• Testicular tumor surgery and surgery operation

    Testicular tumor surgery and operation, ISBN:9787810605892, author: Sun Zeyu,

  • Chinese medicine in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases

    Cancer, "Chinese medicine for prevention and control of chronic diseases: cancer" will help cancer patients to establish a point of view, namely "cancer is a chronic disease, cancer is a kind of state, treatment of cancer requires a rational thinking, do not blindly advocating" quickie "and" genocide "point of view, should be emphasized in the maintenance of life quality based on the cancer disease,

  • Advances in clinical oncology China 2010

    "Introduction to the advances in clinical oncology China 2010" content: this year will be closely around the "focus on the molecular target, optimization of treatment strategies" theme, keep the distinctive professional features and academic style, and enrich the content of the conference, increase academic depth and breadth, strive to be comprehensive, accurately reflect the current clinical oncology,

  • Jaw bone tumor diagnosis and treatment

    "Jaw bone tumor diagnosis and treatment of" first introduced the imaging diagnosis of applied anatomy of maxillofacial and related parts and physiological function, tumors of jaw, then introduced the odontogenic and non odontogenic benign tumor and tumor, malignant tumours of the mandible, TMJ tumors and tumor disease pathogenesis, pathology, clinical,

  • Guidelines for the treatment of esophageal cancer

    "Introduction of esophageal treatment guidelines" cancer radiation content: plays an important role in the treatment of esophageal cancer radiotherapy. At present, radiotherapy for esophageal cancer there is no standardized treatment, the medical unit, the indications, surgical treatment and there is a big difference between. In order to regulate the esophageal cancer in china,

  • Oncology

    "Tumor" is a subject studying cancer epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical diagnosis and prognosis in medical education, it has become very important. The reason is the incidence of cancer patients, the mortality rate has been accounted for almost 1 / 3 of all human diseases. "Cancer" include oncology, tumor clinical classification,

  • Exploration of female tumor

    Tumor is a common disease in human tumors in women, is one of the main diseases threatening the health of women, in our country every year tens of thousands of women die, therefore, prevention and treatment of gynecological tumors is not only an important subject in medical workers, but also of concern for women. Tumor growth in the reproductive organs,

  • America Cancer Society Cancer nutrition and exercise guide

    "American Cancer Society Cancer nutrition and exercise guide" by "American Cancer Association (ACS)" writing, its contents and conclusions are based on epidemiological evidence and clinical results of the most rigorous, both simple elaboration to the correlation theory, also has the very strong operation, by the Americans welcome, its popularity as a American anti,

  • Mammary stem cell regulation and carcinogenesis

    "Mammary stem cell regulation and carcinogenesis" content introduction: in view of the common diseases of importance and mammary gland function, especially breast cancer serious threat to the health of women, breast disease has become one of the most popular topics in the field of modern medicine, clinical on breast diseases research has achieved remarkable results. At present, the breast,

  • Glioma

    This book is a collection of cancer epidemiology, cytogenetics, molecular biology and science, cell kinetics, neuropathology, neuroimaging, Department of neurosurgery operation, tumor treatment and clinical nursing in one, the glioma detailed and comprehensive monograph. In the basic sciences, focuses on glioma,

  • Malignant tumors of integrated treatment manual

    Tian Huaqin editor of the "Handbook of common malignant tumors integrated treatment" is divided into ten chapters, the first chapter introduces the common method for the treatment of cancer, such as drug therapy, chemical therapy, biological therapy, hyperthermia, minimally invasive treatment, molecular targeted therapy, endocrine therapy, photodynamic therapy, gene and immune therapy: the second chapter,

  • The utility of interstitial implantation brachytherapy for malignant tumor

    "Practical interstitial brachytherapy for malignant tumor" not only review the radioactive particles asked brachytherapy history, elaborated the theory basis of radioactive particles implantation therapy in physics and biology, more systematically introduces the scope and the technical key points of the technology, which makes the technology,

  • Non operation treatment and rehabilitation of tumor

    The book has five chapters, divided into the basic knowledge of tumor, tumor diagnosis, cancer treatment, cancer patients diet conditioning, prevention and rehabilitation of cancer. The author uses the form of Q & A, detailed answers the tumor etiology, diagnosis and treatment of readers care, prevention and rehabilitation technology etc.. Understanding these basic medical knowledge,,

  • To create the miracle of life

    To create the miracle of life: anticancer story (English version), ISBN:9787802288430, author: Han Lintao et al,

  • Union gynecologic oncology Handbook

    "Union gynecologic oncology Handbook" intended as a manual, is intended to be engaged in the gynecology department tumor clinical doctor best, readily accessible, concise reference books, including the common problems in the field of gynecological tumors, such as before and after surgery, chemotherapy, chemotherapy dose calculation, and complications of chemotherapy,,

  • Atlas of skull base and brain stem tumor surgery

    "Map" skull and brain stem tumor surgery consists of 6 section of the 41 chapter, according to the general, the anterior cranial fossa, cavernous sinus and sellar region and middle cranial fossa, posterior cranial fossa and brain stem of the order, not only introduced a system of base of skull and brain stem anatomy, pathology and imaging, anesthesia, nerve operation room, monitoring, configuration, I after operation,

  • The treatment of cancer pain

    Principles and practice, "cancer pain treatment: Principles and practice," a total of 48 chapters, 61 bit compiler. "Cancer pain treatment: Principles and practice of" fluency, starting from the historical background and etiology of cancer pain, the latest data to describe the epidemiology of adult contemporary, pain in children, the existing and new cancer pain control,

  • Malignant tumor of digestive system of modern non operation treatment

    "Malignant tumor in the digestive system of modern non operation treatment" is to introduce the digestive system malignant tumor and non clinical reference book operation treatment of new technologies. A total of 28 chapters, discusses the etiology, epidemiology, imaging grade endoscopic examination method and diagnostic methods, treatment principle are introduced, chemotherapy and radiotherapy,

  • Basic and clinical recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis

    "Hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis and recurrence of basic and clinical" discusses the molecular level to HCC metastasis related transfer process and mechanism of metastasis of HCC recurrence model, from liver cancer, as well as from angiogenesis, immunotherapy, gene therapy of experimental intervention to metastasis and recurrence of the frontier research and development and other content. ,

  • Be alive in desperation

    A cancer patient's voice, "life: an introduction to the heart" of a cancer patient: throughout this book, you can use three "a" to summarize, namely "method", "a view", "a concern". "One way": give priority to with western medicine under the premise, give full play to the attenuation and synergistic effect of Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer, is,

  • Cancer family essential handbook

    "The main content of cancer family Handbook" is: in order to enhance public awareness, on a variety of common tumor prevention, away from the cancer invasion, healthy life; let the tumor patients more calm in the face of disease, timely, correct selection of reasonable treatment, early out of the disease, restore health. For truly",

  • Lung neoplasms of evidence-based medicine

    Wu Yilong compiled the "lung tumor evidence-based medicine" prepared jointly by the domestic famous experts, sincere words full of young scholars in the field of the lung tumor medicine road, faithfully recorded their journey in exploring medical Road, through these words so that the development of pulmonary oncology vivid display,

  • Oncology clinical department of Ophthalmology

    "" oncology clinical department of Ophthalmology Department of ophthalmology by internationally renowned expert Professor D.Singh, Professor E.Damat0 Arun Bertil, Jacob Pe 'er A.Linn Murphree Professor, Professor Julian and Professor D.Perry,

  • Cancer control

    From theory to action, "cancer control: from theory to action to the World Health Organization action planning guide," focuses on how to promote early detection of cancer control, how to plan for cancer control project, how to implement effective cancer control program, mainly to the project managers and decision makers to provide effective suggestions. "Cancer control: from theory,

  • Molecular diagnosis and prediction of tumor

    Molecular diagnosis and prediction of tumor, is an important part of molecular medicine, has become a hot area of cancer research in recent years, even as the first twenty-first Century "most likely to improve global health status of ten key biological technology". With the development of molecular biology, especially the implementation of human genome project,

  • Basic and clinical cancer research

    The book includes basic and clinical report of two parts. Based on papers introduced the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with cancer, and Chinese traditional medicine on several important aspects of cancer research, exploration and research such as tumor immunity, differentiation and induced differentiation, oncogene and tumor suppressor genes, such as tumor enzymology. Clinical articles included 21,

  • Proton therapy of tumor

    "Tumor proton therapy map" is the first systematic summary tumor proton therapy clinical practice monograph, written by the radiation therapy oncology physicians and physicists Shandong Wanjie proton therapy center. The following aspects of proton therapy in clinical application, both to summarize the clinical experience of foreign proton therapy, and a million,

  • Prevent remind

    "Remind" anti-cancer big answer 120 cancer issues of most concern to readers in daily life, divided into the emotional state of mind and anti-cancer, anti-cancer, behavior and the environment conditions and cancer, diet and cancer, cancer prevention and performance with the common understanding of cancer prevention cancer six, to set up the "cancer is preventable,

  • To create the miracle of life

    "To create the miracle of life: anticancer story (Chinese version)" content brief introduction: an advanced esophageal cancer patients, experts, Professor of Shanghai tumor hospital decision only live for six months to a year, but after radiotherapy, chemotherapy, he miraculously survived. Over the past ten years, he is still alive and well. He created a,

  • Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of common tumor

    Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of common tumor,

  • Cancer control

    From theory to action: the World Health Organization action planning guide for prevention, "cancer control: from theory to action to the World Health Organization action planning guide • prevention" from theory to action, the World Health Organization action planning guide, consists of 6 modules, namely: planning, prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, palliative care, policy and advocacy, has been translated into many languages,,

  • Clinical bone tumor treatment

    "Clinical bone tumor treatment" is "treatment of clinical bone surgery" books. Bone and soft tissue tumor is the most difficult diagnosis and treatment of disease in the Department of orthopedics in the field, but also the focus of medical research. "Clinical bone tumor treatment" to the scientific, advanced and practical clinical treatment for compiling principle, relates to disease,

  • Melanoma basis and clinical

    "Melanoma basis and clinical" on the pathogenesis and the clinical diagnosis, treatment of a full range of melanoma, will be the first of the melanoma of academic monographs. "Melanoma basis and clinical" consists of 22 chapters and 1 appendices, about 80 words, covering from the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment,

  • Clinical treatment of new concept

    Detailed describes the book on the rise in recent years, new ideas, new cancer treatment technology, to make it more systematic and scientific. The book is divided into 9 chapters, the first chapter of the new concept of treatment by renowned experts in the field of lung cancer and liver cancer were discussed, so that readers of these new techniques in the treatment of lung cancer and,

  • Malignant pleural mesothelioma

    Professor Liao Meilin is committed to long-term respiratory department of internal medicine disease diagnosis; and research work, have a unique opinion she not only in multidisciplinary treatment of lung cancer, and gradually formed a multidisciplinary treatment standard, become the main theme of the current treatment of lung cancer, but also quite in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of other chest disease,

  • Mechanical surgical operation of chest tumor

    This book based on traditional chest tumor surgery technology, discusses in detail has been widely used in researches on mechanical surgical instruments, clinical techniques and methods, such as: stapler, suture device types, application mode, using skills. And the application of this technique in esophageal cancer, lung cancer and cardiac cancer surgical operation. Yes.

  • Cell traitor

    The origin of cancer cells, "traitor: the origin of cancer" by the first hand information, these years to explore the origins of human cancer outcomes, especially gene, carcinogenic substances, gene, mutation, cell growth, genetic and immune mechanism and the relationship of cancer. ,

  • Tumor

    This book gives a brief introduction to the diet of patients with tumor treatment principle, collected 100 diet food, briefly introduced each dish, raw material, practice effect, is suitable the crowd, eat and tabu lists a week food table, also collected the unilateral. This book is easy to understand language, pictures, keep pace with times, the integration of knowledge,

  • Oncology diagnosis Atlas

    This version of oncology diagnosis of is the best so far in version three. The editor and in radiology and pathology of cooperation not only the compilation of the atlas of excellent visibility, improve the organization of those associated with the corresponding tumors, staging and clinical characterization of the annotations, and enumerates the cases are the latest. Radiology and,

  • 240 how do chest tumor

    Tumor is one of the threat to human health of the most common diseases at present, chest tumors especially bronchial tumor, whether at home or abroad to occupy the cancer incidence and mortality of the first, in our country every year several one hundred thousand people died due to lung cancer. The popular science brochure. Introduced the basic knowledge of the common chest tumor, key,

  • Targeting therapy of digestive system tumors

    Digestive system tumor targeting therapy, ISBN:9787530436028, author: Chen Rufu, Wang Jie,

  • Lung cancer

    Liao Meilin, Zhou Yunzhong editor of "lung cancer (Third Edition)" is the first monograph of lung cancer third edition, first edition, won the 1982 annual national prize of outstanding science and technology books. This version by Thoracic Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and all brother in hospital related scientific research and teaching,

  • Lymph node metastasis of gastric cancer

    "Gastric cancer lymph node metastasis" content abstract: along with the basic research of gastric cancer gradually, more and more profound understanding of the pathogenesis of gastric cancer in the US, the results of these studies are constantly changing to clinical diagnosis and treatment of new. At present, the biology of the tumor treatment research and development rapidly, become the study of tumor treatment heat,

  • Cancer know-all

    "Cancer know-all" for cancer patients and their family members to ask questions about tumor of sorts, by expert analytic way explains basic knowledge of tumor and tumor prevention method. Including the conception of tumor, differentiation between benign and malignant tumor, malignant tumor prevention, early warning, early diagnosis and treatment,

  • Bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

    "Section" of bladder cancer and prostate cancer in Chinese Medical Association (CUA), Department of Urology diagnosis of bladder cancer and prostate cancer treatment guidelines as the basis, principle and procedure, in bladder cancer and prostate cancer treatment principles and procedures and follow-up and prognosis and other aspects of the possible in detail, and pass,

  • Department of internal medicine and therapeutics of tumor

    "Tumor therapeutics: Department of internal medicine, new theory, new ideas, new technology" points and the general theory of two, a total of 43 chapters. The system and simple description of tumor department of internal medicine treatment at the same time, lots of relevant reports at home and abroad in recent years, emphatically introduces the new theory, new ideas, new technology and its various aspects, such as malignant tumor,

  • The idea and practice of common malignant tumors

    Concept and practice, "common malignant tumor: idea and practice" includes two parts in general and the theory, chapter 29. The introduction part introduces the attention should be paid to the diagnosis and treatment of the basic concept, biology characteristic of malignant tumor and tumor clinical manifestation, the problem of; on the part of the common malignant tumors and several common tumor emergency basic,

  • Economic effectiveness of treatment series 35

    "Economic effect on content of 35: brain tumor treatment series" Introduction: brain tumor is a common disease in nervous system, can cause nervous system dysfunction, give patients pains and residual sputum. With the development of society and science and technology, the deepening of understanding of brain tumor. "Economic effect on curing brain series 35,

  • Oncology therapy coaching

    Diagnosis and treatment of correct thinking is the key to clinical work place. "Oncology therapy advice" in doubt, difficulties, missed diagnosis, younger oncologists encountered in clinical work missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, mistreatment and do not know how to choose the best treatment means, the critical and difficult cases at a loss etc.. Dielectric,

  • Radiofrequency ablation therapy

    "Radiofrequency ablation therapy" is divided into 6 chapters, respectively introduces the radiofrequency ablation of liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and uterine fibroids, and radiofrequency ablation guided puncture needle method. The first chapter of radiofrequency ablation guided puncture needle method, described in detail in the B ultrasound, CT, MRI etc.,

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