Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company   Author:J Daf de   Pages:122  

The series includes: heart disease, Department of orthopedics, emergency, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, neurological diseases, infectious diseases, Department of ophthalmology disease, blood disease, rheumatism, oral pathology, oral disease, orthodontics, oral Department of internal medicine and surgery, periodontal disease, neonatal department, Department of ENT, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease and liver disease, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, H Ⅳ, surgical signs. The original author of this set of books is the world-renowned authority of medical disciplines, not only in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of great achievements, but also has many years of rich experience in clinic. Therefore, this book has the advanced level in the academic, the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, therapeutic aspects of authority. A lot of pictures in the book are provided by foreign medical workers with superb shot in a particular environment, and many photos are published for the first time, precious. The picture is clear, a typical case, accurate position; description language be concise and to the point, highlight. Can be used as guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of clinicians on related diseases. This set of books by my company organization of domestic medical experts scholars translated and published. In order to make the Chinese version of the quality of book printing and binding to the original book, my company commissioned the original publishing printing and binding.
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Author: J Daf de (UK)
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In 1 ears of ear examination 2 congenital ear disease 3 ear trauma in 4 ear and ear canal tumor 5 externa 6 tympanic membrane localized disease 7 middle ear effusion 8 suppurative otitis media in 9 cholesteatoma 10 complications of otitis media with 11 12 middle ear microsurgery of 13 facial nerve is paralytic 14 otogenic vertigo 15 sensorineural hearing loss of 17 nasal clinical examination 18 external nasal disease 19 20 epistaxis nasal septum disease 21 non infectious rhinitis 22 simple nasal polyp in 23 acute sinusitis, 24 with chronic sinusitis functional endoscopic sinus operation 25 26 adenoid nasopharynx 27 facial fractures in 28 of 29 tumors of nasal sinus nasal airway obstruction and 30 children 31 children 32 throat throat obstruction acute tonsillitis 33 neck space infection in 34 benign diseases 35 tongue leukoplakia and squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue 36 tonsillar neoplasms 37 palatine disease 38 throat chronic laryngitis clinical examination in 39 of 40 tumor of larynx 41 upper aerodigestive tract foreign body 42 congenital cervical mass in 43 tracheostomy in 44 laryngeal and hypopharyngeal diverticulum 45 floor of mouth disease 46 submandibular gland diseases 47 rib gland swelling 48 head and neck surgery reconstruction in 49 after the four cranial nerve palsy in 50 human immunodeficiency virus infection index
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