The utility of Organic Natural Products Chemistry

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In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, organic and natural products chemistry has undergone tremendous changes, emerged many new research fields and attract people's attention results. "Practical Organic Natural Products Chemistry" is editor in order to meet the need of discipline development, by referring to relevant books and documents, comprehensive every editorial experience and achievements in scientific research, which lasted two years to compile. "Practical Organic Natural Products Chemistry" mainly introduces the biosynthetic pathway of main chemical components of various kinds of natural organic products in chemical composition, structure, physical and chemical properties of the chemical composition, extraction separation method and the main types of structure identification, structure modification and synthesis. Compared with other similar books, "Practical Organic Natural Products Chemistry" has the characteristics of the times and compiles a distinctive style of all aspects, chapter organization, more user-friendly, convenient and practical. "Practical Organic Natural Products Chemistry" is applicable to professional medical colleges of Pharmacognosy mainly various kinds of groups, but also can be used as the R & D staff and young teachers scientific and technological personnel, teaching reference books.
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The first chapter is introduction in chapter second, chapter third organic natural products biosynthesis of extraction and separation of the fourth chapter of organic natural products in the study of the structure of common spectroscopic methods. The fifth chapter of natural drug metabolism and biotransformation in Chapter sixth, sugar and glycoside chapter seventh coumarin eighth chapter lignans chapter ninth quinones tenth chapter eleventh chapter tannin flavonoid twelfth chapter terpenoids and volatile oil of thirteenth chapter sesquiterpene fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter three two terpene saponins chapter seventeenth chapter sixteenth steroidal saponins, cardiac glycosides alkaloids eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter of plant cyclopeptides marine twenty-first chapters other kind of natural and organic products in twenty-second chapter, twenty-third chapter of organic natural products structure modification of natural organic product synthesis
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