Handbook of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors

Date of publication:2006-8   Press: Beijing science and Technology Press   Author:Liu Yuanjiao   Pages:501   Words:510000  

Liu Yuanjiao, female, born in October 1944, bachelor's degree. Professor, chief physician, master's tutor. Chinese society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Hubei branch member, Hubei Province Family Planning Association vice president, Hubei Province female physicians association. Published more than 30 scientific research achievements, won the two prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei province 1. Deputy editor in chief of 5 monographs, 2, AP 2. Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment in gynecological tumor operation and comprehensive treatment of various gynecological inflammation, bleeding, endocrine disorders.
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The first chapter 1 in obstetrics pregnancy and childbirth second chapter genetics and eugenics in Chapter third, chapter fourth of women's health in pregnancy specific diseases in fifth chapter abnormal pregnancy time chapter sixth ectopic pregnancy in seventh chapter multiple pregnancy fetal macrosomia and eighth chapter of ninth chapter of amniotic fluid volume abnormality of fetal distress and premature rupture of fetal growth restriction in tenth chapter and eleventh chapter in late pregnancy. The twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter bleeding postpartum hemorrhage abnormal delivery in Fourteenth chapter abnormal puerperium fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter Department of internal medicine disease during pregnancy pregnancy with surgical disease, the seventeenth chapter neonatal injury newborn common disease eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter of pregnancy and drug second gynecological twentieth chapter and twenty-first chapter of vulva vaginitis cervicitis pelvic inflammatory disease in twenty-second chapter twenty-fourth chapter twenty-third chapter tumor of vulva cervical cancer twenty-fifth chapter twenty-sixth uterine tumor chapter twenty-seventh ovarian tumor chapter fallopian tube carcinoma twenty-eighth chapter of gestational trophoblastic disease twenty-ninth chapter, thirtieth chapter of reproductive endocrine disease endometriosis and adenomyosis in thirtieth Chapter thirty-second abnormal development of the female reproductive organs of female reproductive organ injury disease chapter thirty-third chapter thirty-fourth STD chapter infertility and assisted reproductive technology chapter thirty-fifth family planning the thirty-sixth chapter of common gynecologic symptoms differential diagnosis of the thirty-seventh chapter of endoscope in gynecological clinics in Appendix @##@ application You may have such experience, the textbook has read several times, tomes authority on hand, but in clinical practice but unable to proceed...... -- the precious experience -- the concise language style -- novel format book will become your carry on good helper! May from time to time to read, will bring you more benefits...... The book is rich in content, novelty, practicality. The book includes obstetrics, gynecology, family planning, infertility, obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology laparoscopic operation small, obstetrics and Gynecology medicine section, the conventional method of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, the rich clinical experience into one. Every cure a disease, the risk for illness or medical operation have to bear for the book's novelty, help young doctors to learn lessons, medical risks to a minimum. Editor's years of clinical experience with block to special tips, young doctor on duty can have one's words at hand when needed, to resolve problems, difficulties.
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