Chinese medicinal materials drying principle and technology

Date of publication:2007-6   Press: The chemical industry   Author:Zhu Wenxue   Pages:315   Words:542000  

This book systematically introduces the effect of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine drying mechanism and change, in the drying process of drying process and equipment in the extracts and drying technology. This book can be used in the engineering and technical personnel engaged in Chinese herbal medicine planting, processing and traditional Chinese medicine processing and engaged in Chinese medicine, teaching and learning of the students and teachers of reading and reference, can also be engaged in clinical medicine for general reference for medical staff.
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The first chapter summarizes the origin and classification of 1.1 Chinese herbal medicine 1.1.1 Chinese herbal medicine source 1.1. 2 medicine classification of 1.2 traditional Chinese medicine industry present situation and development of 1.2.1 traditional Chinese medicine industry development situation of 1.2. 2 production of medicinal materials of 1.2.3 with traditional Chinese medicine industry development strategy in 1.3 Chinese herbal medicine quality and control of 1.3.1 effect of Chinese herbal medicine quality factor 1.3. 2 herbs GAP and Chinese medicine industry development trend in the 1.4 drying technology 1.4.1 Chinese herbal medicine commonly used drying method, the drying process of 1.4.2 on the quality of Chinese medicinal materials in affecting 1.4.3 drying of the second chapter the drying process of wet air base 2.1 properties of 2.1.1 mixed gas of the basic concepts of 2.1.2 wet air state parameters of 2.1.3 in humid air properties Figure 2.2 wet material the properties of 2.2.1 material moisture content 2.2.2 wet material classification of 2.2.3 material in water state 2.2.4 wet material water activity 2.2.5 of wet material structure characteristics and mechanical properties of 2.2.6 drying shrinkage and drying stress of 2.3 drying in the drying process of 2.3.1 basic principle of damp material 2.3.2 in damp heat transfer effect of drying factors 2.3.3 Chinese herbal medicine the drying rate of 2.3.4 under the constant drying conditions drying time of 2.4 drying process of the material and heat balance calculation 2.4.1 The material balance of 2.4.2 heat balance in the third chapter, medicine functional component physicochemical properties of 3.1 sugar and glycoside compound physico-chemical properties of 3.1.1 sugar and glycoside structure type and classification of 3.1.2 sugar and glycoside physicochemical properties of 3.1.3 containing the polysaccharide component of the common Chinese herbal medicine 3.2 flavonoids of physicochemical properties of 3.2.1 flavonoids compounds 3.2.2 basic structure and classification of flavonoids in the plant in the presence of the position and form of 3.2.3 flavonoids physicochemical properties of 3.2.4 common contain flavonoids of Chinese herbal medicine 3.3 terpenoids physicochemical properties of 3.3.1 terpenoids terpenoids structure 3.3.2 nature of 3.3.3 common contain terpenoids Chinese herbal medicine 3.4 phenylpropanoids physicochemical properties of 3.4.1 phenylalanine 3.4.2 coumarin 3.4.3 lignans 3.5 alkaloid compounds the physico-chemical properties of 3.5.1 classification of 3.5.2 alkaloids alkaloids of physicochemical properties of 3.5.3 containing alkaloid compounds of Chinese herbal medicine 3.6 steroidal compounds basic structure and physicochemical properties of 3.6.1 classification of 3.6.2 steroidal saponins 3.6.3 cardiac glycosides in the fourth chapter, medicinal Postharvest and the early processing of pre drying treatments 4.1 medicinal properties of 4.1.1 root and rhizome traits, classification and structure characteristics of 4.1.2 skin class Medicinal properties and structure characteristics of 4.1.3 leaf of medicinal properties, texture and structure characteristics of 4.1.4 flowers in medicinal properties, classification and structure characteristics of 4.1.5 fruit of medicinal properties, classification and structure characteristics of 4.1.6 other classes in the medicinal properties, classification and structural feature of the 4 main components of 4.3 2 medicinal herbs harvest 4.4 Chinese herbal medicines of postharvest processing and pre drying treatment 4.4.1 Chinese herbal medicine of postharvest processing method of 4.4. 2 drying pretreatment in the fifth chapter, the sixth chapter of drying method and process of herbal extract drying technology in the seventh chapter of drying equipment reference
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