Common diseases of auricular therapy

Date of publication:2011-12   Press: Southeast University press   Author:Wang Yinping, Zhong Yuanming   Pages´╝Ü184  
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The first chapter of auricular therapy articles based on the origin and development of Chinese medicine by ear, history and the accumulation of two P.Nogier auricular descendant of three, nearly fifty years of auricular therapy research and development four, auricular standardization chapter second ears and meridian and viscera and meridians, contact a ear contact two, ear and internal organs of the body the third chapter contact auricle anatomy of auricular surface anatomy name two, ear structure chapter fourth ear, ear and the meaning of the two, China three, auricular point source "auricular GB" Introduction four, auricular gross distribution maps of five, "auricular GB" ear division, name and location in the fifth chapter of auricular reaction the exploration method, auricular point inspection method two, tenderness point probe method three, determination of sixth chapter common ear stimulation method, auricular acupuncture method two, auricular plaster therapy three, auricular needle embedding therapy four, auricular acupoint electric stimulation method five, auricular point magnetotherapy method six, ear acupoint bloodletting method seven, ear moxibustion eight, ear massage seventh chapter auricular acupoints thought and a combination of auricular acupoints, ideas two, ear clinical combination of eighth chapter to improve curative effect of auricular point several basic factors, diagnosed two, reasonable formula Three, points accurately and method four clinical articles appropriate first chapter first aid of 1 high fever 2 syncope 3 coma in 4 stroke 5 acute abdominal pain 6. Second chapter common diseases in Department of internal medicine the first section 1 respiratory system diseases in 2 bronchial asthma in section second, diseases of the circulatory system of 1 hypertension 2 hypotension in 3 CHD 4 arrhythmia in 5 cardiac neurosis 6 high fat in the third section of digestive system diseases 1 esophagitis 2 acute gastroenteritis in 3 chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer in 4 5 6 irritable bowel syndrome cholecystitis cholelithiasis, chronic enteritis in 7 8 9 10 11 chronic colitis intestinal paralysis of habitual constipation 12 hiccup fourth urinary and reproductive system disease 1 stones in the urinary system urinary retention in 2 3 4 urethritis urinary incontinence 5 cystitis 6 chronic prostatitis fifth spirit, nervous system diseases in 1 schizophrenia 2 neurasthenia 3 epilepsy in 4 cerebral infarction 5 headache 6 trigeminal neuropathy in 7 peripheral facial neuritis 8 hemifacial spasm 9 sciatica 10 stocks down skin neuritis sixth endocrine diseases in 1 hyperthyroidism in 2 type 3 diabetes obesity seventh day moving system. In 1 of 2 cervical spondylosis periarthritis of shoulder 3 external humeral epicondylitis 4 stenosing tenovaginitis of flexor digitorum tenosynovitis stenosans styloid process of radius 5 6 prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc 7 lumbar muscle strain 8 ankle sprain 9 temporomandibular joint functional disturbance in 10 acute lumbar sprain 11 calcaneal spur 12 senile knee osteoarthritis in third chapter of women, the first section of gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases 1 primary dysmenorrhea in 2 amenorrhea in 3 functional uterine bleeding in 4 climacteric syndrome in 5 pelvic inflammatory disease 6 uterine prolapse 7 vaginitis 8 abnormal fetal position second pediatric diseases in 1 children with vomiting diarrhea in infants and young children enuresis in children 2 3 4 children dyspepsia fourth surgical and Department of Dermatology disease first surgical disease, acute mastitis 1 2 acute intestinal obstruction Second Department of Dermatology disease 1 2 urticaria, eczema 3 neurodermatitis of 4 psoriasis 5 skin pruritus 6 flat wart 7 herpes zoster in 8 folliculitis 9 acne fifth chapter ENT diseases in 1 myopic 2 acute conjunctivitis 3 sinusitis in 4 allergic rhinitis 5 tinnitus and deafness in 6 acute and chronic tonsillitis in 7 acute and chronic laryngopharyngitis 8 inner ear vertigo 9 sixth 10 gingivitis ulcerative stomatitis Chapter withdrawal syndrome and beauty first withdrawal syndrome in 1 to 2 alcohol second day beauty 1 freckle elimination nevus 2 germinal 3 Xiaoyou 4 references @##@ acne "Auricular therapy" common disease is divided into the basic articles, the two part clinical. Introduces the theoretical basis of auricular application basic part of the system, the "national standardization of auricular point" (2009 Edition) auricular name and location, clinical curative effect is the most stimulating methods in common use, ear acupoint selection and compatibility of clinical thinking and so on, is applied to the bridge foundation of auricular therapy and clinical. Clinical report from inside and outside, woman, son of clinical subjects, withdrawal syndrome and other aspects introduced the treatment of common diseases of the ear, and the effect of the method and the influencing factors of.
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