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Date of publication:2007-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing Department   Author:People's Military Medical Press   Pages:338   Words:264000  
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The first chapter cholelithiasis Chai Jin Decalculous Decoction Banxiaxiexin Decoction Chai Zhi Sanjin Decoction Dachaihu Decoction 1 Jiawei Dachaihu Decoction 2 major Bupleurum Decoction 3 Danggui Shaoyao Powder Modified Polyester sand lithagogue pill Gold Double Ko dissolve stone soup gandanning Tang Decoction and Dan Tang 1 self-made Qingdan Tang Decoction for self discharge fluid increasing Paishi Decoction of biliary elimination of stone soup Sanjinpaishi drink qingrelishi Decoction four inverse scattered Xiaoxianxiong Decoction and Dan Tang Xiaoyan dissolve stone soup Lidan Paishi Decoction ChaiHuShuGan Jiawei Yinchenhao Decoction Jingshichuan capsule Guinness relief thermalization lag party golden peach niter powder Lidan Paishi mixture Lidan Paishi Decoction of 1 Lidan Paishi Decoction 2 Lidan Paishi Decoction 3 Lidan Paishi Decoction 4 Lidan Paishi Decoction 5 Paishi mixture Qingre Lidan Paishi Decoction and hepatobiliary calculus pill four inverse four gold turtle soup tounong San Jiawei Shaoyao Decoction hardware streaky Sanjin lithagogue Decoction Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction with gallbladder stone soup Pai Shi Tang Decoction. 2 3 4 self self self 5 supplemented Shixiaosan by Lidan Paishi Decoction Xu Huayu Paishi Decoction Lidan Paishi Decoction 6 Shugan Lidan Paishi Decoction Jin Hutang Qinggan Lidan Paishi Soup liver Paishi Decoction with acid found fossil drink drain side 灵芍 Decoction Yiqi Rougan Decoction on bile fossil Tang Decoction Jinhai powder four inverse scattered Jiawei Wendan Decoction with pain fossil pill second urinary system calculus Decoction plus or minus 1 eight eight are scattered positive powder in 2 eight are scattered 4 3 eight are scattered Bixiefenqing drink flavored self-made 1 self-made 2 rows of stone Lin Tang Paishi Decoction kidney tonifying kidney stone soup row 1 kidney stone soup row 2 Dahuang Fuzi Tang Jiawei Deng Shitong Lin Tang four Paishi Decoction of compound two Jintang compound Sanjin Decoction of Pueraria Shi Weisan walnut Paishi Decoction wet stone soup row fossil Paishi Decoction of fossil stone fluid stasis soft and hard stone soup row Huayuniaoshi Tang Huayu Paishi Decoction 1 Huayu Paishi Decoction 2 Huayu Paishi Decoction 3 Huayu Paishi Decoction 4 Huayu Paishi Decoction 5 Huayu Tonglin Paishi Decoction of Huoxue Huayu Decoction 1 Huoxue Huayu Decoction 2 Huoxue Paishi Decoction Huoxue Tonglin Decoction for activating qi Tonglin Decoction. Tang Jiawei Sanjin Decoction of 1 modified Sanjin Decoction of 2 modified Shi Weitang Zhibai Dihuang Decoction modified Zhuling Decoction spasmolysis stone soup row 1 Antispasmodic Paishi Decoction 2 gold grass Paishi Decoction Jinji Huayu Paishi Decoction gold 锦排 stone soup dragon stone soup row Jin Maotang kimper Paishi Decoction money Paishi Decoction money Shi Weitang gold 砂茴 winter soup stone "stone soup row stone fossil soup stone stone soup row gold ore lithagogue Decoction peony Ling Tang stone stone soup 1 stone soup the 2 Guinness relief heat diuretic lithagogue Decoction lag party 1 diuretic lithagogue Decoction 2 six kinds of Paishi Decoction gold dragon stone soup row dragon saltpeter pills urinary stone soup 1 lithagogue Decoction of 2 urinary stone soup row 3 urinary stone Shutong drinking liquid Niaoshitong row Tang Pai Shi I No. a row of stone I paishiling Paishi Decoction 合溶 stone powder Paishi Decoction 1 stone soup row 2 row of stone soup 3 stone soup row 4 row of stone soup 5 stone soup Row 6 row of stone soup 7 stone soup row 8 row of stone soup 9 stone soup row 10 row of stone soup 11 stone soup row 12 row of stone Decoction of 13 stone soup row 14 row of stone soup 15 stone soup row 16 row of stone soup 17 stone soup row 18 row of stone soup 19 Paishi Decoction 20 rows of stone Lin Tang Decoction 3 Qingli Huoxue Paishi Decoction heat Tonglin Decoction flooding calculus Decoction Sanjin two Shi Er Zi Decoction Sanjin walnut Decoction Sanjin fossil soup Sanjinpaishi Decoction 1 Sanjinpaishi Decoction 2 Sanjinpaishi Decoction 3 Sanjinpaishi Decoction 4 Sanjinpaishi Decoction 5 Sanjinpaishi Decoction of 6 gold placer gold three sub soup Xiao Shi Pai Shi Tang kidney stone soup 1 kidney stone soup 2 stone spirit lithagogue drinking Shi Wei stone soup row Shi Wei San Shi Weisan 1 2 Shi Wei San Shi Weitang two 3 gold stone soup four fossil soup four Paishi powder four Paishi Decoction 1 four Paishi Decoction 2 gold peach soup soup four through sliding Sanjin Decoction Tongli stone soup row Tonglin row stone 1 Tonglin row stone 2 Tonglin Paishi Decoction of 1 Tong Lin Pai stone soup 2 Tonglin Paishi Decoction Tonglin Sanjin Decoction Tonglin lithagogue Decoction Tujin niter soup temperature 肾溶 Shi Pai Shi Tang Jiawei hardware Wumei Pill Shi Weitang Xiao Shi San Jiawei lithagogue Decoction for purging the lung Paishi Decoction three Decoction eight are scattered with plus or minus a Sanjinpaishi Decoction Yiqi Huayu Paishi soupQishen Sanjin soup Yishen Tonglin Paishi Decoction tonifying kidney and removing stone soup with taro seedling soil chicken soup stone soup liquid increasing stone soup row acupuncture therapy with 4 self 5 Sanjinpaishi Decoction Paishi Decoction 21 Paishi Decoction of 22 stone soup row 23 row of stone soup 24 Paishi Decoction 25 soluble dynamic row stone Tang TCM three step therapy self Jin Wei Pai Shi Tang Decoction fossil Tonglin Decoction of self-made Jiawei Shi Weisan with Jin Pu Shaoyao Decoction with stone by stone soup Pueraria Decoction with row of stone by stone soup row connate rhubarb retention enema with Paishi decoction combined with acupuncture therapy with Paishi Decoction and ligustrazine injection with Paishi Decoction 1 self Pai Shi Decoction of 2 with Paishi Decoction 3 with Paishi Decoction 4 with Paishi Decoction 5 with Paishi Decoction 6 with Paishi Decoction 7 self drive Paishi Decoction to dissolve and remove the stone soup with three I Shaogan Decoction with Sanjin six drink with Sanjin lithagogue Decoction with kidney stone soup with thirteen Taibao Paishi Decoction with ten kinds of Paishi Decoction with four Dragon a soup with four gold three sub two stone 川琥 Tang Decoction Tonglin Huayu Paishi Decoction with Tonglin row Tonglin Paishi decoction from solution Decoction of 1 self-made Tonglin Paishi Decoction of 2 self-made Tonglin Decoction with Tonglin lithagogue Decoction with Paishi Decoction 8 milk knee Paishi Decoction with three stone Wei Tang Decoction Paishi Decoction 9 chapter third gastric calculus castor oil self self Nuanwei Quyu Decoction Ruanjian stagnancy Decoction Jiawei Liu Jun Zi Tang Xiaozhi plot Tang Bao Cheng Qi Decoction flat stomach stagnation soup Xiao Shi Chengqi Decoction of warming spleen Decoction Decoction @##@ bezoar This book is "effective prescription" in a series of stone disease section, is to introduce a system of clinical reference book to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gallstone disease. The book is a treatment of hepatic calculus, urinary stones, stones in the stomach the miraculous cure around 300, discusses in detail the concrete method of treatment, combined with related cases and modern research, reflects the new progress and new results for more than 10 years of Chinese medicine treatment of gallstone disease, informative, easy to understand, for learning reference Chinese lovers and Chinese college teachers and students, also can be used for gallstone patients and their families with reference to reading.
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