The higher occupation education health nursing new planning materials

Date of publication:2010-8   Press: Chinese science and Technology Press   Author:Pan Niansong, Yan Zhiyong, Li Xuefei   Pages´╝Ü196  

"Community nursing" mainly introduces the community nursing Conspectus, community nursing program, home visits and family support, community epidemiological statistics index and calculation method of special groups, community health care, chronic disease community nursing and family health guidance, the disabled in community rehabilitation nursing, community epidemic prevention and emergency treatment, community residents health education, community nursing technology and skills, each chapter with the chapters before navigation, supplemented by exercises. "Community" is rich in content, practical and operable. This set of textbooks for higher vocational nursing students, but also for the medical professional and vocational nursing students.
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The first chapter is an introduction to the first day of community nursing community and community health service of community nursing second chapter second section exercises nursing process in the community of community nursing assessment application section second section third section of community nursing diagnosis of community nursing plan fourth day community nursing fifth community nursing evaluation exercise third chapter epidemiology in the community care in the application of the first section epidemiological overview section second of community nursing are commonly used in epidemiological statistical indicators and methods of exercise fourth chapter family and home care first day family and health section second home visit third home care exercise fifth chapter of health education in community health education and health promotion in the first quarter of second community health education content and form third community health education program. The sixth chapter in community health care section community children, adolescent health section second community women health care section third community health care for the elderly. The seventh chapter of chronic diseases and infectious diseases of community management and nursing in the first quarter and second quarter of chronic disease community nursing of common chronic disease community management and nursing of third patients with infectious diseases management section of the community the eighth chapter nursing and rehabilitation exercises And community nursing section section second community rehabilitation nursing program in section third, community rehabilitation nursing professional technology section of the fourth stroke patients in community rehabilitation exercises chapter ninth nursing technical community medical implementation outline for the first day, third day festival disinfection isolation life signs sterilization of second measurement section fourth dressing fifth day injection technique in section sixth oxygen therapy the seventh section and sputum suction tube feeding section eighth CPCR exercises reference
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