The treatment and care of obstetrics patients

Date of publication:2006-6   Press: Science Press   Author:Li Bin   Pages:322   Words:218000  

Li Bin, 50 years old, female, in 1978 graduated from the medical department of Guangzhou Medical College of Zhongshan, the current Capital Medical University Affiliated obstetrics and Gynecology of Beijing not 安卢 hospital director, chief physician, associate professor, Department of gynecology and obstetrics department of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Capital Medical University, director of assessment, postgraduate tutor. The Chinese Medical Association member, Beijing City branch of Obstetrics and Gynecology Professional Committee China eugenics association director, Beijing climacteric syndrome
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The PART1 patients in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrics and Gynecology particularity in patients with disease complex two, patients with gynecologic diagnosis and examination of three obstetric patients, diagnosis and examination of a basic knowledge of PART2 and gynecological diseases, female reproductive system two, female reproductive system physiology three, pregnancy physiology four, normal delivery, postpartum five commonly used PART3 in obstetrics and Gynecology treatment method, obstetrics and Gynecology common and special drugs two, operation treatment of PART4 common gynecological disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vaginitis, cervical, two with pelvic inflammation in three, four cervical cancer, five uterus myoma, endometrial cancer six, ovarian tumor seven, gestational trophoblastic disease eight, female reproductive system injury disease nine, menstrual disorders, menopausal syndrome, ten eleven twelve sterility, endometriosis, thirteen elderly women with urinary system diseases PART5 pathology diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a drugs during pregnancy, abortion, two three, four ectopic pregnancy, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes mellitus, five and six of pregnancy complicated with heart disease seven, postpartum hemorrhage in eight, nine, placental abruption placenta previa P ART6 contraception and birth control, two, a tool for contraception contraceptive drugs three, four other contraceptive methods, artificial termination of pregnancy PART7 minimally invasive gynecological laparoscopic operation in two, a new concept, hysteroscopy operation three, vaginal operation PART8 obstetrics and Gynecology emergency one, hemorrhagic shock in two, three eclampsia, puerperal fever four, genital trauma PART9 women's health PART10 obstetrics and gynecology nursing a, see Department of gynaecology and obstetrics disease notice two, nursing care, promote the vaginitis patients recovered after three, after the family planning operation nursing of four gynecological operation, nursing of five, prenatal care, childbirth preparation six self protection seven, postpartum Raiders eight, baby care, nine patients with pregnancy associated with diabetes and baby appendix @##@ nursing Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrics and Gynecology including family planning, disease complex, make treatment and care of obstetrics patients, is very important for women's health. The book consists of 10 chapters, focuses on the treatment and care of the common diseases of obstetrics patients, including normal pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium process, the mature methods of prevention and treatment of common gynecological diseases in recent years, and summarized the clinical experience of Obstetrics and Gynecology of An Zhen Hospital for several years, and new progress in prevention and cure of disease of Department of gynaecology and obstetrics. The book is easy to understand, easy to use, is the vast number of obstetrics patients senior health books, also can be used as reference for community physicians.
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