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Date of publication:2003-1   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Wang Shizhen   Pages´╝Ü192  

"Chinese otorhinolaryngological learning problem set" in the new century in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine materials planning "China otolaryngology" (chief editor Wang Nvzhen, Chinese Medicine published) as the basis, exercises and syllabus and textbooks, covering all the knowledge teaching material, strengthen the must master the basic knowledge, focus to transform type to some exercises in the textbooks, the content is to expand and deepen. Is mainly intended for undergraduate students, adult education students in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine, physician qualification examination personnel and other learning Chinese medicine personnel. Write "Chinese otorhinolaryngological learning problem sets" the purpose is to enable students to have learned the knowledge, in the form of exercises were reviewed, consolidate, strengthen the examination, also provide convenience for students. "Chinese otorhinolaryngological learning problem set" by the higher Chinese medicine colleges and seven common types of examination questions, namely the choice (A, B, X type questions questions), terminology, fill in the blanks, judging that questions, short answer questions, questions, questions, case analysis. The book is written in 1245 exercises, the choice of 521 questions, explain 105 questions, fill in the blank in the 203 question, judge that 152 questions, short answer 178 questions, questions on the 36 question, analysis question 50 cases. At the end of the book with 4 sets of simulation test, the students should test reference. The questions in the paper are selected from the group consisting of "try Chinese otorhinolaryngological learning problem set" chapters. The test subjects are selected from the "Chinese otorhinolaryngological learning problem set" chapters. The two sets of (A, B) as "Chinese traditional Otolaryngology" course exam simulation test, the amount and difficulty for examination of the undergraduate learning "Chinese traditional Otolaryngology"; another two sets of (A, B) for the graduate entrance examination "Chinese otolaryngology" simulation test, test range is the first two sets to Canton, the difficulty is increased, suitable for Chinese Otorhinolaryngology graduate entrance exam review for reference.
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The first part: the first chapter the second chapter of Otolaryngology and viscera of main and collateral channels between reference answers the third chapter of ear nose throat disease pathogenesis. The fourth chapter of ear nose throat disease diagnosis reference answers the fifth chapter of ear nose throat disease treatment summary of the reference answer each on the sixth chapter of ear disease first auricular fistula the second section auricle sputum package reference answer third sore broken ear reference answer fourth eczema of ear reference answer fifth herpes zoster oticus reference answer sixth ear furuncle reference answer seventh ear sore reference answer eighth ceruminal ear reference answer ninth ear canal foreign body reference answer tenth bullous myringitis reference answer eleventh Festival ear swelling ear reference answer twelfth pus ear reference answer thirteenth pus ear variable in reference answer fourteenth answer fifteenth ear tinnitus and deafness vertigo reference answer sixteenth ear paralysis reference answer seventeenth ear injury reference answer eighteenth ear mushroom reference answers the seventh chapter nasal disease first nasal furuncle reference answer section second nasal eczema reference answer third answer fourth day stuffy nose stuffy nose reference Answer fifth day withered nose reference answer sixth biqiu reference answer section seventh by reference to the answer...... Report of relevant knowledge
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