors density method" and "the mosquito vector densities of rodents monitoring method" four standards, and in May 4, 2009 by the national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued in December 1, 2009, the formal implementation.
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The first part of the GB/T 23795-2009 "vectors density method of cockroach" the first chapter outlines the first section and density monitoring methods related to cockroach important habit second section and the cockroach density monitoring methods and standards of third GB/T 23795-2009 process second: GB/T 23795-2009 scope, terms and definitions section scope second terms and definitions third chapter the monitoring methods section stick trap second drug stimulating third visual method fourth GB/T 23795-2009 appendix description references second parts of GB/T 23796-2009 "vectors density method flies" fourth chapter overview and monitoring method related flies important habit second flies monitoring methods and standards at home and abroad present situation third GB/T 237962009 make the process fifth chapter GB/T 23796-2009 scope, terms and definitions section scope second terms and definitions sixth chapter flies monitoring section cage trap method second section stick trap third fly visual method fourth day larvae visual method in section fifth The grid method of Ref. third part "GB/T 23797-2009 vector density monitoring method of mosquito" seventh chapter overview of methods for monitoring the density of mosquitoes and related important habit second section and the mosquito monitoring methods and standards of third GB/T 23797-2009 process eighth: GB/T 23797-2009 scope in Chapter ninth mosquito monitoring method of the first section second mosquito trapping lamp method section of the CO2 trapping lamp method in section third, spawning the female mosquito bait fourth people induced fall method fifth animal bait sixth habitat mosquito catching method seventh insect net trap method in section eighth section ninth black box method in section tenth larvae Straw law section eleventh larvae ladle twelfth path method in section thirteenth oviposition method references fourth parts of GB/T 23798-2009 "vectors density method" the tenth chapter overview of rodents and rodent density monitoring related important habit second day rodent monitoring method at home and abroad standards in the third GB/T 237982009 formulation process eleventh chapter GB/T 23798-2009 scope, term and The first section is defined in section second terms and definitions twelfth chapter rodent monitoring method of the glue rat board first festival second festival night trapping method in section third, the powder trace method in section fourth, stealing food law fifth day rat trace method in section sixth hole block check stolen method seventh visual references appendix GB/T 23795-2009 vectors density method of cockroach GB/T 23796-2009 vectors density method flies GB/T 23797-2009 vectors density method GB/T 23798-2009 mosquito vectors density of rodents @##@ method The book is divided into 4 parts, respectively, for the application and implementation of cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and rodents density monitoring method of understanding, interpretation, each part according to the standard formulation of the significance, the research status at home and abroad, the standard development process, the standard terms of the order, with concrete examples to explain the standard terms the meaning, scope of application, matters needing attention. In order to facilitate the readers to master, this book with a large number of illustrations and technical information form.
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