Clinical nursing practice

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: University of Science & Technology China press   Author:Song Guiqi   Pages´╝Ü318  

This book combines the reform of China's health system on Comprehensively Strengthening Basic Nursing, improve nursing level requirements, based on domestic and foreign nursing theory and the practice, clinical experience and research results based on clinical nursing, common diseases as the guide in detail, for learning, nurse working with a leading role, improve the quality of nursing. The book is all types of medical unit clinical practice guidelines, and nursing administrators to improve nursing management level reference book.
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The first chapter preface the respiratory system disease section of community acquired pneumonia in second day care of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease nursing third spontaneous pneumothorax in nursing care of fourth day of severe bronchial asthma care in chapter second, diseases of the circulatory system the first heart failure care section second acute myocardial infarction care section third hypertension nursing fourth permanent pacemaker implantation nursing fifth congenital heart disease interventional therapy nursing chapter third digestive system disease first acute pancreatitis second massive hemorrhage of upper gastrointestinal tract nursing third hepatic encephalopathy nursing fourth peptic ulcer diseases of urinary system nursing the fourth chapter first nephrotic syndrome nursing second urinary tract infection nursing third chronic renal failure nursing fifth chapter first regeneration of blood system diseases aplastic anemia nursing of second acute leukemia combined chemotherapy of leukemia third day care nursing fourth idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and nursing care of fifth multiple myeloma nursing of sixth chapter of endocrine and metabolic diseases of diabetes care first festival second festival hyperthyroidism care chapter seventh rheumatic diseases polymyositis, dermatomyositis first day care section second system Hemorrhage nursing Xing sixth cerebral infarction Nursing fifth subarachnoid systemic lupus erythematosus nursing of eighth chapter of nervous system diseases first epilepsy care second acute spinal cord acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy nursing third arthritis care section fourth cerebral hemorrhage (ischemic stroke) nursing care of myasthenia gravis in ninth chapter seventh section of the first pediatric diseases festival of children with febrile convulsion in children with pneumonia care nursing of second day third day fourth day care children diarrhea in children with nephrotic syndrome Nursing Section fifth foot and mouth disease nursing sixth viral encephalitis in nursing care of tenth chapter neonatal section second day care for premature infants in neonatal respiratory distress syndrome nursing third neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy nursing eleventh chapter first infection diseases section nursing care of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis second severe hepatitis diseases in Department of general surgery nursing of twelfth chapter, Section 1 of thyroid operation nursing of second breast cancer care section third abdominal external hernia nursing fourth stomach operation nursing of fifth section of carcinoma of ampulla nursing sixth colorectal cancer operation nursing of seventh patients with acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis care of 1T tube nursing care of 2 percutaneous liver puncture Drainage (PTCD) of 3 nasobiliary drainage (ENBD) in section eighth, section ninth of acute pancreatitis nursing care of peripheral vascular diseases in tenth liver cancer care section eleventh portal hypertension operation nursing of twelfth section of abdominal aortic aneurysm nursing thirteenth chapter diseases in Department of cerebral surgery the first brain contusion and laceration nursing second intracranial aneurysm third meningiomas nursing care the fourth section pituitary adenoma nursing fifth intraspinal tumor nursing sixth Parkinson syndrome nursing seventh trigeminal neuralgia nursing eighth day 24 hour long-term video EEG monitoring and nursing of ventricular drainage management: fourteenth Chapter 1 lung diseases in Department of thoracic surgery nursing second esophageal cancer nursing of third acute thoracic trauma nursing fourth mediastinal tumor nursing the fifth section funnel chest NUSS operation nursing of sixth section of achalasia of cardia cardiac surgery nursing the fifteenth chapter first ventricular septal defect nursing second rheumatic valvular heart disease nursing third coronary heart disease (surgery) nursing sixteenth chapter first kidney stone diseases in Department of Urology nursing care for renal transplant section second section third prostatic hyperplasia Bladder care section fourth the seventeenth chapter of Oncology Nursing Department of orthopedics disease in Section 1 of pelvic fracture Nursing of second cervical vertebra fracture with spinal cord injury care section third total knee arthroplasty nursing section fourth of total hip arthroplasty nursing fifth bone fasciectomy nursing sixth traction nursing of seventh lumbar disc herniation nursing of eighteenth chapter of oral and maxillofacial surgery disease first tongue cancer nursing second parotid tumor nursing third cleft palate nineteenth chapter burn nursing the twentieth chapter of disease department of ENT disease first laryngeal cancer care section second of chronic suppurative otitis media nursing third sinusitis nursing twenty-first chapter diseases in Department of Ophthalmology the first section of age-related cataract care section second section third retinal detachment and nursing of acute angle closure glaucoma care twenty-second chapter first day of acute pelvic inflammatory disease of Department of gynaecology nursing second ectopic pregnancy care third section of uterus myoma nursing fourth cervical cancer care twenty-third chapter obstetrical disease first normal delivery care second day gestational diabetes care third day gestational hypertension nursing fourth Prom care references
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