Basic nursing experimental course

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: Military Medical Science Press   Author:Wang Li, Xiao Guohua, Wang Xueqin.   Pages´╝Ü146  

"Basic nursing experimental course" is the supporting materials for teaching reform in nursing experiment, by nursing teachers and clinical nursing staff in the years experimental teaching based on the combination of clinical nursing need to compile. According to the characteristics of nursing experiment and nursing students' learning needs, we will experiment teaching of basic nursing of professional nursing, health assessment, nursing etiquette, Nursing Introduction 7 courses were optimized combination. Teaching material is divided into the introduction, nursing etiquette and communication between nurses and patients, the eight chapter, including 61 nursing experimental project, covering the basic clinical nursing service items and commonly used nursing technology, at the same time, a comprehensive and innovative experiment project, each experiment according to knowledge point, purpose, object, method and steps, the matters needing attention the six part, questions were prepared through the preparation process, people-oriented, in the frame of nursing procedure, in order to language fluency, clear steps, illustrated, combined with clinical knowledge point, and training of nursing students.
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The first chapter is the introduction section nursing experimental overview section second laboratory regulations third laboratory report writing the second chapter nursing etiquette and nurse patient communication in nursing etiquette etiquette first experimental application in nursing work section second application of nurse patient communication in experiment two, experiment third chapter of nurse patient communication for the first day to prepare nurses wash technique experiment second patients in preparation for the third festival environment preparation section fourth items for experiment two experimental items using the fourth chapter first admission to hospital admission nursing experimental bed method (a) experiment two bed method (two) experiment five history collection experiment six physical examination in experiment three, experiment four wheelchair transportation with flat car transporting patients method in section second admission assessment (a) experiment seven physical examination (two) experiment eight physical examination (three) experiment nine physical examination (four) experiment ten physical examination (five) - the eleven physical examination (six) experiment twelve physical examination (seven) experiment thirteen physical examination (eight) experiment fourteen physical examination (nine) real Test fifteen blood specimen collection experiment sixteen urine specimens were collected seventeen stool specimens were collected from experiment eighteen electrocardiogram experiment nineteen nursing records the fifth chapter hospital nursing during the first section to meet the patients physiological need to experiment a bedridden patients change the sheets in experiment two, experiment three oral nursing bed shampoo in Experiment four, bed bath experiment five nasal feeding experiment six a lot of non retention enema in experiment seven, second patients with indwelling catheterization for comfort and safety need to experiment eight decubitus application experiment nine transform supine method in experiment ten protection with experiment eleven using sterile technique, and has been used in experiment twelve isolation clothes third day meet patients need to experiment thirteen oral administration method the experiment fourteen ultrasonic nebulization in experiment fifteen injection administration preparation experiment sixteen intradermal injection experiment seventeen subcutaneous injection experiment eighteen intramuscular injection experiment nineteen intravenous injection experiment twenty drug allergy test experiment twenty A closed intravenous infusion experiment twenty-two indirect venous transfusion experiments twenty-three alcohol wipe bath experiment twenty-four hot wet compress experiment twenty-five oxygen therapy experiment twenty-six electric aspirator sputum suction method in experiment twenty-seven, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the sixth chapter nursing section nursing the patients nursing of second day hospice care in experiment two, the seventh chapter body care experimental section second day experiment content the patients nursing experiment of two patients with infectious diseases nursing experiment three trauma patients in Experiment four, experiment five health education of literature retrieval in Chapter eighth innovative experimental section second day experiment experiment design of experiment two nursing ward environment of technological innovation in experiment three, nurse four style experiment microteaching reference
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