Nasal disease treating and nursing

Date of publication:1997-12-1   Press: Guangdong Tourism Publishing House   Author:Wang Fangling   Pages´╝Ü167  

Nose diseases, is often considered but is sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, symptoms, pose a threat to human life not, often hold completely indifferent attitude. However, because of this, makes rhinopathy gradually deteriorate, causing all kinds of trouble and misery of life, but also because of frequent endless sneezing, runny nose, destroyed its handsome, dignified image originally, hence the career, communication very affected. Have outstanding students, because rhinopathy distress due to effects of academic, there will be a promotion personnel, frustrated by the long nasal discharge flow; many rhinopathy patients being hated and the impact of love life. If say nose around life, also not exaggerate.
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The first chapter outlines the sequence of rhinopathy nasal structure and function of the nose, nose nose type nasal symptom second chapter regularly check chapter third allergic rhinitis clinical phenomenon for the treatment and prevention methods. The fourth chapter chronic paranasal sinusitis etiology clinical phenomenon for the treatment and prevention methods. The fifth chapter of acute sinusitis and acute rhinitis, acute accessory nasal rustic inflammation clinical treatment of acute rhinitis causes the phenomenon of pain causes of clinical treatment in Chapter sixth, chronic rhinitis, chronic simple rhinitis causes clinical phenomenon in treatment of chronic hypertrophic rhinitis causes clinical phenomenon in treatment of chronic atrophic rhinitis causes clinical treatment of seventh chapter of nasal septum deviation of nasal septum in the structure and function of nasal septum deviation of nasal septum deviation causes complications of the operation is the best treatment of nasal septum deviation eighth chapter nosebleed (epistaxis) causes clinical phenomenon ninth chapter nasal polyps clinical treatment causes the tenth chapter nasal furuncle clinical treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma eleventh chapter causes clinical treatment causes the twelfth chapter rosacea treatment clinical phenomenon thirteenth chapter nasal drug abuse drug not nose anti tissue Selection of dietary amines agent adrenal corticosteroid agents fourteenth chapter diet eat much food less food not section harm nutrition — — &mdash — waste; benefits of animal protein toxin sodium intake to control reduced salt diet never excess food intake of “ five ” Mo chaos diet fifteenth chapter introduces the &ldquo simple health; method ” introduced the effect of induction &ldquo simple health law; ” the sixteenth chapter, the food movement Shiatsu and nasal treatment — — promote blood circulation neck movement inverted motion massage acupressure
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