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Date of publication:2007-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:The national licensed pharmacist examination guide Editorial Committee   Pages:444   Words:694000  
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The first part is the first chapter of second chapter pharmacology pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics in Chapter fourth, chapter third factors affecting the effects of drugs chapter fifth introduction to antibacterial drugs sixth chapter of beta lactam antibiotics in the seventh chapter of macrolides and other antibacterial drugs chapter eighth aminoglycoside antibiotics and polymyxin in Chapter ninth, tetracycline and chloramphenicol antibiotics tenth chapter eleventh chapter synthetic antimicrobial antifungal drugs chapter thirteenth chapter twelfth antiviral drugs for tuberculosis and anti leprosy drug anti parasitic drugs fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter anti malignancy drug sixteenth chapter introduction to the seventeenth chapter of efferent nerve agents acting on cholinergic receptor drugs acting on the adrenal receptor eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter twentieth section of sedative and hypnotic drug antiepileptic drugs and chronic anticonvulsant chapter twenty-first chapter twenty-second psychotropic drugs for treatment of central nervous degenerative disease medicine twenty-third chapter analgesic antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs in twenty-fourth chapter, twenty-fifth chapter and twenty-sixth chapter of antiarrhythmic drugs anti heart failure drugs chapter twenty-seventh antihypertensive drugs chapter twenty-eighth anti angina Pain medicine twenty-ninth chapter lipid regulating agents and anti atherosclerosis drugs chapter thirtieth diuretics and dehydration medicine thirty-first chapters on the blood drug thirty-second chapter respiratory drugs chapter thirty-third digestive system drugs in the thirty-fourth chapter the uterine contraction drugs thirty-fifth chapter of histamine and its receptor blocker thirty-sixth chapter immunosuppressive and immunostimulants thirty-seventh chapter adrenal corticoids chapter thirty-eighth thyroid hormone and anti thyroid drugs thirty-ninth insulin and oral hypoglycaemic drugs chapter fortieth sex hormone drugs and effects on the reproductive system of medicine to simulate a real simulation questions two to simulate three second part of pharmaceutical analysis in chapter second chapter Pharmacopoeia knowledge of pharmaceutical analysis the basic knowledge of third chapter physical constants determination of fourth chapter fifth chapter chemical analysis spectrophotometric method for the sixth chapter chromatography seventh chapter drug impurity inspection chapter eighth aromatic acid and its esters of the ninth chapter is the analysis of amine drugs analysis chapter tenth barbiturates analysis the eleventh chapter analysis of sulfonamides twelfth chapter of heterocyclic drugs analysis Analysis of the thirteenth chapter the analysis of alkaloids in Chapter fourteenth, carbohydrate drug analysis the fifteenth chapter analysis of steroid hormones in Chapter sixteenth, the seventeenth chapter analyzes the vitamins antibiotics simulation title a simulation title two Title Three @##@ simulation To tie in with the annual national licensed pharmacist qualification examination, examination reference guide, we organized with years of training experience, well-known national licensed pharmacist qualification examination counseling experts to compile a book. The contents of the book on the syllabus, covering all the points, and strive to be concise and to the point, structured. Each chapter is divided into center of advanced simulation and analytical. Detailed, two parts. At the end of each book has three sets of simulation questions, exam questions, exam of master to help candidates quickly familiar with, ability to raise test.
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