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Date of publication:2007-3   Press: Guangxi science and technology   Author:Xian Hanmei   Pages:268   Words:360000  

Guangxi is one of the traditional Chinese medicine resources in the provinces. According to the published national Chinese medicine resources survey in Guangxi office, we know there are 4064 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine resources, species for the second. For a long time, the practice of Guangxi folk in the use of herbs to prevent and cure diseases, and accumulated rich experience, a large number of unique efficacy of herbal medicine was discovered, part of which has gradually become the local doctors like to use drug daily, part of it was developed into Chinese country brand, sold at home and abroad. Especially in the past twenty years, traditional medicine and natural medicine has been widely popular, more and more researchers and clinicians in Guangxi commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine is carried out from the germplasm resources, cultivation, effective ingredients, efficacy and other aspects of the study, and made a lot of achievements in scientific research, has greatly enriched the Chinese pharmacy the contents of the. "Guangxi clinical commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine" the book is based on a large number of scientific research and clinical application of data collected and published, can be said to reflect the achievements of Guangxi commonly used herbs and unique advantage. We in the preparation of "Guangxi clinical commonly used herbs" one book, to highlight two characteristics. One is to highlight the local characteristics. Since this book is the introduction of Chinese herbal medicine in Guangxi, is a regional compendium of bitter, so behoove to Guangxi local herbs, specialty medicines. Therefore, in Guangxi, thousands of Chinese herbal medicines, we chose Guangxi clinical commonly used 242 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine were introduced, including plant medicine 229 kinds, such as ginseng, cinnamon, star anise, Alangium, beans and so on; 11 kinds of animal medicine, such as gecko, the sparrow; 2 kinds of mineral medicine, with calamine, talc. In addition to the text description, carefully produced a color picture 242. Some of these drugs have been a thousand years history of use, such as radix notoginseng; some are modern gradually drug, such as mango leaves, white back leaf etc.. In addition, we in the book also noted the drug distribution in all over Guangxi, some names of drugs also used the Guangxi folk custom with the name, such as the thunder god root etc.. The second is to highlight the practical features. We are writing this book, in an effort to improve its academic value at the same time, pay special attention to highlight the characteristics of their clinical application in each kind of drugs, "clinical reference", in addition to the introduction of foreign folk experience, also chose the typical clinical medicine to the main drug research reports or case. Introduction, provides an empirical basis for more readers, to better guide clinical medication. To expand the scope of application of Chinese herbal medicine in Guangxi, improve its application value, is of great significance. Participated in the preparation of "herbal" Guangxi clinical in a book, in addition to the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University clinical pharmacy research laboratory teachers, also invited the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University in identification of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical botany teaching and scientific research of teachers, there are 4 Chinese medicine doctor, Professor, associate professor 5 people, is engaged in Guangxi Chinese teaching, scientific research and clinical research experts. In addition, the pharmacy department of clinical teacher Wei Naiqiu to book presentation of the summary, proofreading, arrangement and the illustration of the arrangement, done a lot of work; the medicinal botanical garden of the Zhu Yilin school teacher Huang Kenan teacher, School of medicine, Institute of Orthopaedics and traumatology Xie Bing teacher for book color image, pay hard work finishing. It is because of the common efforts, the book edited work smoothly and ensure the quality of writing this book. Of course, limited to the editors and academic level of Guangxi Chinese herbal medicine research is still not deep enough, the lack of relevant data limitations, the book mistakes can hardly be avoided, looking forward to peer experts and scholars and the general reading Ji ci. We edited and published the book in the process, get the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University School of medicine, academic support, Guangxi science and Technology Publishing House leaders and editing the care and help, especially the Chinese pharmacy of the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, has long been engaged in the old experts Xie Chongyuan professor of Guangxi Chinese herbal medicine research, review all of the manuscript and made many valuable amendments, in this heartfelt thanks!
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A, diaphoretic perilla leaf of Radix Puerariae Mint Xanthium Equisetum onion white do not eat grass paparazzi take Eucalyptus robusta head Chen fingers Maple two, heat clearing drug artemisinin Celosia Nervilia fordii fruticose breynia honeysuckle honeysuckle stem of Houttuynia cordata ancient sheep rattan white balance Hedyotis diffusa Lobelia Mussaenda mung bean Buddleia plow head grass Aitake Hayoshiki sorrel Acalypha gourd tea POUZOLZIA roadside green 蔊菜 broad-leaved Mahonia blue duck ten Bupleurum Elephantopus cassia Hua Zelan...... Three, rheumatism medicine four, dampness medicine five, activating blood to stop bleeding medicine six, generation of phlegm cough medicine seven, Jianwei Xiaozhi disease eight, temperature cold medicine nine, flat liver medicine ten, strong tonic medicine eleven, astringent drug twelve, insecticide detoxification medicine thirteen, other appendix
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