Breast cancer screening and Diagnosis Technology Handbook

Date of publication:2009-11   Press: Guangdong science and Technology Press   Author:Wang Qi   Pages´╝Ü118  

"Breast cancer screening and Diagnosis Technology Handbook" the current commonly used breast cancer screening and diagnostic techniques, such as breast self examination, clinical breast examination, mammography, breast ultrasound, endoscopy breast MRI examination Finch, duct and percutaneous biopsy technique, introduces the silk imaging Bl— RADS classification and pathological diagnosis and breast cancer screening and diagnosis process. "Breast cancer screening and Diagnosis Technology Handbook" illustrations, the combination of theory and practice, professional and popular characteristics, can be used as a first-line medical staff engaged in breast cancer screening and Jane off of manual work, but also for the majority of women reading.
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The first chapter of breast cancer screening and diagnosis technology overview of breast cancer screening, a breast cancer screening population and the age of two, breast cancer screening method of choice three, breast cancer screening processes and procedures four, breast cancer screening evaluation index of five, breast cancer screening quality control section second, section third of breast cancer diagnosis for breast cancer screening evaluation table references second chapter breast self examination, examination time, examination method, two three note reference third chapter of clinical breast examination, inspection, palpation, two three clinical breast examination of attention to the reference in Chapter fourth, breast cancer screening and diagnosis technology of the first section a, breast X-ray mammography inspection technology two, breast X-ray diagnosis report section second breast ultrasonography, breast ultrasound method, each layer of two normal breast ultrasound image and color blood flow performance of three, breast disease common ultrasonographic of four, breast mass ultrasound color flow grading (Adlr grading), five benign and malignant breast tumors differential points six, breast ultrasound Bl-RADS grade seven, breast ultrasound examination report template section third ductoscopy examination, Endoscopic method for constructing and operating the applied anatomy, two hole pipe mirror three, normal breast duct performance four, ductoscopy breast duct disease manifestations of five, breast duct endoscopy under six, the clinical application of fiberoptic ductoscopy considerations Section fourth of breast MRI, breast magnetic resonance imaging examination indication two, breast MRI method three, breast MRI report references fifth chapter sixth chapter breast pathology diagnosis technology for breast cancer screening and diagnosis flow appendix: TNM staging of breast cancer
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