Oral Biochemistry

Date of publication:2006-2   Press: Peking University Medical Press (former Beijing Medical University Press)   Author:Li Yujing   Pages´╝Ü126  
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Basic oral medicine made. Therefore, the theoretical knowledge of Oral Biochemistry is covered in oral medical students to learn basic curriculum of Stomatology and clinical course and later engaged in theoretical basis must have oral medical research, teaching and medical. Our school from twentieth Century 80 time later period in the Department of Stomatology of high grade opened Oral Biochemistry course. Therefore, we refer to the domestic and foreign Oral Biochemistry related literatures, experience and understanding on the basis of our many years engaged in oral clinical and research work, compiling the "Oral Biochemistry" teaching materials, and the application in teaching. After many years of teaching and scientific research practice, to further improve our understanding of Oral Biochemistry theory. The US based on the original textbook compiled "Oral Biochemistry", as the College of Stomatology, five, seven years of undergraduate students, the compulsory teaching. The book introduces the basic theory and knowledge of the chemical composition and biochemical characteristics, oral tissue of common oral diseases, the pathogenesis of Oral Biochemistry, strive to make the concept clear, focused. The book introduced the final oral biochemistry experiment technology related, its purpose is to make the students' scientific experiments on oral biochemistry have a preliminary understanding, establishing scientific thinking method through the experiment, providing the basic knowledge and skills for the future of scientific research. Oral Biochemistry is a new basic oral medicine, develop rapidly. While in the process of writing we strive to rich content, reflect the development of the discipline, but because of the level and capacity is limited, time constraints, this book may exist some shortcomings and omissions, please Tongren criticism. The book is completed at the close cooperation based on your board, at the same time, Ge Lihua shadow places technician technician in charge, Dr. Liu Jun, Dr. Chen Wei, Wu Hongru the attending physician support and enthusiasm to help, in my heartfelt thanks.
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