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Date of publication:2004-4-1   Press: Shanghai Popular Science Press   Author:Jiang Hongchun   Pages´╝Ü243  
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The first Department of Ophthalmology of the first chapter of sleep eyelid disease stye chalazion eyelid herpes zoster face entropion ptosis nevus hemangioma in second chapter lacrimal diseases of lacrimal duct stenosis or obstruction and chronic dacryocystitis acute dacryoadenitis chronic dacryoadenitis chapter third conjunctival disease acute catarrhal conjunctivitis chronic catarrhal conjunctivitis epidemic keratoconjunctivitis epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, vernal conjunctivitis trachoma fourth chapter keratopathy serpiginous corneal ulcer of Pseudomonas aeruginosa corneal ulcer fungal keratitis of herpes simplex keratitis exposure keratitis corneal softening flat fifth chapter Gong membrane disease scleritis sixth chapter crystal disease cataract in seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter vitreous disease glaucoma pigment membrane disease in tenth chapter eleventh chapter retinal disease optic neuropathy with optic disease of ocular trauma twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter of refractive and regulation of chapter fourteenth commonly used in Department of Ophthalmology Department of ophthalmology examination chapter fifteenth commonly used techniques in the treatment of second article third articles @##@ Department of ENT Department of Stomatology Ent manual contains the eye, ear nose throat and oral science and the common disease and frequently occurring disease, according to the system divided into chapters written, mainly describes the clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment of points, inspection, and relevant treatment technology, and has translated and ICD-9 encode various disease name. The book is concise, practical, scientific.
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