Oral medicine digital photography

Date of publication:2007-5   Press: China Technology   Author:Du Li   Pages´╝Ü178  

"Oral medicine digital photography" is composed of doctor of vice director of Jia Peizeng of Department of Orthodontics, School of Stomatology Peking University and Du Li supervisor nurse prepared, it gives us a good material for learning oral medical photography.
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The first chapter understanding of digital camera, photography, traditional or digital two, digital camera, digital camera structure of three species four, digital camera maintenance second chapter stomatology digital photography equipment, purchase principle two, the purchase method, three professional configuration of four, people with type five, auxiliary equipment third chapter oral digital photography method and skill, basic concept of two, three, shooting skill of oral clinical photography four, five experimental specimens were taken microphotography, six, seven, document copying @##@ still life photography "Oral medicine digital photography" was written by a medical doctor orthodontics, dental, oral Department of internal medicine, Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implant, more professional, more experienced, covering all the important field of oral medicine. The book introduced the basic knowledge of digital photography, digital photography equipment purchase and oral recommendation, method and skill of oral digital photography (clinical photography, photography, microscopic photography), oral medical photography points of different professions, digital image processing, digital image data management, and development of oral digital imaging application, and is equipped with more than 400 photos, illustrations. In addition, should also urge grass-roots doctors, introduces in detail the clinical use of pocket digital photography equipment. "Oral medicine digital photography" as an important tool of oral professional doctor, in the face of oral medicine, teaching, and research in the students, researchers and clinicians. Never had contact with oral digital photography, in accordance with the "oral medicine digital photography" content from scratch, follow the prescribed order, without reference to other books, can be easily started, avoid detours. The old user experience can also re-examine their equipment, standardized operation of photography, and embark on a new step. Users in the master "oral medicine digital photography" content is fully able to cope with oral scientific medical photography requirements, integration in the chest, skilled in hand.
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