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Date of publication:2007-5   Press: Chinese Chinese community   Author:Wu Xuping   Pages´╝Ü234  

"New century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine materials Acupotomology textbook series, Acupotomology nursing science" by Chinese medicine published.
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The first part first chapter second chapter Acupotomy asepsis operating rules chapter third Acupotomy operation general nursing routine fourth chapter diseases knife care routine fifth chapter Acupotomy treatment and prevention of the abnormal situation of the theory the sixth chapter seventh chapter Department of internal medicine disease surgical disease chapter eighth soft tissue injury of bone and joint disease ninth chapter tenth chapter intra-articular fracture the eleventh chapter malunion twelfth chapter aseptic necrosis of bone in Chapter thirteenth, chapter fourteenth gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases fifteenth chapter of Otorhinolaryngology diseases in Department of Dermatology sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter neurological diseases eighteenth chapter of article @##@ plastic surgery This is one of the series of textbook acupotomology. "Chinese medicine nursing" is divided into the three parts, part and accessory. The first part, the first chapter introduces the history, concept, characteristic and basic nursing care program; the second chapter to the fifth chapter introduces the Acupotomy asepsis operating rules, Acupotomy operation general nursing routine, branch disease care routine and needle knife treatment of abnormal situation and prevention. The sixth chapter to the eighteenth chapter on the next, including the principles of care before and after the treatment of disease and the needle knife knife nursing methods of Department of internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, Department of Dermatology, Department of Neurology, orthopedics etc.. Each disease, etiology and pathology, according to the style of the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and nursing measures of writing. Which focuses on nursing measures, including five aspects of daily life nursing, diet nursing, psychological nursing, symptomatic treatment and nursing, health education. Appendix introduces ward health practices, bed isolation and responsibility system nursing routine.
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