Diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

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"Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment" is divided into three parts, the first part of the basis for the article, content involves the lung cancer epidemiology, etiology, biology, genetics, lung cancer, lung anatomy laboratory model, the early diagnosis of lung cancer and screening and translational research. The second part is the diagnosis, clinical manifestation, diagnosis, pathology of lung cancer, the study of cellular and molecular pathology, diagnosis, staging, tumor markers, prognostic index. The third part for the treatment, the lung cancer treatment methods, principles of comprehensive treatment, complications and treatment of lung cancer, efficacy and toxicity prediction index and individual treatment, in the treatment of lung cancer specific problems; and the trachea cancer, pleural mesothelioma treatment, lung cancer patients' quality of life and socialPhysical problems, lung cancer treatment related social problems, chemical prevention, control, follow-up, lung cancer and data management. Features: reflect the thinking of evidence-based medicine, embody the biopsychosocial medical model, reflect the individual treatment direction.
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The first chapter 1 in lung cancer epidemiology basis first quarter global lung cancer prevalence of second sections of lung cancer in our country in third lung cancer trend of lung cancer etiology second chapter first environmental risk factors and genetic factors in third chapter second section of lung cancer genetics section of lung cancer genetics section second genetic variants with susceptibility to lung cancer in section third genetic alterations in lung cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the significance of the fourth chapter, the fifth chapter of lung cancer lung cancer molecular biology laboratory model for the sixth chapter lung anatomy of the seventh chapter of lung cancer screening in the eighth chapter of lung cancer translational research second diagnosis ninth chapter lung cancer clinical manifestations of the tenth chapter, the eleventh chapter of imaging diagnosis of lung cancer lung cancer pathology the twelfth chapter studies and molecular pathology of lung cancer diagnosis means the first day of sputum and bronchial brushing cytology second bronchoscopy third CT guided percutaneous lung biopsy fourth mediastinoscopy fifth thoracoscopic sixth lymph node metastases and other fine needle aspiration cytology in seventh pleural effusion cytology in thirteenth chapter the fourteenth chapter is the staging of lung cancer of lung Cancer tumor markers in the fifteenth chapter of lung cancer prognosis of third treatment of sixteenth chapter of lung cancer treatment method of surgical treatment of second day the first day of radiotherapy in third day fourth Festival Department of internal medicine on endoscopic treatment in Chapter seventeenth, the comprehensive treatment of lung cancer the first section non-small cell lung cancer treatment in section second, comprehensive treatment of small cell lung cancer eighteenth chapter of lung cancer the first section of the complications and treatment of malignant pleural effusion in second section, third section of brain metastasis of malignant pericardial effusion fourth bone metastasis in fifth day of superior vena cava syndrome sixth malignant airway stenosis bronchoscopy in treatment of seventh lung cancer paraneoplastic syndrome eighth cancer pain, the nineteenth chapter lung cancer prediction index and individual treatment of the twentieth chapter of lung cancer treatment of special problems in the first quarter of second elderly lung cancer of female lung cancer third non-smokers in non small cell lung cancer fourth day behavior state score of 2 advanced non small cell lung cancer lung cancer fifth day Sixth Festival of carcinoma in situ and occult lung cancer seventh section of double primary lung cancer eighth rare types of lung cancer, the twenty-first chapter tracheal cancer the twenty-second chapter of malignant pleural membrane treatment The twenty-third chapter skin tumor metastatic lung cancer surgical treatment strategy in patients with lung cancer twenty-fourth chapter of social psychological problems and quality of life of the first section of lung cancer of social psychological and behavioral factors of second lung cancer quality of life in third lung cancer drug treated psychological behavior problems and treatment in section fourth how with the patient and family communication twenty-fifth chapters related to lung cancer social problems first chemoprevention of lung cancer second lung cancer prevention control tobacco spread third lung cancer clinical decision making in patients with lung cancer were followed up twenty-sixth chapter first clinical follow-up of second imaging follow-up chapter twenty-seventh lung cancer clinical trial design Appendix 1 lung cancer drug name abbreviations in table of Annex 2 Appendix 3 associated with lung cancer research organizations and support groups in Appendix 4 to the diagnosis of lung cancer treatment guidelines @##@ profile index "Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment of" focus on practicality, and its diagnosis, various methods of treatment in detail, in the first part of the introduction of basic knowledge, emphasize their relationship and clinical application, and set the conversion of a chapter, as the bridge and clinical communication based part of the. In close cooperation with our scientific and clinical epidemiology, author, etiology, genetics, molecular biology, the study of transformation and cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, clinical research and other aspects of the content of the book relates to lung cancer, lung cancer in recent years the field of comprehensive monograph. The book draws heavily on the latest information in recent years, such as the treatment of part of the 2008 USA society of Clinical Oncology (American Society of ClinicalOncology, ASCO) annual meeting of the new clinical findings, diagnostic part of the International Association of lung cancer research published in 2007 (InternationalAssociation for the Study of Lung Cancer, IASLC) lung cancer staging project the project is set for 2009, America Cancer Coalition (American Joint Committee on Cancer, AJCC) mainly based on version seventh of the lung cancer staging. Secondly, reflect the principle of comprehensive treatment is another characteristic of this book. Tumor hospital Chinese Medical Academy established Department of internal medicine treatment group as early as in twentieth Century 50 years, and in 70 years, from the Department of internal medicine and Department of radiation oncology established the comprehensive treatment of small cell lung cancer group, at the same time, the hospital also established China's first thoracic tumor combined inspection system. The principle of comprehensive treatment is now widely accepted, the book follows this tradition in our hospital, comprehensive treatment experience interpretation not only set up special sections according to our country and our hospital in non small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer, including lung complications such small section, but also by experts in various departments combined, make content more comprehensive and accurate. In the controversial part of comprehensive treatment, such as the period of non small cell lung cancer, surgery, radiation oncology, Department of internal medicine experts independently arranged in parallel, giving readers a more comprehensive understanding of.
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