• The history of Shanghai health and quarantine

    The health and quarantine work with shipping the rise and spread to China, Shanghai was the first seaport quarantine, open the beginning of Chinese frontier health and quarantine, "the history of the development of" Shanghai health and quarantine span from 1873 to 1999 more than a hundred years of history, from the Western quarantine and Shanghai health and quarantine the development process of the event, event,

  • Health economics analysis of typical cases

    Analysis of health economics "" typical case by field survey results, expert interviews, academic research, practical examples and so on, collecting cases from each aspect, through the case background, case analysis and case analysis of the specific content, make a deep discussion and detailed analysis for each case, for health,

  • The quality of workers in education project training materials, Beijing city "Ankang Cup" Competition Organizing Committee designated training materials

    Work safety and occupational health, safety and occupational health, ISBN:9787304038403, the day to interactive education center,

  • Physical assessment practice guidelines

    Practical guidance manual physical assessment, assessment practice guidelines ("body color atlas Edition)" mainly includes 10 parts: evaluation preparation, evaluation (general body state, skin and mucosa, superficial lymph nodes), the head and neck, organ evaluation, evaluation of thoracic and lung, breast, heart and evaluation assessment vascular assessment, assessment of abdomen, ridge,

  • Common sense / rural health care Road Series / farm series

    "Common sense" of rural health care is an important practical health guide for health care and disease prevention, prolong life, farmers friend's health services. As long as you take time to read, will make you a lifetime. No matter how rich one, if not the health and life, again much money also is equal to zero. Therefore, health care,

  • Social gender perspective of ethnic minority women's health and ecological environment protection

    Social gender perspective of ethnic minority women's health and environmental protection "," health and ecological environment protection of minority women content in social gender perspective: in 2003 July, China won the "International Association of Anthropology and Ethnology at the sixteenth session of the conference" held the right, after six years of preparations, the general assembly in July 27, 2009 to 31 in the China Kunming,

  • The new nutrition handbook

    "New nutrition handbook (Second Edition)" is divided into seven chapters, including basic nutrition, the nutritional value of food and nutrition, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, nutrition and health food and health food etc.. Discusses the basic nutrients the body needs, people living and working in need of nutrition,

  • Food and nutrition

    "Food nutrition" is divided into three parts, a total of ten chapters, after the contents of the experiment. Summary of contents, teaching requirements and the summary of this chapter are listed in each chapter, and lists the prep questions, exercises and self check. For students to learn and self testing. "Food nutrition" list in 1997 April Chinese nutrition institute,

  • Illegal additives may food hazards identification in the manual

    "Illegal additives may food hazard identification manual" by the China disease prevention and control center nutrition and food security of the disease prevention and control center and the Guangdong Province youth organization in a number of professional and technical personnel and Bo, master took six months to complete joint. Hope "illegal additives may food hazards identification in the manual,

  • The people's Republic of China Occupational Disease Prevention Law

    "The people's Republic of China Law of occupational disease prevention and control (the latest revised)" includes: the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the revision of the "people's Republic of China occupational disease prevention law" decision, the people's Republic of China on occupational disease prevention law, "the people's Republic of China occupational disease prevention law amendment (Draft)",

  • Knowledge of prevention of occupational poisoning

    Knowledge of prevention of occupational poisoning, "prevention of occupational poisoning (graphic version)" starting from the productive toxicants, illustrated in the form of systematically introduces the poisoning of metals and metalloids, irritant gas poisoning, suffocating gas poisoning, organic solvent poisoning, aniline poisoning contact opportunities, and organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning toxicity, clinical manifestations and diagnosis,

  • Health supervision theory and Practice

    Chen Yan editor of "health supervision theory and practice" comprehensively and systematically discusses the health administrative law enforcement principle, characteristics, main body, time, type, evidence, procedure and enforcement, food hygiene, drinking water hygiene and public health, school health, radiological health, occupation health, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, medicine,

  • The prevention and treatment of acute disease

    "Introduction" rural emergency prevention content: China is mainly rural developing countries, the rural population accounts for over 70010 of the total population, in rural areas, because the medical condition is relatively backward, broad farmer friend general lack of medical prevention and health care knowledge, cause many diseases of misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and delay treatment,

  • China minority reproductive health

    "China minority reproductive health" by the State Family Planning Commission provides for nationally representative the sampling survey data of 10% samples, the main characteristics of reproductive health of minority and analysis. Because the data content restrictions, can not cover all the contents of reproductive health, only from,

  • Community health and sanitation

    "Cleaning" and to facilitate the implementation of skills training of labor force transfer in community health, cooperate with relevant national policy implementation, especially for the campaign to improve rural migrant workers, employment and re employment employability and employment as the goal of the occupation skill training, our country occupation standard according to the corresponding occupation, work,

  • Regulations for administration of entry and exit health quarantine on special goods

    The management regulations, the health and Quarantine of entry special articles of ISBN:9787506664615, the author: National Quality Inspection Administration and regulation department, state quality inspection administration regulations of center,

  • Nutrition and food hygiene practice guidance

    Nutrition and food hygiene practice guidance, "nutrition and food hygiene practice guidance" included the nutrition and food hygiene field comparison of 20 commonly used practice and operation content, at the same time the reference scale development of this field in recent years and industry regulations, and strive to progress with the theory of teaching this course. Project content to take full account of the practical operation,

  • Operation standard clinical technique. Department of clinical nutrition.

    "The clinical operation norm, Department of clinical nutrition division" is composed of China surgeons clinical nutrition branch organization and related experts collective writing standard clinical guide book. The book consists of 7 chapters, introduction of disinfection technology, nutrition clinic, nutritional evaluation and its operating method. Key for parenteral and enteral nutrition preparation, the,

  • Occupational health and emergency knowledge

    Occupational health and emergency knowledge, the "Twelfth Five" occupational disease and preventive education series: occupational health emergency knowledge (graphic version) "by pictures, introduced a system of emergency measures on occupational injury accidents and emergency basic technology, through the case analysis focus on occupational poisoning, electric shock accidents, burns, heatstroke and drowning and dust,

  • Public Health

    "Public health (preventive medicine) comprehensive knowledge Handbook" content: with the development of society, the status and function of preventive medicine in the medical science in the development of more and more prominent. We according to their existing knowledge and long-term practical experience, combined with domestic and foreign latest preventive medicine courses -- pop,

  • The beauty of nutrition

    Beauty nutrition, "beauty" by explaining health nutrition diet nutrition balance, and the rational use of Cosmetology food and diet, pay attention to taboo food. In the prevention and treatment of nutritional deficiency or excess of symptoms and beauty related diseases; and from the inside to the outside to beauty, salons, slimming, beauty fitness, extension,

  • Diet nutrition and health

    "Nutrition and health" mainly includes the digestion and absorption of food, nutrition knowledge, all kinds of food nutrition, diet and dietary guidelines, the various groups of dietary and nutrition principle and role, recipe preparation, dietary nutrition and disease, food pollution and prevention etc. The textbook also,

  • Infectious diseases, health supervision tutorial

    "Infectious disease health supervision tutorial" is on the basis of practice, in view of the existing problems of the previous work, especially after "SARS" expose problems, from theory and practice in the design of infectious disease health supervision, supervision and inspection of the framework, and introduces in detail the examination content of infectious diseases prevention and control,,

  • Microbiological hazards in food risk characterization Guide

    Risk characterization is one of the four steps of microbiological risk assessment. Is the probability of occurrence and severity evaluation of population of known or potential adverse health effects in hazard identification, hazard characterization and exposure assessment based on. Includes risk assessment to risk assessment form results, risks, and for food,

  • Physical examination and health care

    "Health check-up and preventive health care" is divided into 2 parts, the first part introduces basic knowledge of project and the significance of health examination and health; the second part of the thesis introduces keep healthy should do preventive health care, for common diseases, early detection and the analysis of results and the different stages of preventive health care provides specific guidance. ",

  • Clinical nutrition internship guidance

    Clinical nutrition internship guidance, "clinical nutrition practice guidance" textbook evaluation, according to the nutritional status of the patients with nutritional preparation, nutritional support, nutritional support design of concrete measures of clinical nutrition practice program ideas carefully selected 14 representative training project, as the core content of this teaching material. At the same time, equipped with a large number of clinical,

  • Premarital examination and physical examination guide

    "Premarital examination and physical examination guide" using plain language, expounds the meaning and content of examination and conventional medical attention. In order to make people understand the premarital examination is not only the beginning of human eugenics, but also human prosperity, national prosperity, national prosperity foundation. Pre marital health check,

  • Preventive medicine

    Preventive medicine preventive medicine "," a total of five. The first article of environment and health, second health statistics method for the research of environment and health, epidemiology method for the research of environment and health of the third articles, fourth articles for Disease Control and prevention, fifth for practice. The contents of each chapter are linked, help students to broaden their horizons,,

  • Preventive medicine

    "Preventive medicine (for clinical medicine, pediatrics, nursing, Stomatology, medical professional use) (case version)" in the first case, stimulate students interest, improve the students' initiative thinking, keep the preventive medicine base in content the content and embodiment of preventive medicine and public health,

  • Tuberculosis laboratory technical manual

    "Tuberculosis laboratory technical manual" consists of seven chapters, including TB laboratory techniques, procedures and requirements for the widespread use of tuberculosis laboratory standardization operation technology at home and abroad and TB prevention and control work, mainly related to tuberculosis laboratory classification and function, basic construction, routine operation technology standardization program,,

  • The national basic public health service knowledge and skills

    "National basic public health services knowledge and skills" to "standard" with urban and rural communities, the first post grassroots health workers as the main object, in order to promote and improve public health knowledge and appropriate technology in community as the focus, to improve the public health service ability as the core, close to the real task, every single,

  • Graphic aids chest diseases imaging

    Graphic aids common disease, chest imaging ISBN:9787564500870, author: Gao Jianbo,

  • Ethnic minority areas and the situation of AIDS prevention in drug research

    "The national drug and AIDS prevention research" is divided into three parts, the first part is the research report, including research, national drug and AIDS, Yunnan province drug detoxification and rehabilitation status and countermeasure research, harm reduction measures in national regions and the use of the research on the legal conflict, ethnic area drug,

  • Modern communicable diseases nursing

    "By the hospital for many years engaged in the first expert Cui Yanping of infectious disease specialist nursing care of modern epidemiology" and Lisa jointly compiled, systematically elaborated the common infectious disease nursing clinical features, the basic concept and theory, clinical operation principle and method, key pathogenic to many infectious diseases, epidemiology, diagnosis,

  • With the application of disinfection method

    "Introduction" disinfection method and application of content: disinfection method is used widely, and microbial control areas and industries cannot do without disinfection, and closely related to people's life. "Disinfection methods and Applications" from the basic concepts and principles of disinfection, sterilization, disinfection and sterilization method and technology of environment and occupation safety,,

  • Preventive medicine

    Preventive medicine, "the reform of medical education textbook series: introduction to preventive medicine": first chapter mainly introduces the factors of population health and its influence, is divided into 7 chapters, the main introducer and environment and the relation of environment and health, and expounds on the living environment, occupational environment, dietary nutrition, lifestyle, psychological and social factors and health,

  • Clinical nutrition

    "The clinical nutrition" content is divided into fourteen parts, including introduction, twelve chapters and an appendix. The first chapter of nutritional assessment methods; the second chapter nutritional support; the third chapter nutrition and digestive system diseases; the fourth chapter of nutrition and diseases of the respiratory system; the fifth chapter of nutrition and diseases of urinary system; the sixth chapter nutrition and cardiovascular disease,

  • Preventive medicine

    Preventive medicine preventive medicine "," Hubei the "Twelfth Five Year" planning materials (Medical Professional Series), Hubei Provincial Institute of higher education organizations to carry out the "teachers team construction, professional construction, curriculum construction, teaching material construction" cooperation research. "Preventive medicine" for higher vocational medical, nursing, health care, rehabilitation,

  • Health and safety risk management career

    "Occupational health and safety risk management" is based on the above such intention and the preparation of the. The main contents of the book include: risk management based on the analysis of scientific theory, further research on the theory of system safety engineering and system safety management, and formed a system of occupational health and safety risk management as theoretical system,

  • Reproductive health consulting case selection

    "Introduction to reproductive health counseling cases selected" content: in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress, fully implement the "CPC Central Committee and the State Council to strengthen the work of population and family planning to solve the population problem of decision", stable grassroots population and FP work team, consolidate the work of grass-roots level, stabilizing the low fertility level,,

  • Minamata disease

    An unprecedented public nuisance disease, this book is a classic works of world environmental history, by Dr. Japan renowned environmentalist Harada Jungjun according to their own experiences and participation of Minamata disease to medicine and reflection of creation. This book summarizes the experiences and lessons of Minamata disease this unprecedented public nuisance disease, presumably to a big developing country such as China,

  • Chinese food safety regulation and Reform

    "Chinese food safety regulation and reform" content brief introduction: Bodenheimer put forward the "philosophy of law and legal methods", security is the human to maintain basic survival and the pursuit of the most important, the most important conditions required for its development in the society. The instinct of a man makes people for their own health, property,

  • Analysis of food security and vulnerability Chinese poverty county

    "Food safety China County of poverty and vulnerability analysis: a survey of" the six county is part of research results based on improved China most vulnerable women and children - Spain UN Millennium Development Fund Project "nutrition, food safety and food security". Report the views represent the views of the author, not generation,

  • Nutritional and functional components of the application guide

    "Nutritional and functional components of application guide" is the national Ministry of science and technology "eleven five" science and technology support project "evaluation of functional food technology research" is the important achievements, nutritional and functional components of database in www.nesiafoods.org (Nutritional and Functio,

  • Food nutrition and health

    "The ordinary higher education" 1025 "planning materials, food specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges Teaching Materials Series: food nutrition and health" mainly introduces the human body needs the energy and nutrients, the nutritional value of food, all kinds of people's diet and nutrition, diet and nutrition, food contamination and its prevention measures, food,

  • Pest management

    "Health pest management department according to the" hundred years of deepening understanding of human nature and the modern science and technology and its application progress and improve, as well as the author accumulated in scientific research, teaching and practical application, by Jiang Zhikuan, Zheng Zhimin, Wang Zhongcan, Professor Wu Guanghua and many Chinese scholars for the first time that "health system,

  • Chinese northwest vector species

    Northwest China vector species more, but has yet to have a systematic introduction of northwest area vector species of books, in order to grasp the species and distribution of northwest area of vector borne diseases, and for the prevention and control of disease vectors and vector borne diseases and provide scientific basis for the Lanzhou military region, disease prevention and control center of Lanzhou military area command,

  • Life ethics dimension

    "Life Dimension of Ethics: an introduction to the problems and Countermeasures of AIDS prevention and control" content: at present, in the China, AIDS is not new, but it is still heavy. AIDS is a descendant of Chinese in 1985. In the past 25 years, with the reform and opening up, Chinese towards prosperity pace, AIDS in this vast,

  • A new approach to treat pesticide poisoning

    Clinical and theoretical organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning, "a new approach to treat pesticide poisoning: organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning clinical and theoretical" is divided into 11 chapters, first ~ 2 chapter is the new understanding of organic phosphorus pesticide toxicology and clinical symptoms, some of which view is totally different from the traditional theory. The third to 11 chapter introduces the new ideas and new methods in clinical diagnosis and treatment, including blood,

  • Food safety in production planning and public health problem

    "Food safety production planning and public health problem" comprehensively and systematically discusses the main problems and the method of operation of all aspects of the development and construction of food production enterprises. "Food safety production planning and public health problem" consists of eleven chapters, including the management of plant and the overall planning of food production enterprises,

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