Oral pathology

Date of publication:2002-01-01   Press: Tianjin Science Translation Publishing Company   Author:Mr Coulson   Pages:164  

The series includes: heart disease, Department of orthopedics, emergency, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, neurological diseases, infectious diseases, Department of ophthalmology disease, blood disease, rheumatism, oral pathology, oral disease, orthodontics, oral Department of internal medicine and surgery, periodontal disease, neonatal department, Department of ENT, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease and liver disease, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, H Ⅳ, surgical signs. The original author of this set of books is the world-renowned authority of medical disciplines, not only in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of great achievements, but also has many years of rich experience in clinic. Therefore, this book has the advanced level in the academic, the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, therapeutic aspects of authority. A lot of pictures in the book are provided by foreign medical workers with superb shot in a particular environment, and many photos are published for the first time, precious. The picture is clear, a typical case, accurate position; description language be concise and to the point, highlight. Can be used as guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of clinicians on related diseases. This set of books by my company organization of domestic medical experts scholars translated and published. In order to make the Chinese version of the quality of book printing and binding to the original book, my company commissioned the original publishing printing and binding.
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Author: (English) Mr Coulson etc.
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1 teeth of 2 3 4 hidden caries pulpitis periapical inflammation 5 absorption and cementum hyperplasia 6 periodontal disease 7 jaw cyst 8 odontogenic tumor 9 non dental bone disease in 10 non neoplastic bone disease 11 infectious stomatitis 12 non infectious stomatitis 13 keratosis (mucosal white spot; white lesions and 14 squamous cell carcinoma) 15 of 16 benign proliferative lesions of connective tissue tumor 17 sarcoma 18 lymphoma 19 pigmented lesions of 20 other tumor like lesions of 21 salivary gland cyst and chronic specific sialadenitis 22 salivary gland cyst and chronic specific sialadenitis 23 granuloma disease 24 kinds of fibrous disease 25 HIV infection and AIDS index (lndex)
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  •   The picture is good, content is more practical, is a common disease, can be used as a pocket book.

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