Gynecology of traditional Chinese Medicine

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Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Whatever the different theoretical system of Chinese and Western medicine and Western Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology, it also has two significant difference: Western Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology according to solve the problem of different, can divide again for obstetrics and Gynecology two interrelated, and relatively independent discipline. Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine is not, as theory and practice related to delivery the main obstetric content are very weak, so that failure to form a relatively independent schools in obstetrics. We know the problem and the methods to solve the problems, the Western Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology basically is the surgical disciplines, and Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine, is still based on the basic, prescription, treatment based on syndrome differentiation, the discipline of the Department of internal medicine. It can be said that is the gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics. Understanding the characteristics of history, to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the heritage of the school, will have a certain role.
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The first chapter is a general female physiology characteristic, uterus, menstruation, leukorrhea two three four, pregnancy and puerperal five, viscera, Qi and blood, main and collateral channels and female physiological relation between the second chapter pathogenesis characteristics section second section third chapter etiology pathogenesis diagnosis and treatment based on syndrome differentiation diagnosis of first quarter four second day treatment based on syndrome differentiation of fourth chapters method summary, kidney two, a regulating liver and liver three, spleen and stomach, regulating qi and blood of five of four, regulating Chong and Ren the first chapter first menstrual disorder menstrual disease cases selected second metrorrhagia cases selected section third cases selected fourth medical records of dysmenorrhea amenorrhea in fifth day after menstruation sixth premenstrual syndromes medical records selected seventh menopausal syndrome cases selected the second chapter leukorrhagia cases selected the third chapter pregnancy disease first vomiting of pregnancy (vomiting) selected second cases with abortion third day pregnancy upset (sub bother) fourth day gestational edema (swelling of the fifth sub) section sixth eclampsia pregnancy stranguria (Zi Lin section) the seventh section pregnancy inverse gas (sub suspension) eighth day gestation fetal water ninth day pregnancy Uroschesis (turn cell) tenth day pregnant cough (child cough) eleventh day gestational aphonia (sub voice) twelfth The extra uterine pregnancy in section thirteenth, chapter fourth first day postpartum disease childbirth postpartum haemorrhage second day postpartum fainting third day postpartum abdominal pain fourth day postpartum convulsion fifth choose sixth day Postpartum Lochiorrhea seventh day postpartum urine leaching day postpartum fever cases closed cases selected eighth day ninth day postpartum hypogalactia milk from fourth day Fifth Festival thermal mass the blood chamber section tenth postpartum hidrosis with chapter fifth miscellaneous gynecological diseases section Yin Yang second section uterine prolapse third infertility cases selected sixth day milk cry
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The first chapter of menstrual disease menstrual disease refers to the menstrual cycle, period or the amount of abnormal, non physiological stop menstruation, and many times with menstrual symptoms and etc.. Clinical often have menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, stop, vomit, the fever, premenstrual syndromes, menopausal syndrome. In addition, the heat into the blood chamber, although with the menstrual related, but not of menstrual disease, will be described in diseases. Menstrual disease is disease, the most common gynecologic menstrual abnormalities, often is the mixture of reaction. As the "female family economy" cited Prince Heng said: "the Hou, often also called Hou, the body Yin and Yang trespass V, the safety, the monthly to, if not, all that does not adjust." "Jing Yue Quan Shu. The woman." said: "women with blood, Wang is adjusted and offspring, the ups and downs of the body, are all originated from the.... 'lost by, often, a discrepancy is losing its constant degree and the disease to see." So, the health of women "essence nondestructive, emotional harmony, proper diet. "Phase four" work and moderate, "sun shade is long and the hundred vessels full", menstruation often. If "or by worries, or by rage, or dead, or to six of her diet", make the five hidden disease, disorder of Qi and blood, Chong and Ren is damaged, the disease can be, after also disorders. Menstrual disease treatment, the theory also, "menstruation to shun gas based on", "Tiaojing nourishing mo before regulating qi", "menstruation for Qi Qi Theory", "regulate the menstrual function can not be designed its gas consumption theory", "can not be wrong when he medicine Tiaojing nourishing blood on"; also have "menstruation for nourishing water, no blood theory", and "Tiaojing nourishing water and fire will keep on", "Tiaojing to Dabu spleen based theory", "Tiaojing will trial temper biochemical source", "Jing Yi nourishing the spleen and stomach for the first theory", and so on, although with different emphases clinical experience is, talk, have a certain reference value. In recent years, some research of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, kidney menstruation, for the reproduction of the.
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