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Date of publication:2006-8   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Press   Author:Niu Yun   Pages:348  

"The pathological diagnosis of breast tumor science" is a more comprehensively and systematically discusses the breast tumor pathology of the agency, which is unique in that: ① the layout and content of the symplectic narratives are closely with clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases of combining; according to the data of Pathology, Cancer Hospital of Medical University Of Tianjin. Many years of clinical and follow-up, with their own data; ③ in close combination with modern techniques such as molecular pathology, immunohistochemistry, cell genetics application, new progress in most tumor research gives discussion; ④ "breast tumor pathology" editor for many years engaged in breast cancer specialist and pathological diagnosis, research and teaching, there are a wealth of experience (read breast tumor pathology slice each year up to more than 5000 cases). "The pathological diagnosis of breast tumor," chief Fu Xilin is Professor of experts well-known breast tumor pathology of breast tumor, pathological diagnosis and research deep attainments, he is the "pathological diagnosis of breast tumor science" conception, writing and revising checks, has poured into the massive painstaking care. Published in 2002, Professor Fu Xilin monograph "breast tumor pathology color atlas" become "an important reference books for pathological diagnosis of breast tumor science".
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The first diagnostic pathology basis of the first chapter of breast anatomy and histological section morphology and structure of second breast lymphatic system in section third section fourth breast blood supply of breast nerve distribution second chapter breast embryo and growth of the first section breast embryonic development section second postnatal mammary development the third chapter mammary physiology and endocrinology the fourth chapter of breast tumor molecular pathology section of breast tumor growth of breast tumor biology section second section third apoptotic dysfunction and breast cancer fourth breast cancer metastasis, the molecular mechanism of tumor angiogenesis in section fifth, section sixth of breast cancer research of new technology and new method in Chapter fifth breast specimens of pathological examination and the first section specimens were type second breast tumor visible (gross inspection) features third sections of various specimens macrography and conventional materials section fourth special cases of the specimens and second benign breast pathological diagnosis was the first chapter of benign epithelial tumor and myoepithelial tumor section intraductal papilloma in section second adenoma of the nipple duct section third nipple syringoma adenoma fourth adenoma at The five section apocrine adenoma sixth ductal adenoma seventh pleomorphic adenoma in eighth day adenomyoepithelioma chapter second benign epithelial hyperplastic lesions first lobular hyperplasia second cystic hyperplasia, third ductal epithelial hyperplasia fourth adenosis third chapter tumor like lesions and inflammatory lesions first breast mammary duct ectasia second day milk product the third Festival cyst mucocele like lesions fourth fiber STD fifth hamartoma Sixth granulomatous mastitis seventh fat necrosis in eighth section, Ninth Section foreign body granuloma of tuberculosis of the breast tenth breast chronic inflammatory and breast abscess in eleventh sections of breast development the fourth chapter breast precancerous lesion section section second precancerous lesions of breast lesions the third section of breast precancerous lesions of the new viewpoint and the argument in Chapter fifth benign fibro epithelial tumor and stromal tumor section of benign fibroepithelial tumors second benign mesenchymal tumor of third malignant breast tumor pathological diagnosis of breast cancer histopathological classification of the first chapter of the history and development of the first section commonly used classification section second of breast cancer International Classification of breast cancer third of this book chapters illustrate the second chapter of non-invasive breast cancer The first section of intraductal carcinoma second lobular carcinoma in situ...... Fourth breast tumor pathological diagnosis of special inspection and special inspection of the
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