• Oral maxillofacial diseases misdiagnosed / clinical disease misdiagnosis series

    "Oral maxillofacial diseases misdiagnosed" as "clinical disease misdiagnosis Science Series" one, is a professional book an introduction of oral and maxillofacial diseases misdiagnosed science. The book is divided into 4 parts and 17 chapters, according to the general and oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral Department of internal medicine disease, prosthodontics and orthodontics disease misdiagnosed cases were discussed,

  • Orthodontics self-locking bracket Technology

    "Oral orthodontics self-locking bracket Technology (certificate method on biomechanics and clinical application of evidence-based medicine)", starting from the clinician standpoint, discusses the specific issues related to performance, self-locking brackets of basic and clinical characteristics. The famous scholar references are from the corresponding discipline based knowledge, provide help,

  • Collaborative treatment of periodontal and repair

    "Collaboration" treatment "periodontal repair and began to discuss the treatment plan, comprehensive coverage of all kinds of changes from simple to complex cases were factors. In the next chapter. Focusing on the treatment method of how to apply systematically easy to master the treatment of the most common clinical cases. "Collaborative treatment of periodontal and repair.",

  • Oral health experts talk about

    "Oral health experts talk about" aims to popularize knowledge of oral health, about aspects of dental care, dental prevention and treatment and cosmetic dental medical knowledge, oral diseases and systemic diseases in popular language and how to choose the Department Medical Department of stomatology. Believe that the "oral health experts talk about" can help your family answer oral,

  • Treatment of root canal

    Stephen Conhen Richardc.Burhs, "therapy, dental pulp of root canal (Eighth Edition)" content brief introduction: about "endodontic treatment method" controversy has continued for more than 1 centuries. People continue to generate new ideas, new challenges, the development of new materials, new technology; at the same time, some errors are repeated, some treatment still rely entirely on the personal,

  • Oral emergency treatment

    "Oral emergency treatment (Sixth Edition)" printed in full colour, will contribute to the recognition and treatment may occur in the course of oral treatment of medical emergency. This paper expounds how to predict potential medical emergency, and introduces the necessary resources for effective treatment of emergency. The progress of the new, simple and effective,

  • The aesthetic foundation of dental implant.

    The aesthetic foundation of dental implant, "aesthetic basis of dental implants (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: esthetic dentistry and oral implantology in terms of the needs of patients and professional knowledge needs are growing. Now, clinicians are facing the hitherto unknown structure and function, aesthetics and science com. challenge. And the science and technology in the field of rapid,

  • PDQ express endodontics

    "PDQ express endodontics" is American LOMA LINDA university organization prepared on the clinical application of endodontics monograph. The LOMA LINDA University School of dentistry is one of several dental schools American famous, rich teaching and clinical experience, it enjoys high reputation in the world. "PDQ speed,

  • Periodontal examination techniques and common periodontal disease diagnosis

    "Introduction to periodontal examination techniques and common periodontal disease diagnosis" content: the treatment of periodontal disease is a system process, the specific treatment of each step must have a detailed clinical examination as the basis, it would likely treatment is not in place, or excessive treatment. The scientific research work, accurate clinical examination,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders

    "Abstract" diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorders: temporomandibular joint disease (TMD) is a common disease in clinical department of Stomatology, each clinical dentists should be able to make correct diagnosis and treatment of simple TMD, rather than simply the patients were transferred to the TMD specialist. In TMD etiology, classification, diagnosis and treatment,

  • The new taxis of cleft lip and palate

    "The new taxis of cleft lip and palate" content is novel and practical, with pictures. There are more than 100 frame case photos in the more than 300 pieces of artwork, is divided into 23 chapters. Starting from the practical principle, the lip and palate anatomy, development; mechanism causes, cleft lip palate deformities of cleft lip and cleft palate; characteristics; clinical diagnostic classification, reduction,

  • A dental chair side education manual

    "Pocket oral chair side education manual" in the form of the picture and brief description of visually explain the basic knowledge related to oral diseases and health care, in order to increase the knowledge of disease and health of patients to learn in the process of diagnosis and treatment. The content covers the tooth, periodontal, mucous membrane, repair, surgical and orthodontic,

  • Clinical practice guidelines of implant prosthesis

    Carl Drago, "implant clinical practice guidelines (Second Edition)" to share with colleagues of his clinical experience of oral implant. This "implantology: clinical practice guidelines" is through the implant case different completion, expounded his idea and method of repair. Readers learn Carle this "repair by planting,

  • Patients with oral diseases and 150

    Brief introduction of patients with oral diseases "and 150" content: oral disease is the most common human diseases, especially the incidence of caries and periodontal disease rate is very high, in the nearly 80% Chinese people suffering from diseases of some oral, while in control of oral disease, patient self control and maintenance ability is very important ring,

  • Oral equipment

    "Oral equipment" is China's first and only a dental equipment of the monograph. This book comprehensively described the development of dental equipment and its related theory and technology, reflect the development and characteristics of dental equipment information age; systematically introduces the structure and working principle of the main types of domestic and international dental equipment,,

  • Esthetic restoration and all ceramic restoration design

    "The repair of anterior teeth aesthetical and all ceramic restoration design" introduces the main characteristics of each tache esthetic of anterior teeth restoration and the matters needing attention, from the production of wax pattern and the temporary restoration repair before the inspection, research model preparation, diagnosis, and periodontal treatment, orthodontic treatment, interdisciplinary cooperation, thus common for patients to develop,

  • Clinical periodontology (Chinese version)

    "Clinical periodontics: root coverage and periodontal tissue regeneration album (Chinese version)" the new technology and the clinical experiment root coverage, periodontal tissue regeneration therapy area. The book contains 11 classic text, the doctor of clinical periodontal, guiding role is very large, to promote domestic periodontal treatment level,

  • Dental clinic management strategies and methods

    "Dental clinic management strategies and methods of" brief introduction: differentiation, differentiation -- the power out of the ordinary to the extreme, decoration -- not luxurious, creative, good equipment -- weapons bring high benefit, E.T.O.B.W -- let the patients feel comfortable, computer and Internet -- to make you work,

  • Dental implant treatment 4D concept. Beauty implant treatment timing and method of tissue processing

    Beauty implant treatment organization method and opportunity, "oral implant treatment, cosmetic implant treatment 4D concept of tissue processing methods and timing" by simple language, vivid pictures, vivid case step by step to interpret a new planting ideas -- under the concept of implant treatment technology 4D. "The concept of 4D dental implant treatment and beauty,

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