Children's oncology radiotherapy

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Wang Guomin, one of the domestic professional well-known experts in radiotherapy. Jiangsu province Changzhou City, 1941 October. Now the director of Department of radiotherapy, affiliated to Fudan University, East China Hospital Chief physician. In twentieth Century 70 years engaged in radiation therapy, has served as the Shanghai Medical Association Society of radiation oncology first th, third th and fourth th vice chairman, Chinese Medical Association Society of radiation oncology fourth and fifth members, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council in 1993. In the early 90 by the State Education Commission sent to Canada Ottawa University medical school study of radiation biology and radiation oncology in 2 years, the relevant scientific research project in the tutor abroad during the first author, published 2 papers, the second author papers 4. After returning home, there are a number of research projects included in the relevant departments to plan, is the early intervention and radiotherapy combined treatment of lung cancer and liver cancer research experts, the relevant papers published in international famous magazine Int JRadiatOncolBiolPhys and Japanese magazine IntJClinOncol, and in the domestic magazine articles published more than 80 professional papers, the paper has won numerous awards. Has been editor in chief "children's oncology radiotherapy", "tumor three dimensional conformal and intensity-modulated radiation therapy" 2 Department and deputy editor in chief "abdominal and pelvic tumor radiation therapy" 1, edited 5 monographs of radiotherapy; and participated in the host society annual meeting in Shanghai with large domestic and foreign academic the meeting, also served as a member, committee of professional group of Shanghai city health system high-level title appraisal committee of Shanghai science and Technology Award Committee, Ministry of health of large equipment certificate database expert group members and the Ministry of health, Shanghai City Health Bureau of medical accident appraisal committee members. The ongoing in-depth research about tumor three dimensional conformal therapy and beam.
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"Children's oncology radiotherapy" published by the Fudan University press.
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The first chapter of the second chapter of childhood tumor in children with tumor radiotherapy related radiation biology and radiation physics introduction chapter third children radiotherapy late responses fourth chapter children tumor after radiotherapy of second malignant tumors in fifth pediatric tumor radiotherapy positioning of the fixed sixth chapter children tumor irradiation of anesthesia in seventh chapter CT manifestation of tumors in eighth children chapter childhood tumors MRI manifestations of ninth pediatric tumor X-ray diagnosis of the tenth chapter of nuclear medical examination in the diagnosis and treatment of tumor application prospect of eleventh pediatric tumor therapy of leukemia in thirteenth chapter, twelfth chapter of supratentorial brain tumors (ependymoma except) and infant brain tumor in Fourteenth chapter of posterior fossa and spinal cord tumors fifteenth chapter retinoblastoma sixteenth chapter seventeenth neuroblastoma chapter of Hodgkin's disease and non Hodgkin's lymphoma eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter Ewing's sarcoma twentieth chapter twenty-first chapter twenty-second chapter osteosarcoma rhabdomyosarcoma non rhabdomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcoma and desmoid tumor twenty-third chapter Wilms chapter twenty-fourth hepatoblastoma and hepatic cell carcinoma in twenty-fifth chapter of gonadal and extragonadal germ cell swelling Clinical application of the main references @##@ tumor in twenty-sixth chapter endocrine tumor nasopharynx twenty-seventh chapter twenty-eighth chapter respiratory, digestive system and breast tumor in twenty-ninth chapter of Langerhans cell histiocytosis in Chapter thirtieth, hemangioma, lymphangioma and skin cancer thirty-first chapter proton accelerator radiotherapy of tumor in children "Children's oncology radiotherapy" has been published for more than 6 years. Here, I want to thank the radiotherapy doctors care, support and affirmation. Professor Wei Baoqing and a special thanks to the radiotherapy predecessors, the tumor hospital of Jiangsu Province, he after reading the book I send read, affirmed the significance and clinical value of the publication of the book, and also points out the deficiencies in the book, Second Edition Revised proposal. I also know that the existence the question, because in 10 years ago, I have the idea of writing this book, and began to collect domestic and foreign data, three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapy has just started in foreign countries, China is still in the exploratory stage, the lack of relevant information is. Therefore, books about this aspect of information at home and abroad will not be involved. Enter after twenty-first Century, Huadong Hospital, the introduction of a new device of radiation therapy, our department has launched a three-dimensional conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy for new technology, accumulated a lot of information, and summarize the experience of writing "tumor three dimensional conformal and intensity-modulated radiation therapy" and "abdominal and pelvic tumor radiation therapy" 2 monographs. A large number of cases, Second Edition "also provides the basis for children's oncology radiotherapy" for me to modify. "Children's oncology radiotherapy" edition will have radiation biology and radiation physics content radiotherapy doctors familiar deleted; in addition to some color to black and white map into the key maps, with color forms attached to the book; increase the conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy foreign data, and will our own experience is summarized and supplement. "Children's oncology radiotherapy" reprint thanks to Fudan University press support, and to the East China Hospital radiotherapy technology group and physical office colleagues, provide a large amount of information they have for a Book reprint. Because of my limited ability, the references are limited, book in the presence of errors are certainly many, coupled with the knowledge and understanding of the new technology may be biased, so, please readers of this book must be combined with their own specific conditions, selective acceptance.
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