Fixed prosthodontics

Date of publication:2003-7   Press: Shanghai Education Publishing House   Author:Yokotsuka Shigeruo   Pages´╝Ü153  

Stomatology is shortage of specialty in China, the dental manufacturing process is lagging behind, domestic no bachelor's degree class teaching. Textbook is very scarce. In recent years, the domestic development of the professional education, the shortage situation to a certain extent increase has changed, but the situation is still very grim, China needs a lot of high quality dental manufacturing personnel, this is a difficult task for dental educators can not shirk. The book consists of ten chapters, the first four chapters are respectively fixed repair technology, tooth defect, the defect of dentition fixed type, should possess the following conditions. The fifth chapter is making steps fixed restorations. The sixth chapter to the tenth chapter, according to the type of prosthesis, respectively, inlay and onlay, partial crown, crown, crown, fixed bridge. The book covers the fixed to repair the most classic content, emphasis on oral repair procedure, production process, production techniques. Translation smooth, concise and comprehensive, faithful to the original. The book with pictures, so it has strong practicality and readability.
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Author: Yokotsuka Shigeruo (Japan) translator: Zhao Jun editor: (Japan) the tooth technician's Education Association Yokotsuka Shigeruo, born in 1929 in Tochigi, Japan Dental College graduation in 1952, 1960, the Nippon Dental University teachers, associate professor with the school in 1972 1960, the same school professor.
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1 fixed restoration technology overview 1 fixed restoration technology meaning 2 fixed restoration technology to 3 clinical value of check point 2 tooth defect restoration of 1 tooth defect restoration of 2 inlay, crown 3 crowns 4 crown 3 fixed partial denture overview and types of fixed partial denture overview 1 2 fixed partial denture features 3 fixed partial denture part of the names of 4 types of fixed partial denture check points 4 tooth defect restoration and fixed partial denture should have the conditions of 1 biological conditions 2 physical conditions of the 3 chemical conditions of 4 beautiful condition check point 5 of fixed restoration step 1 impression 2 model 3 tray the 4 model 5 nuclear pile 6 temporary crown / bridge 7 (occlusal) frame 8 making wax type 9 embedding 10 cast 11 connecting method 12 grinding check points 6 inlay, onlay 1 meaning 2 features 3 inlay, onlay classification and the use of 4 hole 5 hole shape 6 inlay hole shape the basic form of the 7 production methods check points the 7 part crown 1.3/4 crown 2.4/5 crown 3 pin hole tongue panel Pinledge5. proximal Proximal check point 8 crowns 1 casting full crown 2 mixed crown 3 a crown check points 9 village 10 1 crown fixed bridge retainer 2 Bridge The 3 connection body 4 body making method reference class schedule
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This book by the Japan restoration expert Yokotsuka Shigeruo penned, as Japanese dental school textbooks, its authority is widely recognized. The book will have a profound influence on the development of Chinese oral repair technology. Our regular oral technician education started late, so far there is no a complete set of teaching materials. For promoting the development of Chinese dental technician career education, Nissin dental materials Co. Ltd. invested from Japan Medical tooth medicine Inc. bought this set of Japanese dental textbooks works use rights, and invited the domestic well-known dental professional translation and proofreading. Published by Shanghai Education Publishing house. This series will be in the next few years in succession and the majority of readers.
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