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The second chapter concept hormone hormone and hormone receptor 1 hormone, hormone is most early for the first time in 1905 by the two British physiologist Bayliss and Starling proposed, they found a can stimulate pancreatic secretion substance in the study of canine small intestine and pancreas, called secretin, and puts forward the hormone to summarize the concept of fluid and all parts of the body to play a coordinating role in endocrine substances secreted in the process of. With the development of hormone research, people found that the secretion of substances can be diffused in the tissue space in. Hormone is produced by endocrine glands, scattered in the endocrine cells and the secretion of some non endocrine cells of high efficient biological active substances, the tissue fluid or blood delivery to target cells, combined with the specific receptors play a role in regulating, such chemical substances called hormones (hormone). Endocrine gland main body, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal gland, pancreas, pineal and thymus, and endocrine cells are widely scattered in the tissues and organs, such as the endocrine cells in the digestive tract mucosa, heart, kidney, lung, skin, placenta there are a variety of. In addition, in the central nervous system, especially the existence of both the hypothalamic endocrine function of nerve cells. Two categories of hormones, hormone is various, complex sources, a hormone known as nearly 200, the classification method is also a lot of. Some of the glands classification of its sources, some of the mode of secretion, also have the classification according to the chemical structure and physiological function, but the most commonly used is according to the chemical nature of the classification. This kind of classification method for basic and clinical research.
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The first chapter. The development of tumor, hormone and tumor etiology two, growth factor and tumor three, ectopic endocrine syndrome in four, tumor endocrine therapy five, future tumor endocrinology second chapter hormone and hormone receptor third chapter hormone and tumor fourth signal transduction system and tumor growth factor and tumor fifth chapter sixth chapter spirit neuroendocrine the seventh chapter opioid peptides with tumor and tumor in eighth chapter prostaglandin / cyclooxygenase system and tumor ninth chapter tumor detection and diagnosis technology. The tenth chapter of thyroid tumor in eleventh chapter parathyroid tumor of adrenal tumors twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter pituitary tumor of pancreatic endocrine tumors of pineal region tumors fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter gonadal tumor thymic tumors the eighteenth chapter of hormone dependent tumors in nineteenth chapter and twentieth chapter of endocrine related tumors of neuroendocrine tumors of the twenty-first chapter of multiple endocrine neoplasia chapter twenty-second familial cancer syndrome in twenty-third chapter carcinoid syndrome in twenty-fourth chapter ectopic hormone syndrome in twenty-fifth chapter, twenty-sixth chapter of endocrine and metabolic diseases tumor and tumor associated metabolic bone disease The twenty-seventh chapter tumor with low T3 comprehensive nutrition and nutrition in the treatment of metabolic syndrome in twenty-eighth chapter, twenty-ninth chapter of tumor patients abnormality and tumor cancer endocrine therapy thirty-first chapter thirtieth chapter thirty-second chapter @##@ tumor treatment effect of hormone and tumor prevention on endocrine system Endocrinology "tumor" is divided into 32 chapters, first ~ profiles, history the 9 chapter introduces the basic knowledge related to tumor Endocrinology and diagnosis technology. Tenth ~ 17 chapter describes common endocrine tumors, the eighteenth chapter introduces the hormone dependent tumor, the twentieth chapter introduces the neuroendocrine tumors, the thirtieth chapter mainly introduces the cancer endocrine therapy. In other chapters are respectively introduced the different tumor endocrine syndrome, metabolic disorders and cancer, cancer treatment effects on the endocrine system. Endocrine factors from tumor, tumor endocrine syndrome diagnosis of cancer, endocrine therapy, tumor prevention effect of hormone, and the tumor and tumor therapy on the endocrine system, all aspects are involved in endocrinology, so, in oncology prevention work must have rich knowledge of cancer endocrinology, they can better apply theory and practice the knowledge service in oncology patients.
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