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Date of publication:2007-9   Press: Henan science and technology   Author:Bu Xingyao   Pages´╝Ü248  

The book consists of 42 chapters, in the form of illustrations, the pediatric department of Neurosurgery disease (including congenital malformations, brain trauma, brain tumors, cerebrovascular disease, spinal cord diseases, infectious diseases, such as epilepsy surgery), and mainly introduces the operation steps in graphic form. I believe this book to promote and help promote the progress and development of Chinese Pediatric Department of neurosurgery.
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Multiple step, worked in the Department of Neurosurgery of Henan Province People's Hospital, doctor of medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, professors, postdoctoral master chief physician, tutor, outstanding youth scientific fund of Henan Province, Henan Province, winner of the cross century academic leaders, Henan Province outstanding youth science and technology experts, Henan province was returned to the advanced individual and returned overseas students achievement award, the national "Talents Project" person ", as the Department of Neurosurgery disease research journal" and other 8 kinds of journal editorial board.
in 1988 Henan Medical University Medical University after graduation stayed in the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Medical University; in 1993 by the Henan Medical University Master's degree; in 1996 by the degree of the Shanghai University in 1998 as a medical doctor; Department of Neurosurgery post doctorate from The Fourth Military Medical University postdoctoral clinical work, to Henan Province People's Hospital; in 2001 he was invited to study at the University of Southern California in America access; he returned to China in 2003. After returning from abroad, is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, spinal cord injury, spinal cord tumors, cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral ischemic injury, congenital malformation, infection, epilepsy and functional diseases in Department of neurosurgery and international work, and successively undertake national and 15 provincial and ministerial research projects, published the professional academic papers 100, won the provincial science and technology achievement award 7, the national utility model patent 3, writing 2 books. Take the lead in launching the "study of malignant brain tumor after operation of drug sensitivity of interstitial chemotherapy and radiotherapy synchronized immunization therapy" in the world, truly realize the organic combination of human malignant tumor micro operation resection and sensitive drugs interstitial chemotherapy, sensitizing radiotherapy, immunotherapy, so as to realize the overall treatment of human malignant tumor individual of Henan Province, the research and therapy in the treatment of brain tumors into the ranks of the international advanced. The creation of "surgical operation combined with autologous bone marrow stem cell transplantation for the treatment of stroke, the differentiation induced by severe craniocerebral injury, central nervous degenerative disease", "autologous nerve transplantation combined with bone marrow stem cells in the spinal cord transplantation differentiation induced with autologous bone marrow stem cells directional differentiation induced by spinal cord transplantation for treatment of spinal cord injury" method, representative the future direction of nerve fiber regeneration and the development of alternative therapies for central nervous system damage, brings new hope for the majority of patients with central nervous system injury rehabilitation.
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The first chapter is the first day of the second day of the nervous system anatomy and physiology section third of the timing of operation and preoperative preparation of fourth anesthesia, posture and perioperative management of fifth day after operation second pediatric department of Neurosurgery diagnosis and treatment of the general operation first lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid examination second ventricle puncture and drainage in third day cisterna puncture fourth brain biopsy section fifth cerebral angiography third chapter Department of neurosurgery operation basic technology and method of the first section was the basic techniques and methods of second intracranial operation section third laminotomy in Chapter fourth, chapter fifth scalp injury repairing depressed fracture of skull plasty, sixth chapter of growing skull fracture of skull seventh chapter the eighth chapter defect angioplasty for intracranial hematoma first removal of epidural hematoma second dura membrane hematoma third removal of intracerebral hematoma fourth day after neonatal cranial fossa hematoma in ninth chapter craniostenosis sagittal reconstruction tenth chapter craniostenosis frontal suture reconstruction eleventh chapter craniostenosis coronal reconstruction twelfth chapter craniostenosis multiple bone reconstruction and bone flap In thirteenth chapter cranioschisis meningocele repair in Fourteenth chapter congenital hydrocephalus operation treatment of the first section ventriculoscope choroid plexus resection second cerebrospinal fluid shunt section third premature ventricle reservoir fifteenth chapter arachnoid cyst enucleation in sixteenth chapter of Arnold Chiari malformation repair body of the seventeenth chapter of occipital and Atlas arthrodesis of the eighteenth chapter of meningomyelocele operation the nineteenth chapter meningocele recurrence after operation therapy twentieth chapter lipomatous myelomeningocele operation therapy in twenty-first chapter, twenty-second chapter of diastematomyelia operation skin sinus operation therapy twenty-third chapter cerebral hemisphere tumor operation the twenty-fourth chapter lateral ventricle tumor operation section choroid plexus papilloma operation the second section ependymoma operation the twenty-fifth chapter cerebellar tumor operation with cerebellar astrocytomas in twenty-sixth chapter, twenty-seventh chapter of optic chiasm brainstem tumor operation a hypothalamic tumor operation the twenty-eighth chapter craniopharyngioma operation the twenty-ninth chapter of pineal region tumor operation thirtieth chapter of the anterior skull base tumor resection in thirty-first chapter transcranial orbital tumor resection in thirty-second chapter of skull tumor resection The thirty-third chapter of resection of intramedullary spinal cord tumor resection in thirty-fourth chapter intraspinal extramedullary tumor resection in thirty-fifth chapter of cauda equina tumor resection in thirty-sixth chapter of central nervous system infection operation treatment section of brain abscess operation treatment of second brain parasites of operation treatment of the thirty-seventh chapter of cerebral arteriovenous malformation operation treatment of thirty-eighth chapter pial synangiosis treatment of moyamoya disease in thirty-ninth chapter vascular malformation of spinal cord operation the fortieth chapter hemispherectomy chapter forty-first selective posterior rhizotomy chapter forty-second ventricle endoscope operation section third ventriculostomy second arachnoid cyst and separate hydrocephalus ventricle endoscope operation section third drainage tube was placed
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