Practical pediatric department of Urology

Date of publication:2006-9   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Huang Chengru   Pages:679  

Yellow 澄如, female, born in January 1926. Zhejiang Wuxing people. Professor of Capital Medical University, Beijing Children's Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University head of the surgical department doctor.
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The author of this book in pediatric surgery for nearly 50 years, the work of pediatric urology over 40 years, is one of the early one of the founders of pediatric surgery, pediatric department of Urology, professional workers and leaders of China, is the author of the book in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric urological disease experience summary, book case is rich, and with legend, explain in detail, with comprehensive and important reference value to the medical personnel of clinical pediatric urology.
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The first chapter of the second chapter of the pediatric department of Urology Department of urology disease molecular biological basis of the third chapter of fourth chapter of imaging diagnosis of normal urination physiology and urodynamic examination in fifth chapter urodynamics in children with lower urinary tract obstruction, the application of the sixth chapter and the seventh chapter dysfunctional voiding enuresis laparoscopy in pediatric department of Urology applications eighth chapter perinatal and infant Department of Urology, the ninth chapter non specificity of urinary tract infection in tenth chapter renal malformations in eleventh chapter of ureteropelvic junction obstruction of ureter thirteenth chapter twelfth chapter abnormal umbilical urinary bladder pipe and other malformations in Fourteenth bladder exstrophy epispadias chapter and fifteenth chapter of primary vesicoureteral reflux in sixteenth chapter, seventeenth chapter of hypospadias urethral abnormalities the eighteenth chapter and chordee penis penis abnormalities in nineteenth chapter and the twentieth chapter scrotum testis epididymis deformity and abnormal disease chapter twenty-first teenagers spermatic static twenty-second chapters of prune belly syndrome twenty-third chapter twenty-fourth chapter sex deformity of female reproductive system malformation and disease of vulva twenty-fifth chapter anorectal malformation and tail degeneration syndrome in twenty-sixth chapter, twenty-seventh chapter small neurogenic bladder son Augmentation of bladder and urinary diversion in the twenty-eighth chapter, the twenty-ninth chapter of the pediatric urolithiasis in children urinary, genital system tumor index @##@ foreign bodies in thirty-first pediatric genitourinary injuries. The thirtieth chapter of genitourinary system Pediatric department of urology as a discipline is the foundation for the development of the twentieth Century 60's, 70's Department of Urology and pediatric surgery on it. As medical technology continues to progress, pediatric department of Urology gradually formed independent, is different from the above two disciplines of its own characteristics, it involves knowledge, disease is widely attention of the society, the medical profession. "Practical pediatric department of Urology" one book is divided into thirty-one chapters, more than 109 words, with more than 700 pieces of precious pictures of pediatric department of urology clinical and commonly used operation data. The contents of the book highlights the clinical practical features, with rich clinical experience, based on the pediatric genitourinary embryogenesis, anatomical and physiological features, combined with clinical practice, fully detailed description of common disease, frequently occurring pediatric genitourinary system. The book combined with analysis of the clinical data, with decades of clinical experience of diagnosis and treatment, the reference to domestic and foreign short-term academic achievements, the system in-depth discussion of characteristics of disease in pediatric department of Urology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment. It introduces the domestic counterparts own clinical experience and insights, but also absorbed the domestic and foreign advanced technology and ideas, and also introduces the trend of international advanced level of treatment and professional development. The publication of this book not only has direct guidance value to the pediatric department of Urology physicians, pediatricians, pediatric doctors, the Department of Urology physicians, medical college students and graduate students have the reference value. The book edited by Professor Huang Chengru as one of the founders of our professional in pediatric urology and academic leaders, undertake the domestic publications such as "Huang Jia Si surgery", "Department of Urology", "pediatric surgery", "Practical Pediatrics" and other professional works in the pediatric department of Urology part of the compilation, with reputation and a high status in the domestic counterparts. Ning Sun associate editor, Professor Zhang Weiping as Professor Huang 澄如 students have been engaged in pediatric surgery, pediatric department of Urology work for nearly 20 years, is a major force in clinical, teaching, scientific research in the work. Book editor to Beijing Children's Hospital surgical urinary specialists, and invited some well-known domestic experts, neonatal radiation ultrasonic experts involved in writing. Hospital expert points more rich book color, increased knowledge, to make it more academic representative, represents the highest level of domestic professional pediatric department of urology.
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  •   "Practical pediatric department of Urology" rich in content, professional and accurate expression, clinical practice guidance and strong. Is engaged in the pediatric department of urology clinical staff indispensable desk book.
  •   Beijing Children's Hospital professor Huang Chengru prepared, pediatric urological classic book, worth reading!
  •   Very practical, but some chapters seem to have no new content (by 09.12.31), relatively vague concept.
  •   Haven't seen but I feel good
  •   Just get the hand. A good book, Dr. Cory recommends a pediatric department of Urology physicians essential bibliography. The printing is also very good, just 4 years later, do not know will not be a new version.

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