The protection of God of life

Date of publication:2010-7   Press: Shandong science and Technology Press   Author:Edited by Du Huizhen   Pages´╝Ü268  

According to the people of poor eating habits, the book also introduces you to a new class of nutritional concepts -- phytochemicals. These trace substance found in fruits, vegetables and grains, fruits, vegetables, they make fun of bright colors, such as anthocyanins in strawberry, tomato lycopene; or the book introduces the relationship between knowledge, enzyme and health; chemical soy isoflavones, lycopene, beta carotene, functional oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, grape polyphenols, tea polyphenols, saponins, phytosterols and other plant functions and the relationship between health. Selection of various enzyme rich foods and phytochemicals, teach you how to choose to save, and provide a variety of cooking advice. According to the different stages of life and all kinds of diseases, specifically proposes practical suggestions and precautions.
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Du Huizhen, Shandong province Qianfo Hill hospital chief dietitian. The executive director of the China Association of traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition and diet experts committee. Members Chinese physicians Nutritional Medicine Professional Committee of 9 dollars. China clinical nutrition professional committee, deputy director of the Shandong Nutrition Association, deputy secretary general, deputy director of the Shandong clinical nutrition professional committee, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Health Department of clinical nutrition quality control center. Director of the Shandong healthcare association. Vice chairman of the Ji'nan Institute of nutrition. Engaged in clinical nutrition work for more than 30 years, nutritional therapy specializes in a variety of diseases, especially with nutrition, lifestyle related disorders diet conditioning.
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The first chapter enzyme: protector of life, the story of one enzyme health sentiment 1 get enzyme people -- Arthur Kornberg what is the enzyme? The digestion and absorption of food cannot do without enzyme knowledge baby didn't love to eat, add Gallus gallus enzyme is a good helper of enzyme and how life "enzyme diet effemination mechanism named historical enzyme biocatalyst little knowledge of the enzyme and classification of the enzyme cannot do without enzyme knowledge have a fever why no appetite enzyme source of small knowledge meat tender" in the catering industry tenderizer little knowledge of the correct use of relates to meat tenderizer nutrition field enzymes story washing clothes is closely related to the little knowledge of washing powder with enzyme: water temperature
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The copyright page: illustration: many food flavor characteristics is mainly composed of fat, fat in the lipase hydrolysis of free fatty acids, have an important effect on the flavor of food. The protein produced from the decomposition of amino acids, mercaptan, can give the fermented food (sour fish, Jinhua ham) and drink (Yellow Wine, Wine), spices (fermented bean curd, soy sauce, fish sauce flavor). The unique style of the natural food of the flavor has some, such as kelp flavour is mainly composed of the contained sodium glutamate and. Mushrooms taste is mainly guanylic acid taste. The special taste of shellfish is mainly caused by succinate. But these are not a single taste substances. But together with amino acids, peptides. So difficult as pure component one one separation. We can use the specific enzyme. As a biological catalyst in the production of flavor substances, can enhance food flavor or flavor precursors are converted into flavor. The use of biotechnology, including plant tissue culture, microbial fermentation, microbial transformation method, the production of flavor substances is an effective way of natural flavor. With the rapid development of biotechnology related subjects. Biotechnology in the production of natural flavor by laboratory studies towards the large-scale industrial production, meet people return to nature demand.
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"The protection of God life: enzyme and phytochemicals, dietitian revealed vitality regimen:" true given the cell life and personality is the enzyme. They control the whole body, even if only one enzyme dysfunction, may be fatal. Antioxidant phytochemicals, boycott, "free radicals", known as the "century of vitamin 2l".
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  •   Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but also pay attention to cooking, don't loss of nutrition, the book is worth reading, I read, people need to supplement the enzyme, if you want to be healthy!
  •   Read this book, know the importance of plant nutrients, and cooking methods, practical book!
  •   Although some know, but clearly some.
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  •   Writing is good, but the relatively shallow.
  •   Very sloppy writing books, not value.
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