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"Respiratory disease specialist care" for Chinese Nursing Association recommend continuing education books, but also military clinical nursing demonstration base training. "Respiratory disease" is a summary of nursing in nursing experts clinical frontline experience long-term, they improve the knowledge and skills of the clinical nursing staff in Department of respiration, focusing on the basic nursing operation, common respiratory specialist examination, with special care, and nursing of common symptoms, emergency and disease, involves psychology nursing, health education, community care, aged care and rehabilitation nursing and other modern nursing content. The practical, comprehensive, focused, but also a very good combination of the current needs of nursing development, suitable for all levels of hospital as a nurse continuing education and training, but also for the nursing staff and departments related to respiratory specialist nurses self reference.
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The first chapter specialized theory first college applied anatomy knowledge section second college application of physiology knowledge second chapter specialized basic nursing operation section aerosol inhalation second sputum suction method third oxygen inhalation fourth arterial puncture fifth allergen intradermal test (skin prick tests) sixth tuberculin purified protein derivative test seventh day thyrocricoid puncture in third chapter specialized common examination and nursing care of the first section of pulmonary function tests second polysomnography third fiberoptic bronchoscopy in fourth pleural puncture fifth section of thoracic closed drainage of pleural lung biopsy in sixth section, seventh section of thoracoscopy in eighth bronchial arterial angiography and embolization in the fourth chapter of commonly used treatment specialist the first section technology and monitoring knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and nursing of second section construction of artificial airway and mechanical ventilation nursing section third section fourth of respiratory control and monitoring section fifth ECG monitoring section sixth oxygen saturation monitoring section seventh arterial blood pressure monitoring central venous pressure monitoring section eighth section ninth pulmonary circulation hemodynamic monitoring tenth blood gas monitoring of fifth chapter specialized common symptoms and signs The first section of nursing examination of basic nursing skills and knowledge in section second, cough and expectoration haemoptysis third day fourth day fifth day sixth day dyspnea chest fever seventh day eighth day ninth day cyanotic edema consciousness obstacle tenth oliguria and polyuria eleventh palpitation chapter sixth specialist common diseases nursing section of infectious diseases in second section airflow obstruction disease third pulmonary vascular diseases fourth bronchial lung cancer fifth interstitial lung disease sixth systemic diseases, pulmonary involvement disease seventh physicochemical factors induced pulmonary disease eighth pleural disease ninth acute plateau pulmonary disease tenth day sleep regulatory diseases in seventh chapter of respiratory diseases in elderly patients in nursing care of eighth chapter of the respiratory system the first section of infectious diseases nursing care of severe acute respiratory syndrome second avian influenza third pulmonary tuberculosis in ninth chapter specialist nursing care section hemoptysis asphyxia second section, third section of respiratory failure in acute lung injury / adult respiratory distress syndrome fourth severe bronchial asthma fifth severe pneumonia sixth spontaneous pneumothorax in tenth chapter specialized rehabilitation nursing in the first quarter respiratory muscle function rehabilitation The second section respiratory purification technology reference
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"Respiratory disease specialist care" covers the respiratory system specialized basic theory, basic nursing operation, specialized specialized common examination, specialist care, with symptoms and disease specialist, emergency care, psychological care, health education, involving the community nursing, elderly care and rehabilitation nursing and other content of modern nursing, provides a full nursing tool book a combination of theory and practice, scientific research and clinical experience with combination of respiratory nursing workers. The book a patient centered, people-oriented service concept, in order to solve practical problems in clinical nursing work as the starting point, the author summarized the clinical nursing be keenly aware of the respiratory disease, "nurse" content more scientific, more accurate, more systematic, more practical.
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