Regulation of the immune and liver protection of modern Chinese medicine research and Application

Date of publication:2007-1   Press: People's health   Author:Zhang Tiejun   Pages:1095  
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The first chapter pandect immune modern research and application of traditional Chinese medicine first immune origin second traditional Chinese medicines and immunity third immune medicine application and the development idea of the second chapter hepatoprotective and modern research of traditional Chinese medicine application first liver injury and liver of second day of Baogan mechanism in section third and section fourth reducing enzyme hepatoprotective compound Chinese medicine liver effect of fifth liver single herb research section Sixth Research and development prospect of heptoprotective herbs medicine article the first part immune regulation in root of Morinda officinalis how spreading hedyotis herb Radix Paeoniae Alba Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae Dictamnus dasycarpus Radix Isatidis Radix Glehniae supplement bone fat Bupleurum citrus spiny crow Acanthopanax senticosus rhubarb Angelica sinensis Codonopsis Radix Rehmanniae Dinggongteng Cordyceps Rabdosia rubescens Heracleum Lamiophlomis rotata Eucommia zedoary windproof venom bergamot. Aconite gecko medlar jujube tortoiseshell sea cucumber Radix Polygoni Multiflori Radix Hedysari mistletoe Polygonatum Coptis Scutellaria Gynostemma Huang Qi golden buckwheat kelp Ling Zhi longan pulp antler Pyrola Folium Apocyni Veneti Folium viticis negundo Nansha ginseng Ophiopogon Eclipta bezoar Ligustrum lucidum dandelion pollen ginseng three seven mulberry mulberry Seabuckthorn yam Hawthorn Phytolacca musk Shiwei Suanzaoren Cynomorium Gastrodia elata soil Fuling dodder Xian Mao Xiang Ru Coix Epimedium Tremella Houttuynia Yun Zhizi River The second part car Polyporus Rhizoma panacis majoris hepatoprotective herbal medicine Rhizoma imperatae Patrinia Biejia Radix Paeoniae Rubra Andrographis sarmentosum Folium Isatidis medicine Herba Hyperici japonici catechu licorice Magnolia Polygonum cuspidatum turmeric honeysuckle chrysanthemum Cassia bitter almond Forsythia gentian Solanum nigrum aloe asparagus papaya Swertia honeysuckle 藤沙 Complanati tonkinensis Cimicifuga ginger milk thistle horsetail Wu Zhuyu Schisandra Nishikawa Liu ginseng saffron Siegesbeckia herb Radix inula flower field chrysanthemum wormwood emblica Yu Jinze Xie Gardenia Shiraia bambusicola medicine article the first part immune medicine Erxian Huichun capsule ginseng essence oral liquid Sanbao capsules (tablets) on Sanjin Tang Qing Wan Dan Pu injection Wuji Baifeng Wan Yunnan Baiyao Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill Liushen Pill Pien Tze Huang Ling Bao Changchun fairy longevity pill Yougui Pill seasons cold tablets Shengxue Wan Hua Tuo reconstruction pill of Angong Niuhuang Pill Zhenqi Fuzheng granule Nanbao E-Jiao hematinic ointment Guilingji Shenqi granule Shenmai injection Shenrong Baifeng Wan Gu Ben Jiangzhi pill centering Dan Dingkun Dan Jinkui Shenqi Pill Qingchunbao Fugankang granules spring return capsule athletes Le Chongji Guizhi Fuling bolus Hailong gecko lean Kang tablets in Changchun Dan spring sheet Qingwen mixture male pill the second part children hepatitis B liver Chinese medicine syrup shilintongtablets Angelica raise Glucose plasma anti hepatitis B liver granule granule NFL Ganfukang liver Yue tablets jiangmeiling granule to granule of Compound Herba Lysimachiae hepatoprotective compound ointment for tree tongue Fuganning tablets Fugankang granules Huoxue Huayu tablets Yin Zhi Huang four injection of jianganlingcapsule Jianpi Liqi mixture removing liver tonifying spleen pill of Qingkailing injection Shugan No.1 @##@ Xiaoji pill This book adopts the new classification method, the load current research focuses on drug, highlight the modern research of traditional Chinese medicine content. In order to meet the demands of the readers, the series of books to reflect the following characteristics: a novel classification method, strong pertinence, classification method breaks through the traditional Chinese medicine or clinical diseases, the classification to the modern pharmacological activity. The modern pharmacological study of modern Chinese medicine pharmacological activity, chemical material basis so as to combine, readers to buy, according to their own need to select a pharmacological activity, for the system to understand the whole research and concrete content, scientific and effective selection of reference. This book highlights the summary of Chinese modern research achievements of TCM on traditional medicine, desalination. From the "modern" characteristics, the scientific connotation of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine is an urgent need for modern scientific theories, concepts, methods, means to explain the traditional Chinese medicine. This book includes pandect, medicine and Chinese medicine pieces. The introduction part focused overview of modern research of traditional Chinese medicine, including basic theory research and development system, are discussed deeply. Medicinal part of most modern significance of single herbs, fully and systematically reflect the modern research achievements; Chinese medicine article selected representative, curative effect of the traditional Chinese medicine, modern research progress. The contents of the book is targeted, covering a wide area, the reader.
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