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Date of publication:2007-3   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Zhang Yuanjian   Pages´╝Ü145  

Author in popular language describes dental and orthodontic knowledge, more than 60 questions concerned by people and is a tooth. It is not only related to the appearance, chewing and vocal function, and the tooth is expensive, if there is no formal orthodontic plan, do not understand the relevant knowledge of correct tooth, may not only caused no small economic loss, and may miss the best time to correct, regret it. This book is a need and people need to correct teeth reference books.
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The inlaid teeth, teeth and human health two, missing teeth harm, it still needs to be more false false four, denture to a flat three governance five, the "family" six, install what kind of teeth seven, eight dentures dentures, the bracket nine, denture base ten the false, false -- artificial teeth eleven, wear on the teeth hat twelve, frame in the oral cavity of a bridge thirteen, inlaid with porcelain teeth fourteen, casting glass ceramic teeth fifteen, hit the "ground" -- Preparation of abutment teeth sixteen, die seventeen, a variety of processing plant eighteen, high melting point alloy cast bracket nineteen, a pair of denture denture is made with twenty, twenty-one, pile denture overdenture twenty-two, complete denture is not easy to fall off, the twenty-three early dentures in twenty-four, a bridge length twenty-five, with the teeth is unpalatable, "twenty-six word answer blows with blows" implant twenty-seven a tooth, twenty-eight, can do a pre give teeth twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one immediate denture denture, rebasing thirty-two, manage your teeth thirty-three, after a service three Fourteen, denture repairing damaged thirty-five, denture can add teeth thirty-six, children have a thirty-seven to thirty-eight teeth, warts, adorn the orthodontic teeth, malocclusion -- human civilization disease performance of one or two, numerous of malocclusion in three, small tooth teeth four, small open mouth -- five, six days be zigzag, day seven, malocclusion, searching for eight malocclusion in early prevention nine, no time do in ten, eleven adult treatment difficult, an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan twelve, "suit one's measures to local conditions" correcting wrong tired teeth thirteen, correctional tooth extraction fourteen, why "tiger" can not be fifteen, sixteen, Fruits fall off when ripe. and spoil things by excessive enthusiasm "armed" to the teeth seventeen, removable appliance and fixed appliance for eighteen, edgewise technique nineteen, straight wire appliance twenty, magnetic treatment, twenty-one teeth why can move twenty-two, More haste, less speed. twenty-three, note twenty-four, treatment period to get instant results shaping method twenty-five, orthodontics after why wear "appliance"
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