• Pediatrics

    In the first edition of this book has been published for 6 years, the medical and teaching has been greatly change. Considering these changes, we re wrote most of the content of the second edition of this book, to meet the teaching demand in twenty-first Century. According to the optimal treatment of conventional current, add some new content second edition, including,

  • Children with asthma

    We in addition to reiterate in version second is recommended in the first edition of "security", also combined with national conditions, to advocate inhaled corticosteroids combined with sodium cromoglycate dry powder (China asthma asthma alliance intends to national promotion this scheme), and emphasizes the daily by the oral and nasal inhalation of glucocorticoid quantity needs accurate calculation amount, alert too much. The book,

  • Pediatrics

    This book covers the fifteen chapter to the growth and development of children, child care, medical records and medical examination, fluid therapy, nutrition and nutritional deficiency diseases, newborn and neonatal diseases, immune deficiency diseases, connective tissue diseases, digestive, respiratory, urinary, blood circulation, muscle, nerve, endocrine and metabolic and pediatric tuberculosis,

  • Common modern community and family emergency diseases in pediatrics

    The book is divided into 6 parts and 46 chapters. Respectively introduced the common acute symptoms and treatment of common diseases, Department of internal medicine, first aid, common acute poisoning, common pediatric diseases, first aid and emergency first aid drugs commonly used etc.. Book for common pediatric diseases from the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, emergency measures, home care, community,

  • Treatment and nursing of common pediatric diseases

    "Common disease" diagnosis and treatment and nursing care of pediatric reference the new kinds of pediatrics teaching materials in the preparation process, revise various conference joined in recent years in the Chinese Medical Association of Pediatrics organization of pediatric diagnostic criteria and treatment for common diseases, combined with our clinical experience, carefully prepared. The book is divided into,

  • The common renal diseases in children

    Pediatric kidney disease in pediatric clinical common and frequently occurring disease. The book according to the results of the study of ancient and modern aspects of pediatric kidney treatment, combined with critical clinical practice experience and understanding, describes how the basic knowledge of pediatric nephrology, relevant auxiliary examination report, how to control how the early diagnosis, treatment,

  • The rescue of severe pediatric emergencies

    "Rescue" pediatric critical illness by science press. ,

  • Children's caries (in English control)

    "Oral clinical points quickly master series", is the oral professional books by famous international Quintessence Publishing Group recently published a paper in the basic technology and latest oral theory. Series from 2002 published one after another, I first time introduced to China translation and publishing,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common childhood blindness Handbook

    This book were written blind children, the children's eyes, the development and growth of children eye check points, vitamin A deficiency and neonatal conjunctivitis, dry eye. ,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric diseases tabular Handbook

    According to the author's clinical experience, with reference to the relevant literature, the highly generalization and summarization of common diseases will cause, clinical manifestation, diagnosis, treatment and other content to form. Appendix in tabular form introduces commonly used in pediatrics and emergency operation, diagnosis and treatment of children and children's growth and development plan inoculation,

  • The utility of neural diseases

    The utility of neural diseases, Wan Guolan, Fang Guiyuan, ed., Zhengzhou University press,

  • The pediatric infectious diseases (top and bottom)

    "Pediatric infectious disease (2 volumes)" includes common and extremely rare variety of pediatric infectious disease worldwide, America from 29 states and Canada, Australia a total of 169 experts prepared jointly. The book of pediatric infectious disease prevention and control, from basic to clinical and management, provides a,

  • Clinical treatment of pediatric department of internal medicine disease and rational drug use

    Clinical treatment of pediatric department of internal medicine books of various diseases in detail, illustrates the prevention and treatment of drug selection, dosage, course of treatment, medication and drug side effects. Both clinical experience of the author's book, and the current standard treatment of pediatric diseases, comprehensive and practical, on clinical pediatrician,

  • Handbook of Pediatrics

    This manual is divided into 18 chapters, including the children's growth and health, nutrition and nutritional diseases, emergency treatment, symptoms, diagnosis of neonatal disease, infectious disease, digestive system disease, respiratory system disease, cardiovascular system diseases, urinary system diseases, blood diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, nervous system,

  • B ultrasound, CT, MRI imaging diagnosis and treatment of neonatal intracranial lesions

    Series of research Dr. Chen Huijin has been committed to the neonatal intracranial diseases, it has been more than 20 years, a lot of research work in the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal intracranial lesions, the most is the pioneering; now is the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine neonatal professional doctoral tutor. ,

  • Prevention and treatment of common diseases of the nervous system

    In order to meet the needs of parents, experts and scholars, we organized a number of years engaged in infant health care and medical work, prepared the "prevention and treatment of common diseases in infants and young children". The series with straightaway language, explain profound theories in simple language describes the various concepts of common diseases in infants, the symptoms, early detection,

  • Common parasitic disease prevention and control

    Since China implemented a couple only one child family planning policy, people on the one hand, their only child more favor, life very considerate care, for fear that the child is wronged; on the other hand, the child has placed greater expectations, always "12", "look at the woman wind". No one of the parents don't,

  • The diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system identification theory

    The editor in pediatric neurology clinical and teaching work for many years, the work often feel about the insufficient data, for the correct diagnosis for a condition, need to spend a lot of time and energy to retrieval and consulting, was written about the urgent need for differential diagnosis of monographs, and summarize the clinical experience of many years, and referring to the domestic and foreign well-known experts,

  • Pediatrics study guide

    "Pediatrics study guide" to people's Medical Publishing House published in 2004 of the national medical colleges in general textbooks of "Pediatrics" version sixth as the foundation, the reference to the related literature at home and abroad in recent years, and the reference collection, sought to highlight the real and sex, scientific, advanced and enlightening, to help readers master the pediatrics,

  • Children immunology

    This book consists of three parts, the first part is the basic immunology, clinical pediatrician can understand the basic knowledge of modern immunology, beneficial to the application of these theories and skills freely in the clinical work; the second article immunodeficiency diseases, including primary and secondary immunodeficiency disease, is the most common childhood,

  • Pediatric clinical medical handbook

    "Pediatric Handbook of clinical management" includes common diseases, nutritional diseases, neonatal diseases, infectious diseases and the orders, orders are listed in the diagnosis or clear the basic premise, and select the relevant disease multiple age as a case. Some diseases because of illness, different types and different treatment respectively,

  • Child development instruction manual

    This book is aimed at preschool children, ages, guide the parents from the aspects of action, language, on the surrounding environment adaptation training for children, so that their healthy growth. The book is small, strong practicability. ,

  • Common pediatric surgical diseases knowledge quiz

    The children always happen some surgical diseases in the imperceptibly, but in this respect parents and not enough attention, so that some children missed the opportunity of operation for the best. Some of the children the prognosis is not good, some children need operation, parents heavy-hearted...... The book according to the above problems, from the children of common surgical,

  • Analysis of -119 cases of pediatric intractable cases.

    As everyone knows, 119 cases, accurate diagnosis of pediatric diseases and trauma is very difficult. In addition to the analysis of typical cases, without what better routine treatment can follow. This book has 20 chapters in 119 cases, each case are covered with a common clinical. Each chapter begins with the common complaints, tight,

  • Neonatal asphyxia recovery materials

    "Neonatal asphyxia recovery materials (Fifth Edition)" has been widely used in asphyxia resuscitation training in the world of newborn. The book is divided into introduction and recovery, recovery principle of initial steps, positive pressure artificial respiration recovery device applications, chest compressions, tracheal intubation, drug, in special cases, premature recovery, ethical way,

  • Precocious puberty

    Precocious puberty, ISBN:9787530837535, author: Yu Baosheng,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases

    "Modern pediatric diagnosis and treatment" (CurrentPediatricDiagnosis&Treatment) since the first publication, has published the 16 edition, each reprint all adopted the latest progress America pediatric practice. From birth to adolescence, from the community,

  • Pediatrics

    This book is one of the publishing house of Fudan University organized the preparation of the "medical postgraduate entrance examination Essentials Series". This book is intended mainly to provide learning science theory, review exam reference books to prepare for pediatrics graduate living. At the same time, also can be in the medical students and residents examination and work,

  • Neonatal emergency

    The content of the book in addition to diagnosis and treatment of each system diseases, including high-risk pregnancy, died in first weeks because of newborns accounted for 83%, in the neonatal death factors, most of the development of perinatal complications or fetal disease, is closely related with the high risk factors of prenatal, intrapartum. Neonatal and perinatal medicine,

  • Pediatric examination guide

    Pediatrics is an important part of clinical medicine, is a required course for medical students. The Ministry of health planning text book published by people's Medical Publishing House, the National Medical College Textbook "Pediatrics" as the foundation, national unified college teaching program, combined with the actual situation of medical college students, especially,

  • A new pediatric clinical laboratory bidirectional manual

    In recent years, with the application of a number of new technologies, new equipment, new projects in clinical, medical laboratory provides more diagnostic information for clinicians. Pediatric examination is an important part of clinical examination, the special species and adult diseases of children is not exactly the same, many test results of reference,

  • The pediatric ward round PDA

    With the rapid development of modern medicine, related books, the pediatric field data increasing, expanding especially network world change rapidly so that people obtain knowledge channel. However, for the grassroots medical workers to have the right round reference books to guide clinical work, the meaning is more. This book seeks to,

  • Children with kidney disease

    This book by the children's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Affiliated Xinhua Hospital, and other units of dozens of pediatric experts jointly prepared. In the form of special topic introduces pediatric kidney disease related to the new theory and new technology, reflects the international and the latest achievements of clinical, scientific research. For children,

  • Pediatric imaging

    The book value, focus on the practical situation, and make plays, pictures, also reflected from one aspect of the whole process of Chinese radiology to progress in medical imaging. This book comprehensively introduces the system disorders pediatric X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, radionuclide diagnosis and other content, can solve the clinical pediatrics,

  • Rang fracture of children

    The first edition of this book introduces briefly the traditional treatment methods of fracture, but also increase the new ideas and new concepts. Marian's can illustrate the fracture, so than ever more clear and compelling narrative. A publication of the book immediately a great success, and become the industry standard reference book Department of orthopedics. The success of the book,

  • Pediatric disease

    This book is "special disease specialist doctors clinical experience in pediatric disease" volume, is a collection of old Chinese national treatment experience and efficacy of TCM pediatrics clinical work for. The book consists of two parts. Disease to disease as the key link, for the purpose of taking medicine, each kind of disease from the overview, clinical experience and note three, the name,

  • The essence of treatment of pediatric medical certificate

    "Professor, 29 experts with outstanding achievements in pediatric medical treatment" and brings together the essence of concentrated TCM and WM in pediatric field in the academic essence, reflects the main academic achievements at the present stage of development of TCM pediatrics. "Pediatric medical treatment essence" writing, has the following characteristics: first, the author team,

  • Handbook of Pediatrics

    This book as a pediatrician clinical manual work, mainly for the reader is the majority of pediatric residency and work in the relevant doctors base. Therefore, we in the preparation process, focus on clinical practice as the main line, the common disease with high incidence, encountered in pediatric clinical work as prepared by the key, highlight the distinguished,

  • Modern paediatric diagnostics

    This book by the famous pediatrician collective writing, is divided into 13 chapters, on the pediatric disease and mental obstacle, the system carries on the comprehensive elaboration in critically ill. Each kind of disease in addition to highlight the clinical diagnosis and diagnosis of the cause, content, pathology, treatment, prevention are essential introduction. The book closely with clinical practice,

  • Acute pancreatitis

    The book is suitable for families who are suffering from acute pancreatitis in children buy reading. It stands in the parents point of view, with convenient form of question and answer, for you one one answers to the questions you may put forward. If you have what doubt, just back the book, perhaps, you can easily be smoothly done or easily solved problems. ,

  • Developmental behavioral pediatrics

    This book the structure American "developmental behavioral pediatrics" one book, according to the order are the children of normal development of behavior, influence of biological factors on children's behavior and development, effects of environmental factors on children's behavior development, problems and obstacles of children's behavior resulting in all kinds of adverse factors for the development of child development and behavior, obstacle,

  • Bronchial asthma

    Bronchial asthma, ISBN:9787530840160, author: Wu Zhongkuang,

  • Pediatric neurological disease diagnosis and treatment

    Modern neuroimaging greatly improves the reliability of diagnosis, but also make the clinical diagnosis level of neurological doctors decreased. Careful history taking and physical examination is directly diagnostic starting point, more cases based only on these can establish the diagnosis, the clinician and most of the time should be used in history. ,

  • Children with sleep disorders

    The incidence, classification, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment of the book children sleep and sleep disorders in children from two aspects of basic and clinical. Both theoretical and practical, focus on the introduction of advanced technology and experience in diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in children abroad, is a clinical pediatrician, child health care doctors and medicine,

  • Pediatrics

    The book was written according to pediatric teaching syllabus, content mainly come from medical planning national college textbook "edited by Professor Wang Weiping in pediatrics", at the same time reference other latest "Pediatrics" textbook, the book is divided into 17 chapters, including: the first chapter is introduction; the second chapter growth; the third chapter children,

  • Pediatric clinical differential diagnosis

    The book in the preparation of design, from clinical practice, clinical medical practice according to the actual process of thinking, a chapter in the main symptoms as the core, with the accompanying symptoms combined with laboratory examination period, will have major symptoms are similar, the same disease together, identify the characteristics, focuses on the analysis of the differences,,

  • Epilepsy at

    Epilepsy is an old and full of the unknown disease, due to the long-term repeated attacks, seriously affect the patient's physical and mental health, has attracted wide attention of the society. There are 6000000 patients with epilepsy, epilepsy in children period is the period, which makes it more worthy of attention. Social traditional prejudice,

  • Children and adolescent gynecology

    In the present to you the fifth edition of "children and adolescent gynecology", clinical references leading include diagnosis method the new, and the new concept of Department of internal medicine and surgical treatment, can help you do a job with skill and ease to occur in infants, children and youth period in female patients with various gynecological problems. ,

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