Manual of clinical medication of new anti infection

Date of publication:2007-5   Press: Military Medical Science Press   Author:Ji Chengyin   Pages:516   Words:428000  

This book a comprehensive and systematic collection and collation of the clinical common effective drug commonly used anti sense, be concise and to the point introduces for all kinds of resistance to bacterial infection, viral infection and parasite infection treatment mechanisms of drug action, rational use and site selection of clinical experience. Has the advantages of convenient, searching and reading informative, pertinence. For hospital physicians, nurses and pharmacists reference reading stem.
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The first chapter of anti infective drug treatment of the concept of anti infection drugs commonly used terminology in section second, anti infection drugs research history section third anti infection drug action mechanism and development direction in section fourth the reasonable use of antibiotics in section fifth, anti infection drug reasonable usage requirements and the criterion of section sixth to use of anti infective drugs problems in section seventh choice the basic idea of application of anti infection drugs eighth sections of the bacterial drug resistance mechanisms and prevent measures of the second chapter antibacterial drug clinical application of basic principles of the first section antimicrobial drug treatment of the basic principles of the application of section second, the prophylactic use of antibiotics in the third basic principles of festival special pathophysiological conditions use the principles of the third chapter of the clinical application of the antibiotics management section antibacterial drugs should be graded management section second pathogenic microorganism detection significance third antibacterial drug management and supervision measures of the fourth chapter of penicillin antibiotics first section main mechanism and classification of second penicillins antibiotic indication third important adverse reactions and precautions section Fourth Clinical often The fifth chapter of cephalosporins drugs first cephalosporin classification and characteristics of second main mechanisms of third cephalosporins main indications of fourth drug adverse reactions and precautions section fifth commonly used drugs chapter sixth SARS type beta lactam antibiotics in the first section mainly mechanism and characteristics of the second section of chapter seventh aminoglycoside antibiotics antibiotics tetracycline antibiotic eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter amide alcohols antibiotic macrolide antibiotics, the eleventh chapter of lincomycin and clindamycin antibiotics twelfth chapter polypeptide antibiotic thirteenth chapter synthetic antibacterial sulfa drugs chapter fourteenth quinolone antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs chapter fifteenth nitroimidazole antimicrobials chapter sixteenth furan antibiotics seventeenth the most important chapter of acid fast bacilli in clinical drug therapy eighteenth chapter important antifungal drugs chapter nineteenth important antiviral drugs chapter twentieth anti parasite treatment drugs chapter twenty-first infectious diseases the principles of rational use of anti infective drugs Chinese name index of anti infective drugs English cable The
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