Guide for training of nurse management

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Wang Ying, Zhou Ranyun.   Pages:235   Words:191000  
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The first chapter the basic nursing management section of clinical basic nursing technology and quality evaluation of second day inpatient basic nursing service project third basic nursing service specification chapter second infection monitoring management, the hospital infection control in nursing management problems two, infection control nurse role three clinical departments, infection job responsibilities four, infection control nurses monitoring rules five, disinfection and isolation management monitoring and evaluation six, disinfection solution configuration and immersion disinfection process seven, cleaning and disinfection of bed unit work flow eight, garbage classification and treatment of nine commonly used in clinical use, sterile specification ten, multiplexing medical appliance chemical sterilization program, eleven clinical departments infection control work plan and the implementation of the third chapter of clinical emergency treatment and management of the first emergency ambulance drug storage management section second emergency rescue and emergency plan for the fourth chapter of nursing document quality monitoring and management, five kinds of nursing documents quality inspection and evaluation of two, the quality of nursing records check of the fifth chapter of nursing dispute the first section medicine prevention Medical accident Punishment Ordinance section second nursing dispute prevention section third nursing service remedying process chapter sixth new nurse training, the head nurse in new nurse training management function, two new nurses in clinical teaching and assessment content three, training four, daily nursing operation specification language training for nursing core regulations five, seventh chapter of communication communication and management of head nurses, personal charm of the culture of two, the head nurse should deal with several relations in three, four, the management of nursing human resource management, five employed nurses (contract nurses) work in the existing problems and Countermeasures of six nurses, improve the level of nursing management method, seven head nurses in the department management eight, the role of head nurse management skills nine, the implementation of total quality management (TQC) to improve the quality of nursing management, ten nurses to improve the quality of nursing management in eleven, the quality of head nurses and nursing quality of twelve, modern ward management chapter eighth nursing research and management section to improve the clinical nursing research ideas in section second how to write a high quality of nursing research papers in 2010 the Ministry of health "is shown in Appendix "The programme of activities @##@ van Engineering This book will be a traditional nursing management and the new period nurse management philosophy combined, covering the basic nursing work management, monitoring of infection management, clinical emergency treatment and nursing document management, quality control and management, nursing dispute prevention, new nurse training, communication, communication and management of nursing scientific research and management, at the same time the management mode and the skill of a nurse on a system under the new situation. The content of the book practical guidance, and maneuverability is strong, suitable for clinical nursing managers use and reference.
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  •   Bought my wife, first saw at the Xinhua bookstore online to buy, very practical. Recommend.
  •   Many aspects are mentioned, for the leadership to write a summary of help

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