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"Chinese Medical Dictionary" is a comprehensive dictionary of oral medicine, oral medicine for professionals and other medical personnel to consult. Contents include oral basic medicine, clinical medicine of Stomatology and other related disciplines. Included in this dictionary entries in terms of oral medicine commonly used nouns, mainly, and keep a certain coverage and all, new and fine content. Because of its compilation and the use of longer, require content stability, so it is the development or change often entries, no entry. For the time is strong or not sure the contents to avoid drinking in interpretation. For the academic problem, have the conclusion according to the conclusion, uncertain or disputed by objective, or only introduces different views available to readers, to avoid one-sided or wrong knowledge.
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The copyright page: the positive side of Chun Jian Guan Xi relationship relationship between the upper and lower between lips. Lips lip position, shape and thickness of the different effects of the treatment options. Patient examination requirements to naturally relax, whether the observed relationship between patient on the lower lip of coordination, including the lip clearance, lip, lip length, labial ladder, and the thickness of the lower lip is normal, whether the patients have the lips too short, valgus function bad situation. Chun lie cleft lip cleft lip cleft lip in the upper lip, is due to one side or both sides of the maxillary process is not with the same side of the medial nasal processes fusion or just part of fusion result. The median crack does not occur in the lip, which occurred in the corner of the side of the. Cleft lip is unilateral, bilateral or visible. Cleft lip and often accompanied by the maxillary lateral incisors and canines between jaw cleft and palate. Lateral lip mucosa Chun Nian Mo labial mucosa lip skin, inside the mucosa, both transitional part of vermilion of the lip, or lips. Lip mucosa surface is stratified squamous epithelia, no keratosis layer. A labial gland in the submucosa, but mainly to mucous gland. The vermilion border on the surface of thin and transparency, connective tissue papillae high suddenly, close to the surface, it can be said to be observed by means of color appearance, anemia, cyanosis phenomenon. Lip skin Chun PI Fu skin of lip the outer lip skin, thick texture, closely combined with superficial fascia and muscles below a male adult hair, hair is the beard, the skin sebaceous glands and sweat glands are also more prone to infection, the formation of furuncle carbuncle. Chun que sun lip defect lip defects after tumor resection can lip on the lower lip defect caused by different degree, is divided into upper and lower lip defect and defect. Lip defect can lead to disfigurement, often cause dysfunction, such as eating chewing difficulties, language pronunciation obstacles and saliva overflow etc.. Lip defect repair Chun que sun Zheng Fu Shu repair of labial defect is surgery recovery lip defect. In order to better recovery of function and appearance, should try to use the remaining lip tissue or reduction of lateral lip tissue. The general defect does not exceed the full lip 1/3, the wound margin to layered suture; if the defect is more than 1/2, can use the nasolabial tissue flap or contralateral labellum cross transfer reduction; lower lip defect is more than 2/3, can use the nasolabial tissue flap and contralateral posterior cross transfer the whole complex; lower lip defect is more than 2/3, can use lip buccal tissue flap. The whole defect of the lip, the distal part of flap. Lip flap mainly rely on lip artery nutrition vermilion border inside, so the operation not to damage the lip artery. Chun Xi Guan abnormal lip lip habit habit lip habits can be manifested as bite lower lip habit, upper lip biting habits, lip sucking habits, lip biting (lip biting). Lip can be used alone, can also be associated with finger sucking habits. Lip habits to girls see more, often because of a bad mood or emulate others to bite lips, lip formation of long habit. Bite lower lip to lip to tilt the upper anterior teeth appear between teeth, incisors linguoclination and crowded, the formation of maxillary protrusion of anterior overjet. Upper lip bite reversed symptoms lead to mandibular prognathism, anti felis. Correction of labial frenum Chun Xi Dai Xiu Zheng Shu lace-trimmed lip surgery labial frenum attachment anomaly is the cause of median separated, in addition to the teeth more difficult, can lead to dental caries and gingivitis. Labial frenum attachment can be formed in the middle of separate low, whereas physiological clearance incisor began to sprout, when can also lead to lower labial frenum attachment. Due to the formation of many factors there are additional median separated teeth, impacted teeth and congenitally missing teeth, so it must be in the diagnosis of median separated by labial frenum attachment abnormality, determination of labial frenum dressing to timing. Chun Xian labial gland labial gland lip mucosa epithelium was stratified squamous epithelium without hyperkeratosis, acanthosis thick. The lamina propria contains dense connective tissue, with short and irregular papillae to the epithelium. Submucosal mixed glands with small thickness, namely labial gland. The labial gland mixed gland is mainly mucous acinus, with a small amount of serous acini. The labial gland acinar size different, no envelope surface, the intercalated duct is short. The labial gland has the synthesis and secretion of the enzyme, mainly distributed in the catheter and meniscus cells, instead of mucous cells. The main source of salivary gland lip or IgA, its concentration was about 4 times higher than in the parotid gland. Chun Xiang CuO Wei labioversion labioversion malposition refers to the labial incisor in normal dental arch. Labial buccal dislocation in the Chun Xiang Jia Xiang CuO Wei labioversion Bucco version malposition teeth are not arranged in normal dental arch, but is located in outside of the dental arch in front teeth called labioversion, in the posterior called buccal.Bit. Lip angioedema, Chun Xue Guan Shen Jing Xing Shui Zhong lip angioneurotic edema certain foods (such as shrimp, crab, milk and so on), intestinal parasites, drugs (such as penicillin and quinine), pollen, microorganisms (such as dust mites) into the body, the plasma cells that produce IgE. Second contact with these antigens, cause mast cell degranulation and IgE binding, release of histamine and slow reacting substance, bradykinin, the increased capillary permeability, edema caused by the lip. Expansion, visible lip vascular and lymphatic microscopic hyperaemia exudation, localized edema, accompanied by inflammatory cell infiltration. Chun Yan cheilitis is the floorboard cheilitis cheilitis inflammatory disease on the lip of the. In the lips dry and chapped, scaling as the main clinical manifestations, have exfoliative cheilitis, allergic cheilitis, cheilitis of benign lymphadenosis, granulomatous cheilitis, cheilitis, cheilitis gland fungi, photosensitive cheilitis and other types. According to the course of the disease can have acute and chronic cheilitis.
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"Chinese Medical Dictionary" is a comprehensive dictionary of oral medicine, oral medicine for professionals and other medical personnel to consult. Contents include oral basic medicine, clinical medicine of Stomatology and other related disciplines.
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