• Respiratory nursing

    The book for Chinese Nursing Association recommend continuing education books, but also military clinical nursing demonstration base training. This book is a summary of nursing experts in clinical frontline experience long-term, they improve the knowledge and skills of the clinical nursing staff in Department of respiration, focusing on the basic nursing of respiratory specialist,

  • Department of Otolaryngology Head and neck disease diagnosis and treatment patterns

    "Otolaryngology head and neck disease diagnosis and treatment of" collection of Otolaryngology Head and neck disease diagnosis and treatment plans according to 600 pieces, including a variety of clinical manifestations of the disease, CT imaging, microscopy photographs, pathological picture and operation therapy photograph, arranged according to temporal bone, nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea and esophagus, neck disease classification,

  • Practical Handbook of Xinjiang ent

    "Xinjiang utility ent Handbook" by the Beijing City, the seventh batch of aid doctors in Xinjiang, especially in Hetian area of the common disease, endemic disease spectrum disease, Beijing Stomatological Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital and invited experts to compile, focuses on the causes of diseases,

  • Otolaryngology head and neck surgery and oral medicine practice guidance

    Otolaryngology head and neck surgery and oral medicine practice guidance, "otolaryngology: head and neck surgery and oral medicine practice guidance" as the fundamental medical college, clinical, prevention, facial features, anesthesia, images and other undergraduate, vocational college students Gao Zhuan, clinical training courses will be preparing the guide book. "Otolaryngology: head and neck surgery and dentistry Clerkship Guide" the first part covers the ear nose,

  • Department of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery disease diagnosis process and treatment strategies

    "Otolaryngology head and neck surgery: diagnosis procedure and treatment strategy" is divided into seven parts, a total of seventy-six chapters. First to fifth chapter of main disease in otolaryngology head and neck surgery for clues are arranged according to the outline, books, for each kind of disease, diagnosis, treatment of thinking, evaluation of prognosis, the newest,

  • Medical and health care

    Sore throat, "medical and health care: introduction sore throat" content: pain is one of the most common symptoms, is also a signal of certain diseases, can be seen in various diseases. People want to know pain occurs more pain is due to what disease? How can we free from illness wound? This is people need to understand and address,

  • The utility of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery clinical treatment.

    "Practical otolaryngology head and neck surgery, clinical therapeutics" is the introduction of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery, clinical treatment, medical monographs. "Practical otolaryngology head and neck surgery clinical treatment," including the otolaryngology head and neck surgery outpatient treatment, commonly used operation technology, ear diseases, diseases of nose, throat, trachea and esophagus disease,

  • Ear operation

    "Ear operation" brief introduction: ear congenital deformity of auricle and trauma, tumor leading to deformity, can make the patient's appearance changed. 30 years to accumulate in auricle reconstruction of many operation experience, and years of planning and publishing ear plastic surgery operation tutorial experience, ultimately converge in this department,

  • Ent of standardization diagnosis and treatment

    "Ent the standardization of diagnosis and treatment" is "one of the primary care physician training series", contains the common disease in Department of Ophthalmology, common otological disease, disease of pharynx, throat diseases and other content, is divided into eight chapters, focuses on the criterion of diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases and the transfer standard, the classification of etiology and differential diagnosis, prognosis. "Ent,

  • Common diseases of auricular therapy

    "Auricular therapy" common disease is divided into the basic articles, the two part clinical. Introduces the theoretical basis of auricular application basic part of the system, "auricular name and location of auricular therapy" common disease, clinical curative effect is the most stimulating methods in common use, ear acupoint selection and compatibility of clinical thinking and so on, is the auricular therapy,

  • Otolaryngology

    "In color" Pocket Medical Series is from the world first-class medical press - UK ChurchiU Iivinsstone company introduced the copyright issue. The series includes: heart disease, Department of orthopedics, emergency, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, neurological diseases, infectious diseases, Department of Ophthalmology disease,

  • Hanging ear reflex zone

    "Maps" ear reflex zone with ear reflex zone chart 1, including ear reflex zone massage therapy. ,

  • Diseases of the throat expert outpatient service 106

    With the increasing environmental pollution, the prevalence of throat disease rises gradually, become common disease plagued the people. This book by the throat disease experts with years of clinical experience writing and become, highlights the etiology, throat disease clinical manifestation, auxiliary examination, diagnosis, treatment and attention to matters such as the contents of the book, a new viewpoint,

  • Otolaryngology history

    "Otolaryngology history" the literary techniques vividly combine the world celebrities and otorhinolaryngologic diseases, all material from the serialized in "Foreign Medical Sciences Section of otorhinolaryngological" nearly 20 years to compile it, and add some text and pictures, with exquisite vivid literary story describes the ear nose,

  • Otorhinolaryngology diseases

    Otorhinolaryngology diseases,

  • Experts answer rhinitis

    Experts answer rhinitis, a registration fee, invited experts, a comprehensive understanding of the disease, many health care! This book introduces the general knowledge of rhinitis, etiology and pathology, symptoms, diagnosis and examination, treatment, prevention and health care, the onset of clinical treatment, medical care etc.. Straightaway, contents are discussed, a case, special,

  • Combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    The author of the book according to many years of clinical experience, combined with the literature at home and abroad, on nasopharyngeal carcinoma were systematically discussed. The book has nine chapters, including nasopharyngeal cancer epidemiology and etiology, pathology, clinical manifestation and staging, laboratory examination and imaging changes, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, chemotherapy and operation treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine,

  • Auricular point diagnosis

    The book is divided into three parts, the basic theory of the ear, ear research, according to the author's clinical experience and the commonly used acupoints, the types and functions of the auricular points made by classification, and expounds the principle of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear in general; auricular point diagnosis, including ear acupoint diagnosis using visual, touch, audiometry, syndrome differentiation,

  • Bronchial asthma

    Bronchial asthma (hereinafter referred to as asthma) is a chronic allergic airway inflammation, even in patients without any symptoms, there was still the inflammatory airway. Asthma is a chronic disease etiology is various, complex mechanism. Although so far the asthma cannot be completely cure, but as long as the proper use of drugs of various asthma,

  • Modern otolaryngology Medical Handbook

    The book is divided into eight chapters, respectively: ear disease, nose and sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, esophagus disease disease disease, tumor, otorhinolaryngologic routine inspection and the special inspection methods and treatment. At the end of the book with: the normal reference values of clinical examination, blood tests, clinical otolaryngology often medication, systemic medication and ear,

  • Clinical Handbook for diagnosis and treatment of allergic rhinitis

    Allergic rhinitis in the global scope of the prevalence rate of between 10-25%, during the fifteen part of our center city telephone survey of the prevalence rate of 8.7-24.1%, is a common disease of harming human health and quality of life. Because of the unbalanced development of economy and the importance of a physician,

  • Ear nose throat a science of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    "The combination of ear nose throat mouth science twenty-first Century medical colleges and universities teaching materials and traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine (Second Edition)" the introduction part briefly introduces the development history of Chinese medicine and Western medicine otorhinolaryngology articulate science. The system is provided with a general part of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, respectively the relationship of ear nose throat mouth and viscera in anatomy and physiology, etiology of main and collateral channels,

  • The tongue of dialectical and health

    "The tongue differentiation and health" from a clinical focus, from the actual situation, in order to be able to accurately reflect the characteristics of each kind of tongue image, please medical expert at the art of painting, each kind of tongue image in the form of paintings to the readers, so that the reader can grasp the essentials from, infer other things from one fact. Each kind of tongue image except the writing paper,

  • Otorhinolaryngology of TCM problem set

    This book in the new century in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine materials planning "China otolaryngology" (chief editor Wang Nvzhen, Chinese Medicine published) as the basis, exercises and syllabus and textbooks, all knowledge covering materials, the basic knowledge, must master the content focus to transform,

  • Ent Handbook

    Ent manual contains the eye, ear nose throat and oral science and the common disease and frequently occurring disease, according to the system divided into chapters written, mainly describes the clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment of points, inspection, and relevant treatment technology, and has translated and ICD-9 encode various disease name. The book is concise, practical, scientific. ,

  • Clinical department of ENT emergency medicine

    "Clinical Department of ENT emergency science" is a book about Department of ENT emergency medical reference books, the book is divided into seven chapters, the main content in addition to the anatomy of the related clinical Otolaryngology, Department of ENT, focus on common disease, the etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis and emergency treatment in detail,

  • Eye ear nose and throat diseases in Department of Stomatology diet book medication

    "The eye ear nose and throat diseases in Department of Stomatology diet book" medication for clinical department of Ophthalmology, Department of Otolaryngology, Department of Stomatology, common disease, frequently occurring medication, therapeutic methods were introduced. Medication, based on defining the concept and traditional Chinese medicine Western medicine facial diseases and corresponding name of disease and pathogenesis of TCM, the first comprehensive introduction,

  • Color atlas of Otolaryngology Head and neck diseases

    "" Color Atlas of Otolaryngology Head and neck disease diagnosis and treatment. Devin version of the Atlas der HNO-Heilkunde, author of the University of Marburg in Germany (Phillips-Universitat Marburg Joctt) professor at the Department of otolaryngology,

  • Chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis

    "Brief introduction of chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis" content: the state supreme science and Technology Award winner Wu Mengchao academician preface recommended! Zhu Qingsheng, former Vice Minister of Ministry of health lead editor! Clinical experts to build the authority of science books -- scientific guidance for daily life, prevention and health care! "Tonsillitis" chronic pharyngitis,

  • Color atlas of diseases of Otorhinolaryngology

    "In color" otorhinolaryngologic diseases not only the ear nose and throat diseases, frequently occurring and some rare disease clinical features manifested intuitively, the author also makes a brief introduction and related diseases of patients are explained, and puts forward the treatment opinions. Photo realistic image, colorful; explain the pithy, suggesting strong,

  • Department of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines

    "Otolaryngology head and neck surgery disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines" closely related to clinical diagnosis and treatment of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery disease made be concise and to the point introduction. "Otolaryngology head and neck surgery disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines" is divided into four parts: general introduction including history records, routine examination, special examination and imaging examination, ear nose,

  • The ear and hearing primary care materials (intermediate reader)

    "The ear and hearing primary care materials (intermediate reader)" tells the story: in 2005 WHO an estimated 278000000 people worldwide suffer from hearing loss (of a bilateral good ear is moderate to profound hearing loss), of which 2 / 3 live in developing countries. In addition, there are more people with mild hearing loss,

  • Operation treatment of ear and ear nerve disease

    "Operation treatment" ear and ear nerve disease and otolaryngology three parts content corresponding to the independent volume: is a high level of creative team completed the. This work is devoted to the writing team with rich experience and to master the modern image making, thus making photos, diagrams and positive operation,

  • Otorhinolaryngology of TCM

    "National Ordinary Institutions of higher education of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine group fine textbooks otolaryngology" according to the national ordinary higher education of TCM fine textbooks the guiding ideology of the spirit, by the fine textbooks Editing Committee and Shanghai science and technology publishing house jointly organized, in general and the five edition of the other version of "Chinese Otorhinolaryngology",

  • Otolaryngology head and neck surgery, a common disease prevention and control.

    Prevention and treatment of common diseases of the new ear nose throat, head and neck surgery, "prevention and treatment of common diseases of new ear nose throat, head and neck surgery" is the "new science of prevention and treatment of common diseases. The book is divided into 6 chapters. The content based on evidence-based medicine, to highlight the prevention and cure of diseases as the principle, and combined with the present situation and trend of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery, scientific development, comprehensive and systematic introduction of the ear nose and throat,

  • Ballenger otolaryngology head and neck surgery

    "Ballenger otolaryngology head and neck surgery (SEVENTEENTH EDITION)" published by BCDecker, since 1908, has been updated for the 17 edition, is a classic work of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery international ear nose recognized academic. The latest version of length scale, including 6, 101 chapters, 1209 pages,

  • The utility of clinical respiratory disease

    The book consists of 16 sections and 119 chapters and 16 Appendices A total of about 150 words, for a more detailed introduction to the method for diagnosis of respiratory diseases, such as diagnosis, pathogenic diagnosis and functional diagnosis. The clinical diagnosis and treatment knowledge of various respiratory diseases, the common lower respiratory tract infection, asthma, slow,

  • A practical course of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery

    "Practical course of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery (Second Edition)" adhering to the national medical colleges in five year system, principles and requirements for clinical medicine specialized textbook revision, to reflect the "Three Basics", "center" and the "five characters" requirements. Pay attention to reflect the new progress of this subject, not only for the comprehensive system, but also highlight the key,,

  • Today, Chinese Medicine Department of ENT

    "Today" is one of the traditional Chinese Medicine Department of ENT clinical series "Chinese medicine", "Chinese Medicine Department of ENT today" systematically and thoroughly discusses the Chinese Medicine Department of ENT (23) common disease, frequently occurring disease diagnosis, treatment and research progress of'. The whole book to disease as the key link, each disease were divided into non title written overview, [], [disease diagnosis,

  • The utility eye ear nose throat department of Stomatology Handbook

    The utility eye ear nose throat department of Stomatology "Practical Handbook, eye ear nose and throat department of Stomatology Handbook (Second Edition)" in western medicine, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Otolaryngology, Department of Stomatology physicians, graduate students, interns as their main readers. Since its publication in 2001, by the vast number of peer attention and other readers love and care. Because of the modern science and technology,

  • Otolaryngology head and neck surgery

    "Otolaryngology: head and neck surgery (case version)" the spirit of inheritance and innovation spirit, in the traditional medical college 5 year program of clinical medicine teaching frame, made the following modifications: 1 nose an inflammatory disease is an inflammatory disease of nose. 2 with the skull base disease is increasingly deepening, the skull base disease state,

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