The door of life

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: China Light Industry Press   Author:Liu Yamin   Pages:140   Words:100000  

About cervical cancer report, different from the general women's knowledge not only from books is, disease from female psychology multi perspective and anatomy of cervical cancer for women to bring physical and mental suffering, how to prevent therapy and physical and mental conditioning. You are C type? You have a clean sexual life? Absolute privacy in the book case, will show the psychological process of suffering from cervical cancer in women to you. By reading the report, you may be able to reverse the perceived no discomfort can not see Department of gynaecology concept, but must have regular cancer screening habits.
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Liu Yamin joined the army 12 years, Ba, translation, like writing, he published his "courtyard" youth. In 1999 transferred to the "China women" magazine. Emotional health, news reporter, editor, published nearly a million words of text publications at all levels, to explore women's psychology, fine text at.
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The story of others is your mirror the first chapter cavities in struggle -- encountered disease archives No.1 waiting for life visa day file No.2 HPV file, No.3 God pain my heart chose the wrong object file No.4 to punish operation signing file their No.5 I want to cut my uterus file No.6 love and betrayal "gift" the file No.7 in my own bed profile of No.8 life in my hands "wrong" second chapter hole secret -- doubt prevention, face, treatment of disease after HPV infection -- you will die of cervical cancer? Underwear on the gynecological passwords don't be personality down review your lifestyle to cervical cancer vaccine when inoculated cervical cancer is really coming in Chapter third, the rehabilitation of the road -- learning to listen to their voices, remodeling and file No.1 40 year old woman to spend the file No.2 in my gorgeous turn file No.3 herringbone is supporting each other rebuild my files No.4 project files No.5 self massage than chicken soup for the file No.6 my heart is very wide in my home a large file No.7 in our bodies in the river with: "Beijing 100000 female cervical disease free screen Check the "public welfare activities report: HPV with the number of home dialogue: how to prevent cervical disease and expert dialogue
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  •   Write very detailed, learned a lot of knowledge. Female friend is worth a look

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