The modern study of medicinal plants in Hainan

Date of publication:2007-2   Press: China Technology   Author:Dai Haofu   Pages:294   Words:465000  

This book altogether collected 117 species of medicinal plants, mostly is the research hotspot in recent ten years. The medicinal plants of choice, mainly considering the peculiar to Hainan Province, or in Hainan province and tropical, subtropical area distribution is broad, and had a study on the chemical constituents and pharmacological activities of the plants. This book from the taste of the original plant species and their distribution, meridian and use, chemical constituents and pharmacological activity, the standards of quality or content determination etc were collated and summarized. The original plant and the distribution of the main reference "flora of Hainan". The chemical constituents and pharmacological activities of part is the focus of the contents of the book, the classification of chemical components in medicinal plants, and lists its main composition, structure characteristic and active ingredients; pharmacological activity of the total extract medicinal activity, try to contact with the chemical constituents, pharmacological effects into the level of active ingredient. Determination of the content of the quality standard and the main reference Pharmacopoeia 2005 and other professional journals, gas chromatography (GC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC / MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC / MS) application of relevant technology, choose the points to give a brief introduction, because of the limitation of length, the other in the standards of quality or content determination were not included in the application. Hope this book can be engaged in medicinal plant research fields of scientific research, teaching staff, provide the beneficial reference and engaged in the research of new drug research and development or quality standards in the pharmaceutical or related scientific and technical personnel.
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A Acanthus ilicifolius Adhatoda vasica Alangium grass cardamom cardamom Amomum villosum in Hainan Odaka Yoshijiangtakarajiangmasuzhishi Amomum villosum Annona Antiaris toxicaria Aquilaria sinensis patellar Lang stenopetalous Talon Dongfeng orange B Blumea breynia fruticosa Brucea Javanica gendarussa C hematoxylin Callicarpa nudiflora Calophyllum Folium sennae senna leaf Changchun spend three sharp cedar Hainan Cephalotaxus Cerbera manghas Chenopodium ambrosioides cinnamon...... Appendix DEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTVW Chinese name stroke index
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  •   This thought is the specially introduces the Hainan traditional Chinese medicine. The result is not ideal.

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