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"Otolaryngology history" the literary techniques vividly combine the world celebrities and otorhinolaryngologic diseases, all material from the author Wang Rongguang serialized in "Foreign Medical Sciences Section of otorhinolaryngological" nearly 20 years to compile it, and add some text and pictures, with exquisite vivid literary story the anatomy, physiology and pathology and disease in otolaryngology. Let the reader know more about the diseases of otorhinolaryngology in enjoying the pleasure of reading at the same time, readable, the readers' interest in learning and understanding of otolaryngology. "Otolaryngology history" for the love of foreign literary history or medical readers appreciation.
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Wang Rongguang, born in 1952, doctor of medicine, chief physician, professor. In 1972 admitted to the Qinghai Medical College in 1978 and was admitted to China Medical University (Master of Medicine), graduate work in the second hospital of Hebei Medical College, a physician and lecturer. 1986 - 1988 University of Toronto study in canada. In 1990 the Chinese people's Liberation Army Medical Institute (obtains the medicine doctorate). After graduation in General Hospital of PLA otolaryngology head and neck surgery so far. Has been editor of the publication of "clinical otology" "nasal endoscopic surgery" "voice disorders and phonosurgery" "ancient and modern celebrity and otorhinolaryngologic diseases" and other monographs.
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A, ear nose throat science otolaryngology of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery for hundred years Charlie Dickens about otorhinolaryngology diseases "Bible" and otolaryngology philately and otorhinolaryngology William professor W.Montgomery: twentieth Century outstanding ENT doctors British famous otolaryngology doctor: Sir Dorlald Harrisorl frontal mirror: a history of Otolaryngology otolaryngology Doctor Mark of pediatric otolaryngology: hard two, otologic ear and visual art German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann ear diseases and causes of death in Darwin's theory of evolution Beethoven and human otitis media and otitis media with effusion for deaf Mona Lisa smile with Mona Lisa syndrome English playwright and poet Oscar Wilde died of otogenic meningitis Holland famous painter Van Gogh: Meniere's disease or epilepsy? Eustachian tube insufflation: historical review of the history of Astley Cooper and tympanic membrane has the eustachian tube surgery incision of middle ear and mastoid surgery otosclerosis surgery root Julius Lempert and fenestration acoustic neuroma surgery on the old Prosper Merliere and tinnitus Mei Fournier disease Baer facial paralysis is Charles Bell the earliest discovered it who is the first implementation of facial nerve surgery. Freud VIII of Zor brain FrLedrich von Bezold and Adolf Wallen]3erg Bei de abscess with WaUenberg syndrome Charles Skinnet HaUpike and Henry Jones ShrapneU and neurotological pars flaccida Alexander Pnissak: attic (prussak space) that discovered the vestibular membrane: Emst Reissrler Alforlso Corti: listen to feel. Is the eponymous ear anatomy and the discovery of Corti in names (celebrities) Antonio Scarpa: inner ear and ear nerve pioneer LLicja Frey and syndrome named after her father and Ambroise:Pare: Joseph Toynbee modern otolaryngology surgery on ear scientific contribution Frledrich von Troltsch (1829 - 1890): otology grandfather Adam P0litzer: the father of modern otology science master Hermann VOll Helmholtz and acoustic resonance theory John Rolston Lindsay: ear pathology father, George E.shambaugh, Jr.: Professor pioneer Haroid F.Schuknecht Science in ear microsurgery American (1917 - 1996) founder House ear Institute: Howard P.HoLise (1908 - 2003) Nobel prize winner Beksi's biography of Alexander Graham Bell: "the father of the telephone, audiologists and speech therapy of Josepll Elmer Hawkins, Jr.: ear pathologists and audiologists and historian Robert Barany: Neurotology founder, won the Nobel prize since tuning fork test cochlear development history the first audiometer published review hearing aid implant (cochlear) chronicles Adarn Politzer and" otology history "a book about 1938 American Otological Society to investigate a academic cheating and processing three, the nose of science who was the world's first rhinologist endoscopic sinus surgery of the origin and development of the North American Rhinologic historical focal sepsis and function endoscopic nasal Sinus surgery on nasal polyps nasal bleeding into the ancient rhinoplasty of submucous resection of nasal septum reference source for nasal septum surgery in Caldwell Luc operation and maxillary sinus and maxillary sinusitis surgery: a historical review of frontal sinus surgery chronicle the first cases of maxillary resection on the contribution of Emil Zuckerkandl to the nasal scientific nasal skull base surgery of the historical F Pokela Di and Da Finch from Egypt and nasal science made the Mummy: anatomist and pathologist and nasal scientist Harris Peyton Mosher: nasal scientific pioneer Harvey Cushing and Oskar Hirsctl, the pioneer of modern nasal endoscopic surgery is a sphenoid sinus surgery: the history of broncho esophageal disease Walter Messerklinger Professor four, throat throat Science Science history of early laryngoscope story direct laryngoscopy and suspension laryngoscopy in the history Wilhelm Frederick von Ludwig is dead 于路德维 angina do tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Ji Gu tonsillectomy (peeling method and squeeze cut) history of snoring disease and sleep apnea syndrome tracheotomy in Greek mythology and sleep disordered breathing traceability esophageal endoscopic examination Check operation of laryngeal anatomy and Tun Jianren news uvula in phonosurgery lookback on recurrent laryngeal nerve exploration history of Poland musician Chopin and George Washington died of laryngeal tuberculosis from jazz guitar's father died of tonsillectomy talk about George Orwell and the recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis the tracheoesophageal father: Chevalier Jackson Sir Eelix Serflon Morell Mackenzie in laryngeal carcinoma and Simon's law. And the articleThe first World War Heinrich Wilhelm GolItfrled Waldeyer and pharyngeal lymphoid ring Friedrich:Betthold Reinke: learn the history and Enlightenment of head and neck surgery of vocal cord anatomist "tonsil hospital" in five, head and neck surgery history the first cases of total laryngectomy in laryngeal surgery of interest said rehabilitation after total laryngectomy pronunciation of the history of the world's first case of radical neck metastasis of neck dissection of history and related nouns and evolution of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in thyroid and parathyroid surgery history Jacob Da Silva Solis Cotlen: the first American head and neck surgeon Dr. Emil Theodor Kocher, won the Nobel prize for thyroid surgery surgeon Ilayes E.Martin: head and neck surgery father recalls pioneer skull base surgery of head and neck surgery, cancer postscript pioneer foreign celebrities head and neck
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The copyright page: illustration: a history of medicine, otolaryngology general otolaryngology history is actually human history. Prehistoric human visual disease is God's punishment for human. At present, has been unable to verify the New Stone Age (10000 BC to 4000 BC) of human is how to face all kinds of disease, but research on unearthed bones found, when the human has already know how to make a broken bone reduction and fixation. In the primitive society, the priest, the magician and the physician is often one of the medicine we collectively referred to as folk medicine. The science of medicine originated in the folk and magic medicine. 1 folk medicine since ancient times, vegetables, juice, fruit, plants and snails, urine and urine Bull has been used for the treatment of various diseases of head and neck. In a remote village in northern Greece, has the human urine drops into the canal in the treatment of acute otitis media. In the Bohemian West, treatment of nasal catarrh is hot let patients inhale children urine. Application of crab juice, charred swallows ash, Gan Lan, nettle, garlic, wood sorrel, and so is the method of folk cure throat disease. In Morocco, local residents collected March 25th rain standby, in the treatment of ENT diseases. For nose bleeding, treatment method of folk is even more strange, such as cold water or salt, vinegar do apply the patient's forehead or hand, foot, the forehead with the patient's own blood in the patient's written prayer of text, or the patient's blood into powder, then let the patient breathe through your nose, also some applications a variety of plant or animal products. In India, Mongolia of China and the Persian mythology, or in Rabelais and Moliere's works, the ear is regarded as a reproductive organ, and that the size and ear character, some people believe that there is a certain relationship between nose size and penis size. The 2 China, Egypt and Crete period in about 2700 BC, Egypt entered the age of civilization. Ancient Egypt had many famous doctors, one of the most early is Sekhet'enanch (C. 3500 BC), he is said to cure the king's nose. According to the record of ancient Egyptian history, deaf cannot open his mouth, treatment of nasal catarrh is aroma and a growing boy women's milk gel, with this mixture nasal drops. In ancient Egyptian history also mentioned the deaf and hearing about allergy and temporal bone fracture. The injury of neck compression, mentioned the deafness and language loss. In addition, also referred to the nasal septum fracture is facial deformation and nasal hemorrhage. Ancient Egyptian paintings seemed to be seen tracheotomy. The Egyptians mummified, they may know the nasal anatomy, as well as the relationship between nasal and skull and brain.
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"Otolaryngology history" with exquisite vivid literary story describes the anatomical, physiological, pathological and disease in otolaryngology. Let the reader know more about the diseases of otorhinolaryngology in enjoying the pleasure of reading at the same time, readable, the readers' interest in learning and understanding of otolaryngology.
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