Oral disease diagnosis and treatment strategies

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The first chapter caries section a, definitions, hazards and classification (a) definition of dental caries (dentalcariesortoothdecay) is a kind of dental hard tissue disease, is caused by many factors is mainly caused by bacteria of chronic, progressive, devastating disease. Because of the correlation between bacteria and caries etiology is determined, can think of dental caries is a bacterial infection of tooth hard tissue diseases. (two) the harm from tissue pathology aspect, dental caries is characteristic of inorganic demineralization and organic matter decomposition, involved in hard tissue of tooth, enamel, dentin and cementum; from the clinical point of view, dental caries is characteristic of tooth hard tissue changes in color, shape, quality. Changes of carious parts was initially chalk color, this is because the local demineralization, decreased crystallite structure change in the teeth of transparency. With the development of lesions, damage to the teeth surface more rough, pigmentation increased, can be manifested as yellow, brown or even black. As the further development of the disease, with inorganic obvious demineralization and organic matter decomposition, the lesion hard tissue texture become loose, resulting in dental defect changes typical, is visible to the naked eye cavity. Defect once formed, no self repair capacity. In general, the caries does not cause intense discomfort, but not life-threatening, it is not easy to cause people's attention. But in fact the caries brought the disease burden is heavy, light will influence the chewing, appearance and language, heavy harm overall health; and the dental caries incidence rate is high, different people, different period of survey data show the incidence rate in 50% ~ 90%. In view of this, WHO (WHO) had caries as contemporary human health hazards of three non communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer and dental caries) one of. (three) classification of dental caries classification according to different types, which also each are not identical, advantages, disadvantages are, so far no one classification for doctors, teachers and researchers recognized and shared. To sum up, according to the classification of dental caries are the main and clinical pathology in two categories. The histopathologic classification can be divided into: dental caries of enamel caries, carious dentin and cementum caries. Because of clinical according to different and multiple classification, there are 3 common species (Table 1 - 1). The article described the mainly clinical classification based on depth.
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The first chapter of dental caries dental pulp disease first overview section second caries diagnosis third caries treatment fourth caries treatment prognosis evaluation in section fifth, the latest progress and Prospect of chapter second non carious tooth hard tissue disease section stained teeth and dental abnormalities in second day chronic injury of teeth third dentin the fourth section dental trauma allergy third chapter fifth section dental pulp disease of systemic disease characterized mouth forty-sixth chapter of dental trauma in the first section of young permanent teeth trauma second deciduous teeth trauma in forty-seventh chapter first bite induced occlusion induces the concept of section second occlusion induced examination and diagnosis of third day of early loss of deciduous molars and clearance management section fourth of the first molars the fifth day early induced dentition occlusal disorder cases in early treatment of the @##@ chart "Oral disease diagnosis and treatment flow strategy" according to the latest trends, oral medicine according to clinical thinking process, introduce new technology, new methods of clinical diagnosis and clinical treatment of oral diseases, the latest progress and related diseases. "Oral disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" is divided into seven parts, respectively, of dental pulp disease, periodontal disease, oral mucosal disease, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry. Each disease basically in accordance with the "Outline", "diagnosis", "treatment", "prognosis" and "the new progress and Prospect of" five part writing. "Oral disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" pay close attention to the dynamic medical, according to evidence based medicine program, emphasize the development of physician's clinical thinking ability. Especially at the end of each disease, recent advances in this field are introduced, and its future prospects. In the "final oral disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" lists of the 11 cases, and the associated with the disease associated factors or discipline, has expanded, so that the "oral disease diagnosis and treatment strategy of" process has clinical practical value, but also has theoretical significance.
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"Authoritative oral disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" has high, can be used as a department of Stomatology physicians, technicians and other professional medical clinicians valuable reference book.
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