Intensive care nursing routine

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: The Fourth Military Medical University press   Author:Xue Weibin, Fu Jufang.  
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The first chapter ICU general care routine first ECG monitor operating standard second day defibrillator operation specification section third heart, lung, brain resuscitation care routine fourth day after general anesthesia care routine fifth shock patient care routine Sixth Central venous pressure monitoring routine seventh mechanical ventilation patients care routine eighth children with nasal continuous positive airway pressure oxygen monitoring routine ninth children with mechanical ventilation in conventional tenth day program off-line monitoring routine eleventh day continuous renal replacement therapy care routine twelfth patients with PICC catheter monitoring routine thirteenth day coma patient monitoring routine fourteenth trachea intubation patient care routine fifteenth patients with tracheotomy care routine sixteenth ICU patients psychological rehabilitation the second chapter specialist care routine guidance in cardiovascular department of internal medicine ICU, two, from a range of interventional diagnosis and therapy monitoring routine three, acute heart failure care routine four, arrhythmia monitoring routine five, acute myocardial infarction care routine six, angina pectoris care routine seven, acute infective endocarditis, cardiac care routine eight shock care routine nine, Aortic dissection aneurysm care routine ten, aortic dissection aneurysm stent with membrane implantation care routine eleven, Takayasu arteritis monitoring points second Respiratory Department of internal medicine ICU, range two, from massive hemoptysis care routine three, severe bronchial asthma care routine four, acute pulmonary embolism, acute respiratory care routine five distress syndrome care routine six, chronic pulmonary heart disease care routine third Department of internal medicine, from ICU range of two or three cavity two balloon catheter care routine three, severe acute pancreatitis treatment care routine Department of internal medicine four, hemorrhage of upper digestive tract care routine five, artificial liver treatment care routine fourth renal Department of internal medicine, from a range of ICU two, acute renal failure monitoring routine three, various causes of acute poisoning care routine four, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome care routine five, severe electrolyte disturbance monitoring routine six, uremia monitoring routine fifth neurological department of internal medicine ICU, range two, from ventricular puncture and drainage and postoperative care routine three, cerebral hemorrhage care routine four, ischemic cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy care routine care routine five six, intracranial and carotid artery Vein stenting care routine seven, Green Barre syndrome care routine eight, intracranial hypertension syndrome care routine nine, subarachnoid hemorrhage care routine sixth day surgery ICU, from a range of two, multiple trauma care routine three, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome care routine four, respiratory failure monitoring routine five, acute hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis postoperative care routine six cervical spine injury, postoperative care routine seven, hemorrhagic shock, eight esophageal cancer care routine postoperative care routine seventh department of orthopedics, two, from ICU a range of serious multiple fracture care routine three, crush syndrome care routine four, fat embolism syndrome care the conventional five, after amputation care routine six, microsurgical vascular postoperative care routine eighth Festival in cardiovascular surgical ICU, two, from a range of general anesthesia and extracorporeal circulation postoperative care routine infant heart disease three, postoperative care routine four, infant heart disease postoperative respiratory care routine five, atrial septal defect postoperative care the conventional six, ventricular septal defect with pulmonary hypertension in postoperative care routine seven, tetralogy of Fallot postoperative care routine eight, large artery inversion after operation Monitoring the conventional nine, correction of double outlet of right ventricle after care routine ten, pulmonary artery stenosis postoperative care routine eleven, total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage for postoperative care routine twelve, artificial heart valve replacement postoperative care routine thirteen, after coronary artery bypass grafting care routine fourteen, severe thoracic trauma care routine fifteen, the patient after cardiac surgery department of Neurosurgery nursing risk section ninth ICU, range two, were received general anesthesia and postoperative care routine three, hernia care routine four, craniocerebral trauma care routine five, pituitary tumor peri operation period care routine six, hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage in peri operation period care routine...... The third chapter care routine @##@ transplant patients ICU is a clinical base intensive medical disciplines, intensive care nursing is an important part of critically ill patients in intensive care medicine. "Intensive care nursing routine" is the basic starting point to develop intensive care nursing personnel, to care specialist ICU were based on internal and external, internal and external, cardiovascular, nerve trauma ICU, respiratory department of internal medicine, pediatrics and other specialist ICU care nursing of common diseases as the focus, combined with the actual needs of clinical nursing care of severe, from the analyzed and standard disease diagnosis, treatment of risk factors prone to principles, monitoring points, the nursing process, involving a wide range, it has strong practicability and maneuverability, is the guidance of ICU specialist nurse work, also can be used as a specialist nurse training materials.
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