The new technology of new clinical therapy of oral

Date of publication:2005-4   Press: Wang Huan, Wei Keli China science and Technology Press (2005-04)   Author:Wang Huan, Wei Keli   Pages´╝Ü528  

"The new technology of new clinical therapy by oral" Chinese science and Technology Publishing house.
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The first clinical prosthodontics chapter all ceramic restoration first porcelain veneer second all ceramic crown section third all ceramic fixed bridge section fourth all ceramic post and core section fifth all ceramic restoration technical room making section sixth ceramic restoration of the nursing of second chapter precision lapping repair first ball attachment denture second section suppository the third section of the lock road attachment denture with magnetic attachment in section fourth section fifth of chapter third double crown gold deposition repair technology first gold deposition porcelain crown second gold deposition porcelain bridge section third gold deposition double denture and implant superstructure of implant supported denture restoration in fourth chapter first implant removable the second section of implant denture PFM third implant restoration fourth planting all ceramic restoration the nursing points of the fifth chapter pure titanium removable denture first pure titanium removable denture second section dental pure titanium casting technology of the sixth chapter of biological function of complete denture section second section biological function of complete denture features third biological function of complete denture of specific methods in section fourth biological function of the total Denture clinical cases and clinical evaluation for fifth day biological function of complete denture clinical operation points sixth biological function of complete denture laboratory operation points of the seventh chapter linear occlusal dentures section linear occlusal dentures overview section second linear complete denture production process section third Gothic arch tracing method in full denture in the application of section fourth linear denture chewing movement and the fifth section linear complete denture clinical cases eighth chapter aesthetic repair of basic and clinical first dental aesthetic repair of second anterior teeth porcelain restoration digital aesthetic repair overview section second individual ceramic restorations of anterior teeth aesthetic repair in fourth of all anterior teeth porcelain restoration aesthetic repair section fifth part of anterior teeth porcelain restoration aesthetic repair section sixth esthetic restoration is discussed and preliminary evaluation of second clinical endodontics chapter second chapter of modern root canal therapy for the first day of pulp chamber preparation techniques and problems appearing in section second of fine root canal calcification the processing techniques of section third of the root canal preparation techniques and problems in section fourth root canal filling technology The fifth section points, problems and Countermeasures of non operation of root canal therapy sixth endodontically treated teeth repair section seventh resin bonding splitting teeth preservation technology section eighth endodontic treatment ninth microscopic root canal treatment chair with the skills of Third Clinical Periodontology section of periodontal treatment new understanding of second periodontal local medication third crown lengthening fourth periodontal tissue regeneration section fifth and periodontal some dental orthodontic treatment defect sixth section combined endodontic periodontal syndrome pathogenesis and clinical analysis of seventh cases of difficult cases analysis of fourth clinical articles in oral and maxillofacial surgery in Chapter 1 the second chapter of modern alveolar surgery section of painless technique and nursing of second day care and alveolar surgery technique in section third and minimally invasive exodontia and nursing cooperation in third chapter modern implant surgical technique first overview section second implant surgery basic technique in section third immediate implant and immediate loading implant technology section of the fourth planting operation in the perioperative period nursing of fourth chapter repair of anterior surgery section section second repair of anterior bone grafting technique in section third, repair The anterior soft tissue aesthetics fifth clinical orthodontics chapter MBT sliding straight wire appliance section second MBT straight wire appliance third day clinical application in the second chapter, a fixed functional appliances - Forsus Spring section second Forsus appliance third Forsus appliance in clinical application the third chapter Dental Vision analysis software in orthodontic clinical application of section second and clinical application of third computer cephalometric and manual cephalometric study fourth clinical and research experience of the application of the fifth Dental Vition in orthodontic care in the new characteristics of sixth oral cross infection prevention and control of the first day of oral diagnosis and treatment of diseases and cross infection of second dental work instrument health treatment process specification in section third "oral medical instruments in sanitary treatment new norms" encountered in the implementation of specific problems and Countermeasures of seventh modern stomatological hospital management under the market economy condition, section location and development direction of second hospital management mode of operation and analysis the first clinical hospital of the clinical specialist The source @##@ hospital operating mode third day hospital long-term "New technology of oral clinical therapy" is the first in the country to make reference to the clinical cases, oral medical reference books, new technology and new therapy. Set of dental pulp, periodontal disease, prosthodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery as a whole, collecting about 2000 amplitude case pictures, are introduced, discussed and general evaluation of the oral clinical, professional project to develop and standardize the operation of a certain value. "The new therapy" new technology for clinical oral clinical the young clinical physicians, in order to "basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills" as the prerequisite conditions, the more inclined to the clinical practicability and repeatability, the color more reference. For professional doctors, technicians and nurses engaged in oral clinical practice, for dental practitioners, have a good reference primary care physicians and undergraduate and postgraduate.
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